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Thompson Square Masterpiece Comments
  1. Mister Peach

    One of the most underrated songs ever!

  2. Tina Ellis

    Love it

  3. Lisa Hall

    Glass has been one of my favorite songs since it was released, I have a feeling this may be another one, beautiful song. Heard it on the radio, and instantly knew it was you guys, you can hear the love and admiration in the way you sing the words. Love it!

  4. Nig Bop

    Ok Boomer

  5. Dj Johnson

    What in the hell did she do to her hair now what country poeple looks like that country not country no more thay do what thay want and look crazy and call it country

  6. Tapiwa trawsbu

    Now I've realised views don't define how good a song is
    This song is Grammy nomination worthy
    Stay original Thompson square

    Thompson Square

    Tapiwa trawsbu very kind of you. We appreciate that so much.

  7. Marygail Mello

    Beautiful song <3

  8. Ariana Dickinson

    Shawna and Keifer Thompson I have loved them sense i was young im now 28 their such an inspirational couple God has worked through them so much and im so lucky to call Shawna my Cousin.

  9. Robert Chance

    Great show at Band On The Wall Manchester Sept 11th. 2019 supporting Eric Paslay

  10. Glenn Morris

    Seeing u in the uk in a few weeks.. Love this song.. Great Vocals... U two get better.

    Glenn Morris

    Tomorrow.. Came around fast.. Can't wait.

  11. Bridget Bowman

    Have missed you both, so glad I found this ❤️❤️❤️

  12. KIrk Fleming

    That hair is just full cringe

  13. Anna Wolfenbarger

    Saw them in Knoxville Tennessee several months ago, they are so much fun and of course the music was awesome!

  14. Angel Girl

    I like this

  15. Jason Heavner

    Wow, what a great song! Country radio needs to put this duo back in their rotation!

    Thompson Square

    Jason Heavner thank you so much.

  16. jphelps

    You two are Just Awwwww

  17. Liesl Bryan

    You guys are so adorable ❤️❤️❤️ love y’all!

  18. swmann2

    Their hair looks ridiculous. She used to be so hot and now she looks like a gay rooster.

    Seth Detweiler

    Making comments like that about a woman must mean you have a tiny wiener. Continue dating your hand. She’s a beautiful and talented human being.

  19. Letecher

    Thompson Square you are a great group

  20. donk hoss

    the little one smiling at the end of this was perfect..the world needs more of this

  21. Jennifer Hobbs

    Great song

  22. Ke lo

    This is why I luv County Music!

    Thompson Square

    Ke lo thank you!

  23. Addicted 2 Tone

    This is good stuff right here.. ❤️❤️

  24. Саша Wolverine

    Very nice !!! Up to tears !!! :)

  25. Jay- Rus

    Congrats on your success in life Kieth. It was good to see pics of your dad and the old home town and stomping grounds. In so many ways ways it seems like yesterday, while at the same time being a lifetime ago. I never cared much for that small town, but I guess inside it was still home. Married my love 27 years ago and still share a wonderful life together today. Good to see that you have the important things figured out too.

  26. Tapiwa trawsbu

    If I use these lyrics on my girl I'm sure she will ask me to marry her right away

  27. Dami Abbey

    Thank you for being together after all these years. I appreciate you two for being so original ☺️

  28. DJMeCa

    You’re both as amazing as ever! Love your music, and THIS is country music. Great story, relatable, honest, and beautiful performance. We need more music like yours! So happy for you both! A forever fan of your music!

  29. Melinda Pemberton

    Mitch honey your my masterpiece my one and only one piece I want to keep all a life for a lifetime we love each other but I molded you to be my masterpiece my l love is what molded you my l love please come home I need you to lean on and hold me cause you are my man tell me you love me everyday cause I'm keeping my masterpiece babe hope understand that love will hold us ❤ il promise I'm yours and yours only so please come home to me as soon as you can babe we need each other and I need your kisses your hugs and put your arms around me and tell me you love me come home soon love you love me

  30. jojo bach

    I just seen you guys on Huckabee's Show. Y'all are pretty awesome.!! What a great couple. You 2 go together.. Love this song.!!! First time hearing it. Keep em coming ❤☺❤

  31. Vervoord Piano Covers

    Really excitied to see you guys in Amsterdam in september!! Have been a fan since the first album❤

  32. Sharron King

    Just love it. Great song. Love that its filmed in Miami makes the video so much more special.

  33. Loyd Biggers

    I've been a fan from the beginning. It tell you guys every song you make is like you pulled it from my heart and sang it for me to tell my wife. I finally scored a meet and greet cant wait to meet the both of you. Wife and I are fans. Me probably more, I'm the more emotional one. Man I have to say it has to be awesome to wake up with your spouse write awesome music and get to sing it to each other AND THATS WORK!!!!!YALL MAKE IT LOOK EEEEEASY!!!! See you guys soon I hope. Be Blessed and Safe.. KEEP SINGING FROM THE HEART

  34. Nate M

    Another great song from our favorite married country music duet. Thank you once again and the the little one is adorable.

  35. Elly Yuen

    Wow! What a beautiful written song!! 😍😍

  36. joeyD f

    amazing harmonies...I've missed you guys.
    How about some acoustic stuff, just the two of you a guitar and one mic?!

  37. chaz200771

    Ya know, I've searched for a song that describes the kind of deep love for my son & never could find that one song that quite hit how I feel about him.
    Thank you, Thompson Square, for giving me that song.
    God bless you.

  38. gillian owens

    I love song 🤘🏻🎤

  39. Joy Frazier

    So beautiful!

  40. John Young

    Wonderful song and video.

  41. WizardPandora

    I love this ❤️

  42. Nana Sings

    Love it so much 😍😍😍😍😍

  43. Katrina Torrance

    I've always been a Thompson Square fan.. this song re-affirms why. LOVE IT !! Thank you TS ❤️

  44. Jennifer Hobbs

    Great song ❤️it ❤️ y'all songs

  45. Victoria Carpenter

    Theyre back!


    I don’t know why it took me so long to listen to this...

    Thompson Square

    Thank you.

  47. kara frye

    Ahh! Just beautiful. Cant wait to see what else you both have coming our way!

  48. spiraljoe1273

    This sounds like a Bon Jovi song. I like it.

  49. carrie white

    Like your video
    And song

  50. the runner

    A beautiful song from an awesome duo. This is why I love your music. Your songs always touch our hearts.

  51. TheProgressive conservative

    This is literally the song of my husband and i found each other when we were 18..our daughter just turned 18 and she getting you are my sunshine, my only sunshine tatted in our handwritting this tuesday...this song is 100% our atory. Thank you for this

    Thompson Square

    That’s amazing. Thank you.

  52. donk hoss

    the smile at the end seals it for me.....good stuff

  53. yvonne miller

    So glad to see you two back! Have missed you!!

  54. austin scherer

    Yes they are back

  55. BHalljr

    Such a beautiful song!

  56. Annette Dacosta


  57. Jacqueline Nemith

    I absolutely adore this beautiful amazing couple. They are both so inspiring and molded to one another in sync musically. Love this video

  58. Courtmillett94

    So damn beautiful!!!!!!!! The most underrated duo in country music so happy ya'll are back uh so much talent here

  59. Melinda Pemberton

    You r my masterpiece to me. Forever baby /our my one and only so please come home to me soon I need you to lean to cry on and hold me and tell me you 'll love me for a lifetime cause I will you. Love you love me

  60. Norma M. Atchley

    Your baby is so beautiful!!!!!!!

  61. Allen Kemp

    Love Love Love. Your music never gets old . But I am

  62. tiffany bittman

    Great as always. One?? Why and when did you go blonde?

    tiffany bittman

    Unless you always have been.

  63. Hencia Lammie

    Great song and video!! fan from St Lucia #Caribbean

    Thompson Square

    Hencia Lammie thank you so much.

  64. 2011Cindyy

    This is my favorite video of yours.

    Thompson Square

    2011Cindyy thanks Cindy!

  65. Will Patton

    I am so happy that I found about these two, only wish i did sooner 💙

  66. Amanda Panda

    This video was shot in my hometown. Miami, Oklahoma. That beautiful theater they are in is the Coleman Theater

    Chris Hatchett

    Yes it was! Miami was a fun little town to spend some time!

    Local Patriot

    Oklahoma pride

  67. Steven Haberer

    Wow! Thompson Square, I haven’t heard much from you lately, but you did not disappoint. Amazing song and video!

    Thompson Square

    Steven Haberer thank you Steven.

  68. Ricky Moody

    Great song ! The love you two .....have for each so refreshing.......cheers

    Thompson Square

    Surfstorm Ricky Moody thank you

  69. tabithanoel

    Love how you used the Coleman! LOVE this song!!

  70. Guilherme Oliveira


  71. Guilherme Oliveira


  72. Polly Bridges

    Love it so beautiful!!

    Thompson Square

    Polly Bridges thank you Polly

  73. klh3244

    What a great song and tribute to your family and using your home town! Continued success.

  74. Josef Rieger

    bravo ☝️ 💯👌

  75. stormie cochran

    This is literally the best song yet🥰. I loved it when you guys sang it at the concert in Logan, WV best one yet‼️‼️

    Thompson Square

    stormie cochran thanks storme. We really appreciate that

  76. Tim McLeod

    Outstanding video for another excellent track! Keep up the great work guys!

    Thompson Square

    Tim McLeod thank you!

  77. Lindsey Hebert

    Cooper is precious y’all are some awesome singers love y’all music so much my #1 favorite group

  78. Beth notw

    What an absolutely gorgeous song, and the video, just beautiful 💗

    Thompson Square

    Beth notw thank you beth.

  79. L Parker

    God feels this way about us and yet we work really hard to change ourselves from his mold, his stamp. Nothing like natural beauty to compliment the maker.

    Marilynn Elizabeth

    So.true ^♡

    Ethan Slifka

    This is so true, thanks for the encouragement!

  80. Amber Neil

    Another great one Thompson Square!! ❤️❤️

    Thompson Square

    thank you Amber! :)

    Thompson Square

    Amber Neil thanks Amber

  81. Benjamin Lane

    I love this song! Absolutely breathtaking and beautiful!!!!! 🐧🐧🐧

  82. Joshua Black

    Trigger warning; don't watch this away from the ones you love in the middle of the night!

    pamela sinah de-susa

    Joshua Black I should have checked the comments first because this is exactly what I just did and oh well 😔

    Thompson Square

    Thank you. Fair warning. Glad you like it.

  83. Adrian Tay

    is it me or i got a Brantley Gilbert vibe when im just listening and not looking.

  84. BeautyByHannah215

    This is honestly y’alls best music video I’ve seen! 🙌🏻

    Thompson Square

    BeautyByHannah215 thank you so much.

    savannah jackson

    @Thompson Square I love you so much and your so beautiful and he is so handsome and it's so amazing to see how much y'all have grown up

  85. thegreat

    Finally a set of loyal country singers that didn't let Nashville change them. Massive respect for these guys.

    Thompson Square

    CrazyLists thank you!

  86. Craig Bryant

    Amazing song. Keep up the great work.

    Thompson Square

    Craig Bryant thank yiu

    Craig Bryant

    @Thompson Square you guys are so very much welcome. I hope to see y'all one day.

  87. Robert Miller

    Great song guys. Love the home videos also. Love you guys.