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Thornley Might Be The End Comments
  1. ismael navarro

    just a beautiful song, a pink floyd taste to it in the lead!

  2. Elliott Fiddler

    What tuning would this be in, and does anyone happen to have tabs?

  3. fizno

    Comparisons between Ian and Chris are going to happen because they both have incredible and powerful voices, very similar-- but I have yet to hear anyone outscream Chris. In his heyday, anyhow. Both are awesome. I call Big Wreck 'Soundgarden lite', and don't think it's an insult, either.

  4. Paul Thibault

    I'm not sure what you're saying "wow really" to

  5. got2go63

    wow. really?

  6. got2go63

    This is the end., Works for my marriage..

  7. betbuk

    Search on youtube : MBTE.MOD for the live version of this. Very rare and awesome.

  8. downbottomman

    This song is so freaking amazing!

  9. betbuk

    Champ, I'm with you on that!

  10. alex delarge83

    One of the best songs Ian has ever written lyrically and musically, it might be the best song I think in a decade. Tiny Pictures is what Ian needs to express all facets of his incredible talent. Come again was good but lacked Ian's diverse taste; since his days of Big Wreck. The whole Chris Cornell comparisons I keep hearing are cheap cop-outs from people who don't what their talking about without delving into much detail about Ian or Chris. BTW that solo is perfect Ian is guitar god.

  11. pstlwhppd

    he doesn't have the same singing style but they definitely have similar voice types

  12. krkgak

    Some people suggest that Ian looks and sounds like Chris Cornell. I don't see that at all! He doesn't sound AT ALL like Chris and looks like him even LESS...

  13. kstarheel5150

    very nice

  14. meadows115

    the last album was WAY BETTER.....he's over-produced most of this stuff...and he's lost his heavier-edge....not nearly as bad as Chris Cornell anymore...haha

  15. Tullock

    best tune on the album, deffin

  16. David Van

    What an amazing song.

  17. betbuk