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Thornley Underneath The Radar Comments
  1. Susan Rachel

    I need a big Wreck / Thornley holiday 🤘🤘🤘

  2. Moona YT

    lol 21 comments Yahoo! !!! 9+10=21!🐶

  3. Star Gazer

    Can't wait to see them live in GP Canada this year!!!

  4. TaKiDo

    I'm still trying to figure out where they got the name of the album from?

  5. XxMarinellexX

    Just heard this song 2 days ago. I borrowed a random cd from the library. It's pretty good!

  6. danettesvids

    Ok, I think some people take these comments a little too seriously but I'll say this, Ian Thornley rocks! I loved him in Big Wreck and I love him in Thornley and I'll love him in whatever band he forms next. Need I say more?

  7. BoxerTwoZero

    Lol can't believe you just called LMFAO 'real music'.

  8. dinosoid2000

    Oh I didn't know they had a newer album then Come Again!

  9. Twosoulsenergy Studio

    Omg. I want play with Guitar Rig :D

  10. Poohead0990

    @HauntingYourSoul Buddy your a fucking homo, Ian Thornley is the shit! "Boy toy group"? you need to have some respect for one of the best musicians around! Go back to listening to your Marilyn Manson shit. Gawd I wish I could find you and stomp your face till your teeth roll out of your ears. In fact if I were you id go drink all the liquids from underneath your sink

    Moona YT

    Poohead0990 your a poophead ;-D

    Moona YT

    Poohead0990 lol

  11. Eric Cameron

    @Thornleyfan4ever Thorleyfan4ever... more like gayleyfan4ever.

  12. ikillu271

    finally a rock video without any dislikes about frekin time!

  13. Daria DB

    wow first to comment after 7 months... I LUV THE SONG tho XD

  14. Angie Ang

    GAH!!!! ...I FINALLY found this song! ....I heard only the last minute or so in my car, on some random radio station, once! *sigh of Relief*

  15. dabulls108

    this new cd is sounding awful, the first one is a ton better.

  16. Sentience

    yeah i agree you can kinda see the slow transition if u look at the Big Wreck days Ian Thornley almost sounded metal big change from now

  17. Itonic-Perdition

    They played an awesome concert yesterday :D

  18. Mike Stepp

    i really like thornley and this is a good album but i think they need to rethink the next one and not turn to pop, the intro does sound cool but i want to keep them rock

  19. thebeautywithin678

    Very cool song, and I loved the childrens choir voices in the background, it seems to give the song a deeper meaning than what's on the surface of the words.

  20. Adam Spencer

    Awesome song. And I DO need a holiday.