Thornley - This Is Where My Heart Is Lyrics

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Thornley This Is Where My Heart Is Comments
  1. Tim S

    Wow! Goosebumps

  2. Susan Rachel

    This is where my heart is .. my number one artist .. Ian Thornley forever 🤘

  3. Susan Rachel

    Ian Thornley is GOD 🤘😊

  4. Ryan Shordee

    love this, would be nice if ian would play some of these thornley tracks while on tour with big wreck lol

    Laura Loiseau

    Ryan Shordee, same here! Love BW but Thornley has some great tracks.

  5. Ryan Shordee

    pure talent

  6. John Graboski

    I've bought every album. My wife who loves classic and other much milder music fell for Ian and Big Wreck. Love you guys! Please come to Europe!!!

  7. dave maida

    Awesome tune! Strong in strumming, You rock!! Great voice Ian!

  8. Jordan Lunau

    Ian is soo amazing!! All of big wreck and Thornley is outstanding

    Jay Flugum

    Amen to that!

  9. Paul DeMarco

    Great song!!

  10. Sudsy Sutherland

    I've always lived my life wide open & to the floor boards! With a pink thong on & two women on either arm. That's when I played for the London Knights & strippers & booze & doing lines off their asses was no big deal. Now I live my life in slow motion with my beautiful wife & two children & an engineer degree. I had my fun & lived it dangerously & stupidly! & now I'm very fortunate to have an awesome support system & GOD in my life.

  11. steven frazer

    f??k............i forgot about this song.....this is a great song and reminds me of "SO MUCH"

    Ryan Shordee

    its awesome eh

  12. Butz Peters

    A L1k3 it much :)

  13. Becca Monroe

    Saw them sing this live last night in Toronto! They rocked it! Love Thornley!!!!

  14. drewsky86

    I love seeing these guys live... alot of the times more than the big names.. no expectations, but they always rock, hard.

  15. Paul Warren

    I think this is my favourite song on the CD. I've followed Ian Thornley ever since "That Song" by Big Wreck. Sadly, the song I love most still isn't on a CD anywhere.... "Barely Be." There's a live version floating around, but that's it.

  16. drewsky86

    if you think these guys are good check out Ian Thornley's previous band, Big Wreck, with tunes like "That song:", "Blown wide open", "under the lighthouse" and many case you haven't heard of them

  17. Jeremiah F

    Agreed!...thought I was the only one to buy that album!

  18. betbuk

    Perhaps the Deleo similarities goes back to the well which they both draw from... The mighty Zep!!!

    Both avowed Page fans, Ian and Dean.

  19. Medusa

    My best friend who is in love with me dedicated this to me. I thought it was soo sweet. This song is great,

  20. steven frazer

    This song really sounds good, I like thornley music a lot....this is one song that i will always link with.

  21. Gavin Simone

    pure & sweet