Thompson Square - You Make It Look So Good Lyrics

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Thompson Square You Make It Look So Good Comments
  1. Tina Ellis

    This song just came into my fed. This is a new one for me. I have cds . This is an amazing song. Soooo love it. Would love o hear it on radio!!!!!

  2. Tracie Truman

    You band name Thompson Square it came from Tommy Thompson he good friend of mine deep run

  3. Tracie Truman

    Not as script sing from your heart

  4. Tracie Truman

    Garth stole my 🌈 books by step mother's maiden name is Brooks

  5. Chris Sandell

    lovin' it!

  6. tiffany bittman

    Love Thompson square

  7. Ella Serafina

    most underrated song

  8. Bob Davis

    Love this song.

  9. Jerry ishcomer

    the reason the video looks so cool is because they live so separate lives they don't even sleep in the same bed with each other and their married to each other that is so sad to that's what makes the video so good because they don't really know each other

  10. L. Hernandez

    A testament to what real love can be. Incredible!! Lyrics from the heart!

  11. Miles Steele

    This won't make it to radio because record labels... Sad

  12. Peter Macias

    Best duo in country 👍

  13. Keri DeMark-LaBoo

    Saw them in concert and got there autograph and met them at the country jam, they are awesome, they are so nice

  14. Gilbert Sanchez

    Their chemistry makes their music alive. Thats cool af.

  15. Twdv

    best song ever

  16. Turi Olsen

    these two are amazing together. beautiful song. you make it look and feel so good baby.

  17. Kaleb and kayla Billings

    my fiances and I song we just love it. it hit our heart's

  18. DivineGoddess *

    do you guys remember me im heaven douglas from the morganton fall festival 2015 i have a picture with you

  19. bowtiecity

    They are so underrated :/

  20. dee baker


  21. Crystal Jett

    Myles please come to me ilysm

  22. Brandi Gay

    Wow....this song is amazing!!!! I never wanted to fall in love again and yet here in am. 'You make it look so good'

  23. Anthony Clark

    Hands down best song, I love all there music but this one hit the heart. Great job guys!

  24. Tammykaye Shackelford

    Perfect song! ooh you make it look so good!

  25. Jody Wilson

    I'm sooo in LOVE with this song!!!!

  26. sniksapap1

    Criminally underrated and getting swept aside by the Nashville bro country crap that is force fed on the airwaves. I really wish country stations would put their foot down and say enough is enough and give us back music by folks who sing it like they feel it. I miss that...

  27. horsegirl07

    seriously, I'm as single as they come but I want this to be my first dance song lol!

  28. Cindy Michael

    ohhhhhhh baby, love this song. Love Thompson Square! Awesome harmony. Gave me chills!


    Nice song!

  30. Betty G.

    I love the harmony of these 2 oooohhhh

  31. Lorrie Spivey

    I'm in love with this song! beautiful

  32. Elaina Mendoza

    perfect in everyway!!!

  33. kevin sakakeesic

    Yup! always!

  34. emdeethao

    One of my favorites! ❤

  35. Hank M

    Great song. But I have to say, they are one of the few bands that sound even better live!


    My wife and I see them live every time they are in our area, always a great show!

  36. Bob-b Vang

    sounds like Brett Eldredge 'wanna be that song' but both are great.

  37. Denice Fleming

    Love these Two ,they r what True country music and marriage vows r about god shine's on them..

  38. Messa

    She does look like Vickie Guerrero, Doesn't she?

  39. SAS

    Perfect blending of harmonies. Love the song!

  40. Liliy Llamas

    loved you guys at California FFA State conference 💙💛

  41. Ronnie Burnett

    she once made it look so good now I wonder what love might look like ....guess I will never really know .

    Yvonne N

    You will!!!

    Ronnie Burnett

    +Yvonne Tn thanks for the reply but as I sit and cry day after day I watch the one I love continue to push farther away I don't think there is love enough for her ever to give in return what I've given to her.

    Anthony Gonzalez

    @Ronnie Burnett hope you're good buddy.

  42. Parker Denny

    Seen you guys at California State FFA 2016 conference and honestly one of the best concerts I've ever been to. Great song and I would suggest anyone to see you guys live in concert

  43. donneilia Nicholas

    work of art

  44. Gary Koetzier

    ugly lyric video tbh


    what, cause it has no colour to it? It's supposed to be kinda nostalgic for them

    Marion Cavanagh

    I'm a lover of classical music, but must admit, I love this song

    Anthony Gonzalez

    You get a thumbs down sir.

  45. 82raptor

    Great job T3!!

  46. Takue Lee

    this song has been out for nearly a month and its only got 14k views? really under the radar

  47. Glenn Mclean

    love this group

  48. Lenore Her

    I'm in love with this song!! ❤

  49. Gary Pamatat

    pretty country tune with strong pop elements, that's surely gonna cross over. very nice...just like "hip hop" lol.



  51. Lindsey Hebert

    I love that song and even all of y'all music Thompson Square are great artists

  52. M1R2S

    I Like this song but I was hoping for something more similar to "Are you gonna kiss me or not" That was an amazing song

  53. Hell Spawn

    ♪ ♬ ヾ(´︶`♡)ノ ♬ ♪

  54. Bill Simoul


  55. Brianna Bass

    freaking awesome! I can't help but think of mine and my boyfriends relationship! he's the love of my life. found him n my darkest moments.
    absolutely love Thompson Square 💚

  56. pontiachotshot

    Nice song !