Thompson, Richard - Cooksferry Queen Lyrics

Well there's a house in an alley
In the squats and low-rise
Of a town with no future
But that's where my future lies

It's a secret, but no secret
It's a rule, but no rule
Where you find the darkest avenue
There you'll find the brightest jewel

Now my name it is Mulvaney
And I'm known quite famously
People speak my name in whispers
What higher praise can there be

But I'd trade my fine mohair
For tied-dyes and faded jeans
If she wanted me some other way
She's my Cooksferry Queen

She gave me one pill to get bigger
She gave me one pill to get small
I saw snakes dancing all around her feet
And dead men coming through the wall
Well I'm the prince of this parish
I've been ruthless and I've been mean
But she blew my mind as she opened my eyes
She's my Cooksferry Queen


Well she's got every rare perfection
All her looks beyond compare
She's got dresses that seem to float in the wind
Pre-Raphaelite curls in her hair

She could get the lame to walking
She could get the blind to see
She could make wine out of Thames river water
She could make a believer out of me

Yes I'd trade it all tomorrow
All the wicked things I've been
She's my bright jewel of the alley
She's my Cooksferry Queen

Yes I'd trade it all tomorrow
All the wicked things I've been
She's my bright jewel of the alley
She's my Cooksferry Queen

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Thompson, Richard Cooksferry Queen Comments
  1. futatorius

    Go in at 0:12 if you find Jools Holland insufferable.

  2. Anne Cyphers

    You had me at Dad's Going to kill me

  3. Mats Frånlund

    Smack those drums!

  4. Daniel Jurnove

    One of my favorite lyrics of all time: "Pre-Raphaelite curls in her hair

  5. pykkervots

    Teddy on rhythm guitar

  6. Donn La Rossa

    Great musicians can do it all!

  7. Cee Jay

    RT one of the best guitar players ever!

    David Lewis

    The best

  8. nightsketcher

    Is there a more electrifying performance on YouTube??

  9. Madeleine Hague

    Happy Birthday, Richard!

  10. Sarah Bell

    LOVE IT!!!!!

  11. Madeleine Hague

    I have a lot of RT's albums. He is just so unique. It was touching to see in the liner notes of Mock Tudor, a dedication to former Fairport bandmate Sandy Denny, who died many years ago.

  12. Mats Frånlund

    I wanna play with this band!

  13. Donn La Rossa

    Danny Thompson on BASS! 

    Christopher White

    @Donn La Rossa Some of the best upright bass I've heard outside of rockabilly! Phenomenal.

  14. Mats Frånlund

    Just listen to these strange bass lines Danny makes in the opening, it makes you wonder if they are "right",
    and then he makes it open up and it sort of just fit in! What a bass player to jam with!

    Martin Pooley

    Saw him backing RT several years ago in Sydney with what looked like an open bottle of Riesling at his feet. Whatever gets you through....

  15. Tatum Martin

    Wicked and wonderful

  16. Mats Frånlund

    Danny Thompson charges the whole band with his fantastic bass lines!

  17. Alwin Stickel

    like it

  18. bloodfluke

    I've been watching 'Later' with Jools Holland for as long as I can remember. Must be a good 20 years. And there's been many iconic and memorable performances over the years, but this must be my favorite. To be honest, I hold my hands up, I'd never really heard much about Richard Thompsom at the time, but after watching this, I went out and bought a lot of his back catalogue... Everything about this song excited me. It's lyrically divine, it's melodically sublime, and it's musically bloody excellent. Really love the lyrics.

    Madeleine Hague

    +onepinkrose x - Richard Thompson is one, amazing guy. Such an amazing guitar player and funny, and the most intelligent lyrics. I heard about him through someone much younger than me...and after that...I was hooked! Enjoy your RT recordings!

    La Paunche

    What's even more extraordinary is how RT can approximate the excitement of the band version when it's just him and a an acoustic guitar!

  19. ian walker

    This is a rehashed Long black veil

  20. Monty Zoomer's Musical Mélange

    Back in the day (1963/4)  a cousin (or maybe he was a second cousin), of RT’s, played bass in an insignificant rock group, in which I played guitar. Down the years, this same old bass player has persistently e-mailed to me “links” to RT’s material, much of which I have enjoyed, but none as much as this particular track !!!
    A string bass holding its own in a really tight “modern day” band; how the f*** did he get it to make that “growling” sound when it kicked off ?
    The blues harp player was enjoying himself tremendously and the drummer, using brushes throughout, really got stuck in !
    These musicians were really enjoying themselves ! 
    RT’s lyrics, timing and mastery of the fret board are nowt short of amazing; the guy is a true musical genius !
    The finish was amongst the “Most-nailed” that I have seen in any live performance by any band, great or small.
    A truly fantastic track all round, and the two sad b******* who gave this the thumbs down need to be taken out and shot !

  21. ian walker

    just cannot ignore the pinch from long black veil.

  22. Keshav Mishra

    i Never liked english music but this has changed my approach. soul touching song. Great music

  23. William Sorber

    Thanks for the lift.

  24. Mats Frånlund

    Kickass! Danny plays some really on the edge tones, simply fantastic! The whole band is on the thin end of the wedge sometimes. If Richard would have kept the song going for a couple of minutes more...

  25. allan james

    Only 35200 views - I despair, I really do.

  26. Miki9899

    Speechless. Fuck that was good.
    Must see if he tours in the States any time soon.

  27. TheAgeOfAnalog just doesn't get much better than that folks.

  28. peter cox

    This is a must listen to all those who think a string bass is lost in an electric band!

  29. Chris M

    I saw them in Cincy during this tour... as tight a band as I've ever heard! I was totally awe-struck. Shame few of his videos on here contain some of the stories he would tell between songs... he's also an excellent story-teller.

  30. Michael Halliday

    Love this song, love the performance

  31. peter cox

    Fantastic Performance, everyone totally in the zone!

  32. Matthew Hayman

    @johnmckinlay67 That should be "He and his bass". Sorry, that was my almost terminal case of OCD talking there. On another note, I was privileged to see Mr. Mayall in two small venues back in the early 70s. After Richard Thompson, I believe he was the most friendly performer back in the day. He actually talked to us during the breaks. Unheard of in these days.

  33. John McKinlay

    @Mulwany Totally agree. Him and his bass "Victoria" have been around the block for many years. Met him with Richard when they did their two man show a couple of years back. Two very humble men.

  34. TomRAFC

    if anyone knows who the harmonica player is on here can they please pm me

    Rolf Kroeger

    Julian Dawson is his name

  35. AlFrisby

    Richard thanks for all of it over the years ....I owe ya!

  36. Mark Harrington

    ...and he's even more upright than he used to be these days.

  37. Adi Dassler


  38. banarish

    You mean Pete Zorn can't play harmonica? Slacker.

    Rolf Kroeger

    Have you ever seen a picture of John Zorn? He's half as tall as Julian Dawson, who plays here.

  39. Neil Clark

    "She can make wine out of Thames River water ..."

  40. John McKinlay

    100% agreed on every comment on this page so far. Richards the top man in my opinion. @ Mulwany..Totally agree mate ! Met Richard & Danny 3 years ago..2 very humble,pleasant men..Pure Genius!Thanks once again,Cleapatr.

  41. medic7698

    And to think some of my friends don't understand why I rave about RT!

  42. verityandstu

    Light the touchpaper and stand well back!

  43. jaymc2112


  44. vetanari

    Just brilliant

  45. AMeatBeetle

    That's Thompson's son, Teddy, playing the Danelectro guitar on the far right.

  46. Cleapatr

    Jools holland show 30-10-99

  47. Sophie Andrews

    Glad to see this clip back. A knockout performance of a great song.

  48. 3degreesflip

    What an incedible talent RT is!! Thanks for posting Cleapatr.