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Thornley All Fall Down Comments
  1. Justin Halden

    Ian Thornley is just so freaking talented. What the hell is going on when such a talent is not blowing up worldwide? Love Thornley & love Big Wreck

  2. Trevor Stroup

    I feel like I've heard this intro in commercials

  3. Heavy Joe Chipman

    My little brother(47) turned me onto these guys and the old Big Wreck stuff a few years ago. Amazing "musical" music! What a novel concept. I wonder why radio stations keep their heads up their asses on this music?! Is it because it doesn't sell cars, weight loss products, tampons, pimple ointment, etc...? It doesn't sell out to these corporations that EFF up EVERYTHING in our lives. God bless you Ian Thornley, and everyone riding along on your journey.😊👍

  4. coolncasz

    Awesome song, "i Like it!" Thornly sounded "Crisp" when i Seen Big wreck live in Regina couple years back

  5. Cathy Bobathy

    Beautiful mandolins

  6. Susan Rachel

    Ian Thornley is God 😊🤘

  7. zmznzbzvzmznzb

    I know.

  8. Andrew May

    It's a damn shame songs like this never grace the radio waves. But it's nice keeping a few secrets for ourselves. ; )


    I totally heard it on the radio a bunch up in Edmonton :)

    Space Dindu

    I was going to say i hear it on the bear @princeDinger


    Sonic in Edmonton plays them. How I found them

  9. joe mcneil

    wear my scars pink and proud, still cant say her name out loud

  10. Jacob Anderson

    Samurai Carpenter

    Adam Milligan

    Same! It is a tune!! :{P

  11. Jes Gabert

    Freaking amazing song.

  12. Star Gazer

    Love these guys,Seen them in Alberta live a few time's!!!

  13. icas80

    Gotta love Thornley. He can take a simple riff and make it something special

  14. David Jonas

    Hoarderlanders, rise up and sing. And they'll all fall down.

  15. TylerSMuss

    Cox in yo face!

  16. Jonathan M

    Canadians make some god-gifted music.Most of my favorite bands are canadian.

  17. man0firon

    Incoming Space Butterflies.

  18. Matt G

    Jesse Cox brought me here!!! :DDDDD

  19. David_Blake

    New Dallas trailer brought me here! :DDDD

  20. Captain Berzerko

    theres a version of him playing it on a radio station. Sounds awesome. His voice sounds identical to the studio version.

  21. tomvband

    Veeeeerrrry Cool!

  22. Raindance Maggie

    Thornley is very talented - it's songs like this that prove his diversity in genres of music.- perfection.

  23. Jesse

    LCBO Whiskey Rocks, this song is forever attatched to that commercial.

  24. dctarget51

    This song sounds like a cross between Seether and the Grateful Dead... Not complaining one bit. :D

    Marcilen_ Stone


  25. livewire717

    Ian Thornley is not in Big Sugar, although he occasionally plays with them. Ian Thornley was in Big Wreck. Just to clarify.

  26. 123blahhhblahhh

    whiskey lcbo commercial, brought me here ♥

  27. CanadianMusic&TV

    Big Sugar influence?

  28. Outshined

    "A friend of the Devil is a friend of mine"....same melody. Love boith songs though...

  29. Calvin Cameron

    what is the music from this sampled from? it sounds like Phil Collins???

  30. Sal Rodriguez

    whats up with all the pussy shit thornley where is the heavier shit

  31. zmznzbzvzmznzb

    thank you for coming to Sarnia again. Most of all thank for bringing Big Wreck back to Sarnia. Now my Sons can finally see what their Mother has been listening to for all these years.

  32. Jestersthrone

    @MrJwinter85 Great canadian musician, he comes to the local bar when in the region, usually brings the boys and plays a few gooders! $10 cover charge is worth it:)

  33. BeetleBUMxX

    @iruleyo Those cords are the basic fundamentals of a lot of country/ folk music. Shit, I could say that both bands ripped of my Uncle Jonah!

  34. CapnCrossbones

    @honda12345678 Elvis never wrote his own songs he purchased them and look how iconic he became. You are right though it was like the original teeny bopper situation haha But elvis made his own music to those songs so he is a great musician/showman just horrible with writing his own words.

  35. Jose Amaral

    i looooove this band there so amazing its just imposible not to like em

  36. Kelly Boyd

    this has way more beat then the grateful dead. Its like saying its a rip cause they both play guitars. get real.

  37. honda12345678

    @ferretjoe That's because chad kreuger writes all of theory of a dead man's music for them. Any "musician" that makes a living off of someone else's music is a Joke and not a real musician but this is what teeny bopper america likes and pays to hear.

  38. iBolt07

    This here is a kickass song :3 Reminds me of Mansion On the Hill by Alabama 3

  39. downbottomman

    It only sounds similar because its the same instrument. The actual notes are a good bit different

  40. HaulAzzForever

    Agreed. And it's definitnely a good thing. In loving memory of was better than pleasure and greed though

  41. Nosmell

    seen them open for Kd Rock and they were awesome

    Susan Rachel

    Nosmell519 kid rock should of opened for them god dang it

  42. Corie Brand

    Really love the sound they got going on. Love the whole album.

  43. Jeremiah F

    Cok guzel!!!! From Austin, TX

  44. kyle mcclure

    I F***ING love this song its more country but keeps a rock feel as well. I hope thornley keeps writing songs like this. "i just seen thornley in cncert and couple days ago and they sound even better live "

  45. kstarheel5150

    For god's sake please release this album in the US.... too good.

  46. art11art12

    this song reminds me of Ladylike, which was a cool song too!

  47. Aaron Phillips

    haha holy shit it does!!!! its all good though...both songs are great.

  48. Stephanie medrano

    haha yea sorry i know when i type in english it totally sux XD

  49. Jeremiah F

    You speak a english? :P

  50. Stephanie medrano

    love this song hoope they play it in the concert ima seem them in!

  51. Fabiola Quiroa.

    WOW I'm impressed! Ian can sing pretty much ANYTHING!

  52. Krzysztof Schabowski

    Zajebista nuta :) country rule

  53. Justin Glandon

    the main riff sounds exactly like ain't no easy way by black rebel motorcycle club. great song though

  54. Phaser Seven

    I know. Sad isn't.

  55. sookyz

    Come on people this is Ian Thornley, nothing new :) He went to the same musical school as Beethoven (spelling?). He's a fucking genious. If you like this song, and how its... different, you should listen to, oh I don't know, all of his music. He used to be in a band called Big Wreck, too, check them out... They're different than Thornley, somewhat, but still... listen to Fall through the cracks by Big Wreck if you can find it. :)

  56. Phaser Seven

    Why haven't more people viewed this?

  57. Adam Spencer

    what a tremendous tune

  58. Phaser Seven

    Just heard this on the radio yesterday.....sick sick song

  59. Myriam Lauzon


  60. jcd780

    i love the guitar in this song

  61. Dalton Nicholson

    that intro is so kickass