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Thornley Man Overboard Comments
  1. Adrienne Tanner

    Why only 82k views? I loved hearing this on 92 citi FM in 2010

  2. Donovan Curling

    Yes Ian one of are the best Canadian artist very under rated

  3. jarrod gitlin

    reminds me of my old band!!! ....... ultimatum!!!!

  4. j3r3mysk8

    Not the Man Overboard I was looking for, but still rad

  5. Ezra Strayer

    thats stromm thurmond photography, of pink floyd, led zepp, mars volta fame.

  6. Rereversed

    How the fuck am I supposed to get my luggage out of that?

  7. CamH Films

    That and more volume.

  8. jordyn j

    yeah i think if the distortion had a bit more crunch and bite, it would sound even better

  9. Cory3129

    @hmerz well, the upbeat part of it is what attracted me, i never listen to music like this, but i love the chorus so much, i wish the rest of the song were like it.

  10. CamH Films

    If the guitar had more presence I would love it.

  11. TwistedDoll09

    @hmerz I agree! If it was slowed down just a bit, the raw emotion that's in it would REALLY show thru. But it's still amazing as it is!

  12. hmerz

    I love Thornley, and like this song, but I think it would have been better if they maybe slowed it down a bit. They play the chorus so fast it almost has an 'upbeat' feel to it, which I don't think it should. Does anyone else agree or am I just crazy?

  13. Vita Baumane

    tottaly agree

  14. Adam Kashin

    This album sucks compared to their first one.

  15. SoldierSide77

    @jonnyknows - Not just you, man.

  16. SoldierSide77

    What is this, the Police? Not sure I like this song.

  17. jonnyknows

    I think this was one of their very few songs that wasn't very good.

    hehe you guys won't like this comment I'm sure.

  18. brando92711

    Its that George Clooney on the left? 2:35 lol

  19. brando92711

    @underthelighthouse I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this song sounds very much like the Police! Well, the chorus especially.

  20. Spoke's Gaming

    Ahh... a very underrated band... Excellent lyrics... excellent guitar and overall a very catchy tune... loved the first album... gotta pick this one up as well... I do miss Ken as the bass though...

  21. John Settoducato

    so underrated

  22. Jude Law

    I love what he does with his voice at 0.39, he makes the word idea sound amazing.

  23. subz4

    its nothing but amazing

  24. Strider

    Im a huge technohead, but this is still pretty sick.

  25. GNRK88

    can you add this to a playlist?

  26. orson fells

    @FortMaximus1 I was just gonna write that lol

  27. theaffliction21

    pretty damn good song I'm impressed this is my favorite Thornley song for sure

  28. Matt Warren

    Chorus is weak IMO.

  29. littlesallyross

    WICKED song.

  30. wrath231

    do a google search then

  31. Spencer Cartmell

    Finally a single. Great tune.

  32. jdmusic07

    I hear The Police influence on this track too. Nice insight.

  33. Bradmorrison

    ya pretty much. It sounds poppy. I wish it rocked hard as much as the rest of the song. Thats all

  34. Bradmorrison sounds really corny. The rest of the son rocks though.

  35. Adam Spencer

    they used to use similar chorus structure a lot

  36. Bradmorrison

  37. Adam Spencer

    I take it you're not a fan of the Police either.

  38. Bradmorrison

    I like this song, but the second and third "man overboard, man overboard, cant take it anymore" part are soooooocorny. I hate those parts!!! I fastforward it everytime...should have been cut from the song. ugh.

  39. camking10


  40. bizmyth

    wish more songs on the album were gritty like this.

  41. DrMattDestruction

    fave song from the album!

  42. Gavin Simone

    Man overboard! man overboard! Killer track!

  43. Adam Spencer

    I'ts quickly becoming one of my favorites.
    I may begin shouting "let's tip the boat" every time things go wrong, lol.

  44. David Van

    Has to be my favorite song on the album.