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Thornley Make Believe Comments
  1. Craig StKitts

    So are they all dead and just haunting the movie theatre?

  2. Corey Ferguson

    Canadian Bands/Artists are the best hands down!

  3. cory ladouceur

    such an amazing artist

  4. Sudsy Sutherland

    just another Canadian band not to make it in the States just like The Tragically Hip,The Tea Party,Sloan,Voivod,Annihilator,Our Lady Peace,13 Engines,I Mother Earth,Treble Charger,Big Sugar,54-40,Our Of Your Mouth,Moist,Age of Electric,the list goes on & on man.

    Brian Aragon

    @John Waller Bieber is Canadian, remember that.

    Sudsy Sutherland

    @*****: I'm talking about in the States my friend. Yes those bands i listed were great in the 90's but they never went onto bigger things is what i'm saying. I've seen all those bands i listed at one time or another. & those other bands you listed like Rush,Neil Young,BTO etc c'mon that's just common sense,. But you didn't prove anything to me i didn't already know. & those bands i listed were bands i grew up with so that's why i listed those bands because they are the bands i listened to & it was frustrating because when i was into them in the 90's they were huge here in Canada but not in America & it sucked. I mean Our Lady Peace had moderate success in the States & I Mother Earth but not like Rush or Three Days Grace or Billy Talent has.

    Sudsy Sutherland

    @*****:Ones that clearly deserve it like Ian Thornley & his band Big Wreck or Thornley,54-40 as examples. Avril Lavine or Nickleback,Sum 41 haven't paid their dues like Ian Thornley has or 54-40.That's my point.Trust me i'm not losing sleep over it but i'm just saying. Are you Canadian?

  5. Sudsy Sutherland

    what a great Canadian talent Ian Thornley is man! I truely think if he was American he'd have more success over the border but what ever i'm so glad he's ours lol. I love Big Wreck & Thornley,they are so awesome!

  6. drewb anthony

    Just another great song by it!

  7. César HF

    tell me !!!!!

  8. starhorst11

    it does buddy...

  9. Anthony Sco

    my god... time really does fly!

  10. antknee420

    4 Years almost now!

  11. Corey LeBlanc

    Ian is not up there with the top artists of today and it drives me absolutely insane!

  12. pakachakawaka

    i thought i knew what the song was about but i got confused at the end when the guard supposedly finally caught up with the intruding kids, but then when he got to their seats they were gone... what the hell?

  13. hikaru257

    OMG YESS!!! FINALLY AFTER 3 YEARS!! Jesus, i've heard this on the radio while looking out the window where the sky was just awesome but ive forgot about the name....but no more!

  14. Mr.Maia

    That chord progression change in the last run of the chorus makes all the difference.

  15. TR3Wgaming

    why u not famous thornley!?

  16. ArrowSmith95

    lost my v card to this song . pretty badass song !

  17. Terry Moser


  18. Zachary Morris

    Thank you someone knows our lady peace its about time

  19. classicrock923

    1966 ford galaxie convertible....nice. i love my hardtop 66 galaxie

  20. Deity Mischief

    Dude, look at OLP, if I knew why such great bands got only 100000 views on their most meaningless song and 10000-50000 on thier most meaningful I probably would shoot myself just to see if their was a better place where people would socially accept the shit you can see and prove so clearly that it is right, whereas in this world people do the opposite.

  21. slipknoises

    @cjw0124844 thornley ,, nickelback , abandon all ships!!

  22. Brandonjza80

    Wtf are you talking about?

  23. purcedure

    Kay Why Is it that this is the only copy and and every-other is broken or banned from my country!?

  24. Terry Moser

    @cjw0124844 it is!

  25. zachary mercure

    they used to be heavier :(

  26. football3167

    Amazing Song!!

  27. Mike G

    i hear Big Wreck may be back together...please say it's so!!!!

  28. censored297

    @XTREMEGAMERS58 maybe thats why its called thornley

  29. censored297

    great song i wish the radio would play this more

  30. Martin Entz

    Who ever wrote thing song is a freaking genuis.Thornley sings it like the geatest rock song.

  31. Anthony Sco

    i can't believe its already been 2 years since this song came out :( it feels like just yesterday..

  32. hmerz

    @Yexle92 Word for word that is exactly what ran through my mind before I read your comment

  33. joe furlet

    10 ppl dont belive

  34. Sal Rodriguez

    if there second album would have been better they could have been huge but they where still a good band

  35. Scott Fergg

    110, 777 views? seriously this should have 34823473573487 to say the least

  36. Landry153

    i had an hour argument with someone at work trying convince him that this song is "NOT" sung by Hinder! lol

  37. Anthony Nault

    this version is better then the CD version, but that ones still great

  38. LadyMidnight03

    such an under rated band. luv thornely!!

  39. Yo Nama

    Im wet for this band.

  40. Connor Moore

    this video made me smile. i hope i can do this with my friends some day

  41. TheAngelange7


  42. TheAngelange7

    I Believe I
    Love YOu

  43. 1122AveryInfinitY

    This is what it feels like when a hero dies, on to the next one, its funny how time flies...

  44. crystal

    276 people have the right taste in music(:

  45. Julie Ferris

    OMG!!!! I love him! People Gotta Know These Guys Or They Are Just Stupid!!! People Listen!!!!! <3 Every Who Love Thornley Are AWESOME!!!!!!! :)

  46. Mark Hutchison

    @shoopdawoop93 I agree, but you can't just judge Ian Thornley by this one song. This is, and I agree, a total pop song, but he's managed to add an undeniable "tastefulness" that you can hear an just about anything this guy does. So I would say I like this song more because it does follow the same structure, and predictability as other popular rock, but I don't feel dumber after listening to it. Say what you will, kick ass song.

  47. skipper1231000

    Saw Ian and his band open for an mma fight in Van. B.C. this summer . Live audio!!
    They sounded so good! Best part of the night!!!!

  48. hammatymee

    Awesome songgg thornley is the shitt

  49. KuraMad2000

    @shoopdawoop93 sounds like nickelback? how so? there are no references to drugs, smashing things, or fellatio anywhere in the song.

  50. amac2006

    I'd like to see Ian Thornley do a project with Jakob Dylan. I always found BW and WF to be quite complementary.

  51. ckendall67

    Fantastic tune:-D

  52. Jose Amaral

    dam man why havent i herd bout this guy this song rocks so much ass

  53. César HF

    I don't Know why, but this song brings some tears to my eyes......

  54. LanceCampeau

    This song is HUGE... why is Ian Thornley treated like an afterthought in the music biz? I don't get...

  55. Terry Moser

    he totally is underated, they don't play his music that much on our local FM station, which is too bad because he is an amazing artist, I saw him too 3 weeks ago he was awesome, I'm always amazed when he plays The Oaf, love that song, oh that one too, lol!

  56. Roy C

    No totally dig the song. Ive just heard it played on the radio so many times I usually pass by it. Like I said I saw him live last week and he totally blew my mind. This song as well. Always liked him but didnt realize how many great songs he had. Totally underated as an artist.

  57. Terry Moser

    @igotskills13 why do you skip this song? it's good, the beginning is a little goofy, but the chorus is good

  58. 8Andrewman8

    i agree the album is great. and i like this song just as much as the rest of the album. not judging one bit : )

  59. Roy C

    The whole album is awsome. I always skip this song. The rest of the album is amazing and I just saw him live. Awsome live and an incredible guitar player. Dont judge the rest of the album by this song please.

  60. Jonathan Abbott

    @athoughtcomes You should listen to the CD version. Far more original and lively than this version. A lot more soul to it. Check it out.

  61. athoughtcomes

    wow...this is the wackest song i've ever heard Ian Thornley do. It's like he's so desperate to get the kind of commercial success in the U.S. that his buddies in Nickelback got that he's taken to recording their kind of crap.

  62. John Rankin

    @slash1205 real sorry to hear about your dad bro, reading this comment while listening to this song really made me feel these lyrics more.

  63. DgtlDiva

    I seriously think the only reason these guys didn't see much commercial success in the US was because of bad representation/marketing -- cripes they had a major label and were on the charts in the US and Canada - he's amazing and there is no reason he shouldn't skyrocket. I'm really glad though that he's come back to Canada :)

  64. brando92711

    ya know.. Ian was always the driving force behind BW and COULD still make music that like today.. I guess because BW wasn't very commercially successful Ian has decide to try and be more mainstream where he can make a few compromises and still make a living. Problem is, he may alienate his old fans and STILL not end up any more commercially successful. (Chris Cornell's Scream album comes to mind..) I own every BW and Thornley album but didn't bother with this last one..

  65. cheuno

    definitely think IAN THORNLEY if given the proper exposure in america would be thought of as a songwriting genius and a guitar hero.....he really does write some of the best stuff ive heard EVER....BIG WRECK is still awesome, both albums were tops

  66. abortionrock

    Has anyone else noticed that on both Ian's and Big Wrecks debut's its more really good songwriting but on BW The Pleasure And The Greed and Tiny Pictures its more guitar theory and technique thrown in (TPATG seemed to have better/more interesting results...)? Ian's a guitar hero, but no one should let theory rule their life.

  67. ser1988

    this is an awesome song, my favorite thou from Thornley has to be Easy Comes, Such a quality track

  68. Corrina Smith

    sweet song! hurry and come back to vancouver need another Thornley fix 3 times this year need more!!

  69. Hilary D

    I love this man... I have been a passionate BIG WRECK fan since maybe 1995... The lyrics, the guitar, Mr.Ian and his HOT self... I am happy he is still making music...Saw them in a little bitty PUB in Houston many moons ago. Forest, the drummer, loved him!!!!!!!!!!!! COME BACK TO TEXAS!!! We will even do a road trip... Just come back to the US please

  70. Phoenix88

    not bad song. when is the album due?

  71. hartleracing

    heard this song on the radio back when the album came out and i have been addicted to the band ever since

  72. Blue Ookami

    awesome song :)

  73. Andy Janssen

    sounds a lot like new nickelback...don't think dan adair had a lot of problems in recording this track :D

  74. SASSweetassin

    Great song! I played it over and over on my ipod while in the car and I never got tired of it! :3

  75. Frank Rizzo

    I miss Big Wreck. Thornley has been a disappiontment. That first Big Wreck album was one of the best rock albums of the last 20 years. Too bad it was largely ignored in the USA.

  76. Greg Stachurski

    This is a great song, Ian is a phenomenal writer.

  77. Shirosai


  78. gherrin

    great album, really smooth. another great song is all fall down.

  79. Renald Tougas

    No Suprise....good luck.......great song.

  80. supertrix101

    Thornley sounds like chris cornell from soundgarden

  81. jeangrey65

    It just gets better. LOVE IT!

  82. ReasonsWhyBand

    dude ur r totally wrong about these bands they are the new rock and if u cant see that then ur blind. this is the music people like because they can relate. Nickelback, Theory of a Deadman, and Thornley are great

  83. ReasonsWhyBand

    i just got into Thornley and their awesome

  84. B Boyd

    Ian Thornley rocks man! Great in Big Wreck & on his own.

  85. Cory Morrissette

    Love the lyrics !!!

  86. CaseyStelken

    That's probably because they're pop-rock bands.

  87. Tracy Glenn

    Great song and video. Awesome stuff.

  88. terry setoguchi

    can sum, one plez upload the song all comes out of the wash

  89. Kenneth Emerson

    What about Nickelback? and Theory of a Deadman, they're Canadian, and they're huge.

  90. Laura B


  91. Cory Morrissette

    U.S??? What ever! He's a great Canadian...But thats actually a good compliment, saying that because of all the shit thats going on there with all there Pop crap these days....... Canada music Rulz !!

  92. ny5280

    Thank you sir, i heard the album on there website, not bad, but i think the first album is a little better, but the new album does sound good Make Believe is one of the best of the new on....

  93. ny5280

    Hey, i got there album Come Again, back in 2004, i thought it was a very good album, was that there first album, how many albums do they have out, can someone let me know please????

  94. SmittShow The Psyduck

    just saw them in grand bend they put on an awesome show!

  95. Rowan Lamoureux

    man, i friggin love this song.

  96. stonerdemon

    Yes, he looks old, but if he looks old... that means we look old too!!! Thas the law of life my friends, but having music this good on our side as we get old... that feels great! :) I will remember Thornley when I have all my future grandsons buzzing aruond me!! ... Damn, I have to write a song about that...