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Thompson Twins Follow Your Heart Comments
  1. simone almeida

    MAGIC 🌟

  2. shaun spadah

    thompson twins sales collapsed alarminly in the late 80s

    kerry poynter

    Yep, but their last few albums (such as this one) were still quite good and underrated.

  3. juanunderground

    This incredible tune written by THOMPSON TWINS should have been a JAMES BOND'S movie theme because quality is so great and really it is song for a film.

    Laurentz Duba

    I do agree - way better than Aha's The Living Daylights.

  4. Jorge O. Diaz

    This was my first CD many years ago I realize there was something call CDs and I bought it after that I bougth the player

  5. Donovan

    After all these years, they still sound beautiful. I need to give this album another play as well... :)

  6. loopiewho

    excuse me how the hell did i miss this album this is great 
    i am a fan of Thompson twins into the gap has been constantly on my record player
    all these years and i never had any idea they had any other records 
    can you imagine how excited i am
    i have just bought this lp on ebay
    and i have found another album called set
    oh wow woopie can't wait to get them on my record player


    Wish I was you. Boy are you in for a pleasant surprise! :)


    yeah this was great for me i got all there albums except QUEER which i can not find anywhere

  7. Joey Levenson

    I love this song so much. CTTB had some great tunes!

    kerry poynter

    Incredibly underrated album.

  8. johnofett

    this song reminds of times when i walked thru the park with my walkman...aghhh!! them were the days.... brilliant!!

  9. Carlo Ottavi

    Great :)

  10. 17SENTINEL