Thompson Square - Let's Do Something Stupid Lyrics

Let's Do Something Stupid No Lyrics. Let's Do Something Stupid If you know the lyrics you can send us.

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Thompson Square Let's Do Something Stupid Comments
  1. Rhythm In Life

    I have loved this couple from the get go♥️. Y'all are original and amazing!!!!!

  2. Tracie Hoffman

    I have iid

  3. Shalom Verghese

    The vocals on this song is so beautiful.

  4. Trade Water Music Fest

    Thanks for sharing. We enjoyed your performance at the Tradewater Music Fest.

  5. Peter Macias

    Best duo in country. 👍

  6. Jay- Rus

    Good to see that the two of you are still running full speed ahead Keith. Youve worked hard and come a long way from the Rocket Park 😜

  7. Happily Married

    Shawna has such a beautiful voice, no autotune needed for these two, they sound just as great live...keifer has nice voice to, they compliment each other

    April Nicole Marshall

    Keri DeMark-LaBoo I can say that’s true saw them one year at CMT FEST and they are amazing live

    Happily Married

    SavageFamily. to, I saw them at country jam in Berea Ohio last yr and again in Kent on the 7th, they are amazing

  8. Happily Married

    Love them and this song

  9. Lindsey Hebert

    Great new music awesome singers

  10. Ballad of Janine

    Nice!!! Like the new!