Thompson, Richard - The Calvary Cross Lyrics

I was under the Calvary Cross
The pale-faced lady she said to me
I've watched you with my one green eye
And I'll hurt you till you need me
You scuff your heels and you spit on your shoes
You do nothing with reason
One day you catch a train
Never leaves the station

Everything you do
Everything you do
You do for me

Now you can make believe on your tin whistle
Ah, you can be my broom boy
Scrub me till I shine in the dark
I'll be your light till doomsday
Oh, it's a black cat cross your path
And why don't you follow
My claw's in you and my light's in you
This is your first day of sorrow

Everything you do
Everything you do
You do for me

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Thompson, Richard The Calvary Cross Comments
  1. Jessica Jones

    One of the best, least heard songs.

  2. Harry Kim

    Dear sir.
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    O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which killest the prophets, and stonest them that are sent unto thee; how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not! God, we ask for you to grow and protect your church in South Korea.
    Thanks for listening us.

  3. Burak Kartaloğlu

    I found it in This is Us and love it

  4. Shark YT

    sou mesmo

  5. steve hewitt


  6. stirge fluton

    That initial break into the lyrics instantly breaks down all my walls, showing my purest form. It's what music and art is supposed to do.

  7. John M

    Minimalism at its Maxiximus

  8. Kelby Clements

    Saw this on "I'm dying up here" and swore it was Jason Molina. Been looking for something like this for a while.


    I thought it was Jason the first time I heard it as well.

  9. Troy Harrison

    'This Is Us' brought me here.... great song

  10. Tom Hoole

    When I listen to this I think of my grandfather

  11. Christopher Tabb

    A work of genius

  12. Jonathan Wellman

    Is anything better? Don't lie..

  13. Robert Cosimini

    oh my god that was fucking wow

  14. captainrhino1

    Peter Laughner did an excellent cover of this.

  15. dan hamilton

    Just beautiful.

  16. Mohammed Hanif

    "i'll hurt you till you need me." is any lyric more chilling?

    Lupco Kotevski

    "You were looking to hurt, and I was hurting to love" 'Woman's Blues' (1968) Laura Nyro.

  17. raindogred

    Of all the music that has ever been written and released..there's really just a handful of recordings that defy being "dated" or pidgeon-holed into a time, a year or an era. They sound nothing like what was. This is one those songs..a true original. Couple others I can think of are the Doors first album, David Bowie Space oddity, John Cale "fear album", Iggy and the Stooges, Johnathon Richman's "Modern lovers", velvet underground, MC5. I first heard this as an angsty teen in the early 80s, I thought it was a new band at the time..same as the others mentioned..alas no internet back had to stumble across great music while pouring through 2nd hand vinyl :) I will never get sick of hearing this song.

    Lupco Kotevski

    'New York Tendaberry' album (1969) by Laura Nyro, unique art.

  18. sam ferguson

    drums couldn't be better.

  19. toniteatnoon

    "I'll hurt you 'till you need me"

  20. dreamvue1

    This Is Us...couldn't rest until I found this song. Bless you Richard and Linda Thompson. Reaches deep into your soul.

  21. cr nels

    perfect song for the "cabin" episode of "this is us"


    that scene was goddamn amazing

  22. Vicky08 Vicky08

    This Is Us - this song caught my attention - LOVE IT!

  23. JWCollection

    This is Us

  24. Mike Sniper

    I defy anyone to find a more "in the pocket" recording than this. Only The Band at their most organic or some Crazy Horse get there. Symbiotic playing to the vocals. It's harder to put those notes in the right place than to play a ton of pointless notes. This is as good as it gets.

    Kelly Palmer

    Mike Sniper I've just started getting deeply into music, nearing sixty. My former self would have said, yeah, man, it must have been cool, Richard went in and just sort of made up the intro on the fly. I know now he must have planned out and practiced every single note of that intro. I'll never get there - that is why musicians remain such special people.

    Lucas seattle

    Im thinking hard for 2 minutes and i got nothin. That being said: consider Them "baby blue" or the Dwarves "anybody out there" or any song on CCRs first 4 albums


    @Lucas seattle It might take a little longer than 2 minutes

  25. Dade Cariaga

    Richard Thompson's incomparable guitar work...

  26. Jason Brayshaw

    The introduction is simply genius.

  27. Leslie Palmer

    Mark Maron sent me here

    Jordan Taylor

    From his interview w/ Richard? It's pretty great :)



  28. Blaster Caster

    Drum sound is so great...

  29. Thomas Hofheinz

    "Scrub me 'til I shine in the dark"

  30. Phil Freeman

    Who is singing bass? Is it Clive Gregson?  Spectacular.

    Phil Freeman

    Ah - Trevor Lucas.  What a voice!

  31. 1qwasz12

    "I watched you with my one green eye"

  32. The Train

    great song

  33. Ciarán Coogan

    there is more of a hint of bert in that intro...


    Did they ever play together?

  34. Somar29

    Great songwriting but everything else is pretty ordinary. 3/5. 


    Ordinary?? Did you not hear the guitar work at the beginning? Astounding playing.

  35. bestofmusicfulify

    Me too. It might be my least favourite album so far. I dont see why it is ranked 478, seems like the first 22 I have listened to were far superior.

  36. kai hernandez

    "Now you can make believe on your tin whistle" :-)

  37. Patrick Bresee

    Very cool tune...

  38. hclw3

    "you can make believe on your tombstone"

  39. synysterdecadence666

    400-and-something, actually.

  40. tinyvox

    You are just like me, but for me it was Rolling Stone's top 100 in 1987 ;)

  41. Steve Garwood

    What would it be? 6th or 7th.

  42. theTerribleFamiliar

    A measly 12k hits? Pathetic. This is one of the greatest songs ever written IMO.

    Paul Selwyn

    I have been on a mission to spread the Gospel of Richard Thompson for decades. All it takes is a listen or two.

    tony gudge

    143k now

  43. Boz Ajanovic

    The piano in the end was a marvellous touch.

  44. FireLightning16

    This 20 year old was sent here by Rolling Stone Magazine's top 500 albums

    Aiko Kawanaka

    FireLightning16 Its a terrible list and an even worse magazine

  45. phil osophical

    Check out The Black Flowers( Lavinia Blackwall) version, mightily good.

  46. Christopher Varga

    There is a stunning live version of this song on the "Watching the Dark" compilation. Exquisite extended guitar solo.

  47. spookyben

    Scrub me till I shine in the dark

  48. captainrhino1

    Peter Laughner did a stunning cover of this as well...

    james goaway

    captainrhino1 yes he did


    So I went to listen to the cover. Jesus dude, thank you. What a find. Now im listening and im amazed and sad.

  49. LeahRyan007

    Such a beautiful song!! It deserves a million hits!

  50. utopiah7

    great song by great artists keep folk rockin folks........