Thornley - Be There For Me Lyrics

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Thornley Be There For Me Comments
  1. Matt Stevenson

    Best love song. Wish I could write like that.

  2. Matt Stevenson

    Best love song ever!

  3. Led Queen

    I will practice;)

  4. Matt Lottridge

    I always thought that the mind was a waste of time..

  5. LibertarianJD

    I'm a Thornstar in the highest. I even had the chance to see them live, as I live in Ontario, Canada. One of my favourite tracks from Tiny Pictures.

    Susan Rachel

    duramax48 my favourite band for 20 years ! The ILMO tour was awesome 2018 Vancouver bc 🤘

  6. John Graboski

    I'd love to see this song performed LIVE.... anyone? *Sigh*


    +John Graboski I know :(

    Susan Rachel

    John Graboski no never have from all Big Wrecks concerts I’ve been too .. this would be great !

  7. SHEER Hossain

    @ Christopher Liando  : ¿ you do realize that Tammy is a woman right ?  she ain't no bro...

  8. Paul DeMarco

    Great song!!

  9. Christopher Liando


  10. betbuk

    RIP Tammy.

  11. Tom Lawreszuk

    I keep coming back to this song. Great job Thornley

  12. DrMattDestruction

    love when 2:31 hits. the song is great too!

  13. Jose Amaral

    this song rocks so much ass it jus has that aspect that tuches a person in a sertin way

  14. sparkythekiller

    Another stunning song by Thornley both lyrically and musicly.

  15. uaeesd

    awsome!! 100000000/5