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Thornley So Far So Good Comments
  1. Craig Lalumiere

    amazing band, but does the bass player have to be such a cheese dick

  2. Atem S.

    2020 still an amazing song!!!

  3. Super Unknown

    I like thornley alot better then big wreck but i like them too lol

  4. Grabasandwich

    That intro is just fucking awesome. I guess that's what people describe as a crunchy sound?

  5. Nick

    Sounds so good in 2020.

  6. whatndafukdadOG

    Could have been the next Chris Cornell. What happened to this guy?

  7. Gio Trapani

    If soundgarden goes in the rock hall in 2020 Ian would be my first choice to sing with the band on that night.

  8. Ashley Dail

    Ughhhhhh I forget about this song and then remember it years later--and it's still just as good as the first time I listened to it.

  9. nodnarb5

    So far song’s good
    So far song’s good....

    Never heard it before it but it reminds me of audioslave’s shadow on the sun.

  10. Suki•chan _STUDIOS


  11. Mary-Ellen Wayne

    I remember this track from like 2004. WTF.

    José Antonio R.

    Actually still sound incredible!!! Doesn't matter the year of was filmed...

  12. Robbie Dominaux

    Ian is so underrated

  13. Dark Horse

    It looks like one of the del Toro Brothers mixed with Chris Cornell, and as a bonus he sounds like Chris Cornell

  14. Recce Nomad

    Wow. Old times.

  15. leon leblanc

    yeah this guy has all the makings but no credit where it's do,amazing guitar player and singer he's my champ.

  16. Keith Freeman

    2019 here. Reliving high school.

  17. Mike Schwab

    Jesus I forgot this song even existed, thank God it popped up again cuz it's amazing, this song brought me straight back great times..

  18. Team Brandon

    Spotify gave me this song today.
    Thank you Spotify, you chose well.

  19. Carl Borman

    Hochelaga tabarnak

  20. fah q

    the bass player ass fucking his guitar ruined it for me

  21. Voodoo

    Would give a like. (Love you Ian and support to everyone around you) But this RR Records channel. FU Was awesome to see you Live in S'toon few years ago!!

  22. matt forte

    Love The Big 'O' in the background. Real Canadians respect the Grand ole lady. Props lads 🇨🇦

  23. tyrone sinclair

    great band, so many good hits.

  24. Ayden Spears

    Big wreck or thornley. Which one do you think is better.


    If you can get your hands on the demos for either of these "Thornely" albums, before Chad Kroeger made them into Ian Nickelback, do it. SO much fucking better than what was released.

  26. Hristo Ganchev

    Bulgaria made their own version of your song :D

  27. Niteara Shaye Eagleplume

    Anyone listening in 2019?

    Jon Griffin

    Niteara Shaye Eagleplume I forgot all about these guys and just looked them up. Any word on them? Any new music in the future?


    Nope just you bud

    Z Dee

    Jon Griffin Look up Big Wreck at Suhr 2015... Ghosts is amazing

    Jon Griffin

    Z Dee Dude, I looked it up. It’s awesome, thanks!

    Z Dee

    Jon Griffin 👍🏻 glad u liked

  28. Pennywise The Clown

    Kitchen counter is a bad reminder of a better time.... While i twiddle my twat....

  29. Marisa Perry

    2019 still love this song

    Josh Geldart

    So do I even in 2020

  30. Li Mis


  31. Susan Rachel

    It’s been a great 20 years watching Ian grow and flourish with his music ! Big Wreck is my number 1 band still .. so underrated!

  32. Marisa Perry

    Still listening in 2018

  33. Alex MidNightMare

    So good, deserves more views

  34. Tyson Carma

    The Olympic Stadium in Montreal looks like a space ship. Good location for this songs video! Canada can be proud of these boys!

  35. Murder Doll

    *"Is this toilet taken?"*

    Alyssa Bilan

    "I wish I could show you the toilet's taken"😂

  36. J D

    My favorite song. Ever.

  37. Nature Imposter

    I love this band I can't say anything bad about them. They look great in this video!

  38. CanadianCoyotesFan

    Been looking for this song for so long holy shit

  39. mike meibaum

    First band I ever saw in Dewey beach Delaware still rocking to them

  40. Mitch

    I am the biggest fan of everything Ian Thornley... But... This song could easily be a Nickleback song...

  41. RetroRanger

    who tf still watching this in 2018?

    John Smith

    RetroRanger uhhh 2019 🍺

  42. Steve Hunt

    AWESOME LIVE SHOW!!!! chris Cornell's doppelganger underrated, but a sweet ass rock band

  43. George Bermudez

    Bulgarian cover:
    Toma Zdravkov - Geroi
    much better.

  44. George Bermudez

    I actually like Toma Zdravkov cover. this song so much better in Bulgarian. Bulgarian version: Toma Zdravkov - Geroi.

  45. Sips Tea

    My surname XD

  46. Evilcrawfish

    this is still one of the best albums i've ever bought. And i bought it on a whim.

  47. Damian Copado Maynard

    this song is from 2004 not 2009. :O) I remember back my freshman year in university i was struggling academically and socially and listening to this song over the radio on repeat, than youtube came a year later rock music was declining by 2006-07 nostalgic.

  48. nickwick35

    The chorus of this song never gets old

  49. chris van

    don't know if anyone caught that at 2:48 that's some dragon ball androids saga shit

  50. Guy Mathieu

    I really wish this band was still together! (original line-up) I had the chance to see them play in a small club and they were awesome!

  51. Gio Trapani

    Wish this lineup would reunite Ian thornley, Tavis stanley, the drummer which no one knows his name, and the bassist from this lineup.

    Gio Trapani

    The bassist and Tavis are in art of dying from what I heard , I know Tavis is in art of dying.


    The drummer is Sekou Lumumba. Last I heard he was touring with Bedouin Soundclash.

    Gio Trapani

    nickwick35 believe he still is.

  52. JordanC123HaHaHaHeHeHe

    Under 1,000,000 views? What's wrong with people...

  53. Matt Thornley

    uh fuck now I gotta change my name!

  54. Rick Gravel

    Olympic stadium Montreal! about the only thing it's good for is a background for a music video!

  55. ryank289

    What's with the bassist at 0:21?

  56. HinjuRock what!

  57. vixapphire

    I applaud the use of an iconic Canadian landmark in the background of this video. The siting is first-rate. bravo!

  58. Ryan Shordee

    I finally seen Ian as Big wreck this  month  it was amazing!!!!!!, imagine if he toured as Thornley next year !!! that would rock!!!

  59. Julien Goguen

    Le Stade Montreal. Very Canadian eh!

  60. Judge Pootie

    I didnt know PK Subban played the drums!!! 😂😂



  61. Ryan Shordee

    song is kick ass!! drummer is a beast wow!

    jared curtis

    Ryan Shordee yeah and they got harry from dumb and dumber on the guitar haha


    dude looks nothing like harry lmao

  62. Joshua Price


  63. corinna007

    I just found out a little while ago that both Cale and Tavis from Art Of Dying used to play in this band. I'm still wondering how that fact escaped me for so long.

  64. Flame1275

    The guitar player in this video is now in Art Of Dying.


    So is the bass player on the Tiny Pictures album. (Who is also Adam Gontier's cousin.)

  65. Flame1275

    Ian Thornley is good no matter what band he is in. I just follow the voice!

  66. Wesley Belliveau

    Ian Thornley deserves allot more recognition

    Li Mis

    Wesley Belliveau I agree

    John Otto

    Hell yes he does


    Are these guys even around anymore? I haven’t heard of them in a long time

    Z Dee

    KSZRazor Now back with Big Wreck

    Josh Geldart

    I agree

  67. verter shopov

    There is another song with the same melody.. A Bulgarian band that is known as TOMA and their song is called GEROI meaning HERO

    Zahari Stoyanov

    He formed a band with his name.


    @Zahari Stoyanov Oh. OK. I'm sorry.

    Mblock 990

    If you look at the years of the two songs you will see who stole the melody. It's not Toma's band.

    Tyler Tasson

    Mblock 990 if you do actual research and see when this song came out, you’d see Thornley released this in 2004 and Toma released theirs many years later.

  68. Nice Guess

    hey. so what!

  69. Eden Vaughn Manson

    this band is so underrated af


    So is Big Wreck! Ian is so talented.


    bubfusion I've seen Ian live many times and he's definitely a performing musician more than a studio one.

    Michael Cass

    tjs181: that's a nice story. Wish I could have been there. Sounds like a great time.



    James Williams 777

    @ Eden Vaughn Manson . . . wow that is an awesome name you have !

  70. My Name is NES

    mmmm... are these guys trying to look and sound like Crossfade?

    Rex Holes

    No crossfade is just like them because the singer has been in the biz for 20 years now as Big Wreck


    Not even close. Crossfade started in 2004, Thornley started 2 years earlier. Big Wreck, the band Ian was in before forming Thornley existed since 1994.

  71. Trees 365

    2:21-2:24 is an adrenaline rush

  72. Pedro Rivera

    The drummer is a total bad ass

    Scott F

    Sekou Lumumba awesome! !!

  73. Andy Phelps

    holy crap. All these years I had no idea Thornley and big wreck was the same dude.

  74. Dustin Tryon

    Olympic stadium in Montreal, that's cool.

  75. Jen Marie

    You evil creep nazi. :p

  76. KluTCh

    That black guy tho just makes this 100% better

  77. John Bystra

    I love this fracking song....but I keep getting weird volume changes when I listen to it through earphones.  Am I tripping hard?

    Brian B

    +John Bystra You aren't. I got them too

  78. xan vaughn

    what the hell? the beginning went from something so heavy to such a melody

  79. Shock Radio

    interesting chad kroeger co wrote this one. and apparently adam gontier of three days grace helped out the singer on a track according to

  80. Balto Games

    Ian could absolutely stand in for Chris Cornell any day.

    Dacia Serrato

    Absolutely. I used to think that all the time when I was younger. When he was with Big Wreck he reminded me so much of Chris not just the voice but the way he looked too. There will always be one Chris but he could do a pretty good job at filling in.

    Andrew Tudgay

    Thinking the same thing

    Aynsley Dickinson

    No way. He's good but is NOWHERE NEAR good enough to warrant a Chris Cornell comparison.

    Liz Buck

    Balto Games relatable in 2019


    Always thought the same thing. I’ve Always tonight of him as a diet Chris Cornell haha

  81. Oopsie Daisy 84

    Ian Thornley is definitely talented. I always enjoy listening to his music.

  82. goodstuffohhyeah

    Ian Thornley changes band mates like he changes his underwear. He must be a fucking asshole to deal with behind the scenes.


    @goodstuffohhyeah wow same comment

    Morgan Aubin

    his name is Ian Thornley. I believe in the case of this band, he is just a solo artist with random musicians recording and playing songs. That's all. The band that's not all him that he's in is Big Wreck, just in case you're unaware.

  83. Neo Arcada

    The best song in the album.

  84. Timothy K

    Is that Dan Aykroyd??

  85. Fulton Fortner

    Dear Bass Player,
     Don't do that. All of that. Stop it.

    P.S. - Rhythm Guitar Player, it's your job to punch Bass Player in the throat when he starts up with that stuff. Get to it.

    Forest God

    After reading this I rewatched the video and literally laughed my ass off! :D


    Kenny can pull it off cuz he's hot! LOL.. but yeah.. wee bit cringy for a 1/2 second - lmao


    me too.. made me LOL

    Susan Rachel

    Haha now I’m focusing on bass player hitting replay 🤣... Big wrecks base player is friggin awesome .. check out Ghosts by BW .. awesome intro

  86. Speedrookie

    Where was this filmed? Interesting location, I have never seen that building before.


    Montreal Olympic stadium


    Thanks, read up on it. Has quite a history. I should have recognized Quebec's provincial flag in the background.

  87. K. Wayne Rennicks

    Get the feeling that the raw materials for this record were consumed, digested and then shit out by Chad Kroeger? You guessed right. It has it all. Growling vocal lines, a fat bridge, harmonies ala 1988 Van Halen, chunking dropped D tuned guitars and of course the ever present theme of "guy loses chick and moans about how lost he is about it all". 

    What some many people misunderstand is that art is made the the artist largely for the artist and not for public consumption beyond admiration. Criticism is something that should be cautiously administered because as with any such endeavor, one man's art is anther's garbage. Warhol and Basquiat as an example is one I can think of off of the top of my head.

    Canadians need to hold on to the notion that they don't need "Hostess" style consumer behavior to validate their art and treasure. Ian Thornely will undoubtedly become for his generation what Bruce Cockburn, Pye Dubois, and Gordon Lightfoot are to past generations. He is the currently in my humble opinion the greatest Canadian Minstrel Poet there is. His depth and cogitation go so much further than Adams and Vallance, and the arrangements clearly are the product of a great education in the art and science of great rock music. It is interesting that the "Thornely" excursion took on the face of hubris so musically. The guy from all accounts is exactly the opposite.  I am willing to bet my last dollar on the idea that none of these songs sounded in any way like the way they demoed. I am also willing to bet your last dollar that the record company wanted radio hits front and center and not the left of center honesty that makes Big Wreck the band that it was and now is today. But then again Ancora Imparando

    Houston, Texas


    radio hits are great, catchy music is a good thing

    Marilyn Murphy

    Chad Kroeger has helped countless musicians/bands. Do you hear them complaining? It's all about the road to success because the music industry is a business and until you get as big as Nickleback you have to succumb to what the label wants. So what? is what I say. These musicians want some credit for their talent and if a famous artist can write for them then so be it. I for one call tell you that Nickelback concerts are fun and sold out!!! I too have nephews who write amazing songs but without a foot up the ladder, where is it going to go? Previous Canadian artists had a tough time putting this country on the map hence the radio rule of playing a certain percentage of Canadian music. Let's support all of them!! They all deserve credit.

  88. Chantal Watier

    So the guys who are in it for the chicks and money are headlining the biggest party in the history of mankind with Metallica and Guns'n Roses, Faith no More and everyone else I say, as the openers. The one band I don't fall asleep or don't sit down for....

  89. tmad711

    This song is awesome

  90. Melvin Martian

    A huge I Mother Earth says, uuuugggg.  This is terrible

  91. Phxntom Xan

    Also, I love the idea of a Black drummer. Lmao

  92. Phxntom Xan

    I believe that this song is not popular enough. This society needs to hear this amazing song.

  93. SPINER

    Тома... Идиоте! 

    Юлиян Димитров

    @SPINERbg Тома е направил българска версия със копирайгт права, така, че никой не е крал нищо просто тома е направил българска версия..


    И все пак идеята на рока не е да правиш български версии. Пайнер правят достатъчно. Похвално все пак, че си е платил правата. Но пък тези пари можеше да ги даде на български музиканти. Друг е въпроса, че българите постоянно търсим кусури. :D Айде, наздраве! 

    Юлиян Димитров

    Имах предвид, че тази песен, не е копирана от Тома. Освен, че със коментарът си искаше да кажеш, че версията на Тома е по-хубава :)


    @Uli Sykes
     дори не може и не трябва да се нарича 'българска версия' понеже текста няма нищо общо ..само е закупил музиката и с текста си човека си направи хита :)

    Юлиян Димитров

    @ProSkills Maafaka Честно казано си прав/а

  94. Romy Lives

    I love this song..

  95. Александр Шаталов

    Очень крутая песня и клип тоже !

  96. robhalfordtate

    I love Ian but almost every video is totally gay. He needs to find a new video producer.


    Totally gay.  Interesting how you can tell.  And I see you watch "every" video. You sure you know which side of the fence you are on yourself? 

  97. NextRandomVideo

    They always had a crunchy rhythm I like, but I woulda loved to see a video for "falling to pieces"

    Matthew Scarfo

    +NextRandomVideo Me too. That's one of my favourite songs.