Thompson, Jasmine - Drop Your Guard Lyrics

Still waters runs deep
Why do you always hide from me
How do you keep
All your troubles underneath
Emotion is a wild thing
I'm trying not to feel it
We get on
Yeah somehow we get by
We're alright cause

Love runs deep
Deeper than the darkest sea
So drop your guard
Why do you have to be so hard

Those paper dolls
Hold each other by the hand
One cut and they break
I'm trying to make you understand
Emotion is a wild thing
Together we can tame it
Look again
Don't you realise
It's in my eyes

Love runs deep
Deeper than the darkest sea
So drop your guard
Why'd you have to be so hard

I wasn't asking you to open up
To open up
It's not my business anyway
It's just that when you're hurting
It's like I'm always searching
For the right words to say
We have an un-spoken rule
That you're always so cruel
Maybe I'm wrong to believe
But in my dreams

Our love runs deep
Deeper than the darkest sea
So drop your guard
Why'd you have to be so hard
Our love runs deep
Deeper than the darkest sea
So drop your guard
Why'd you have to be so hard

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Thompson, Jasmine Drop Your Guard Comments
  1. Алексей Никитин

    I love you!

  2. The Phoenix

    You though I said sin I mean sing I merely let the world in

  3. The Phoenix

    I don’t sin hin i fucking win hub

  4. Jose Frendison

    Will be 20 in 2020.

  5. CateDoge

    6 years later I'm back. 2000 gang where ya at?

  6. เอกชัย สายสร้อย


  7. Harvey Thurman

    Am I am I am sorry heaLp me God why do I do so much wrong when I onLy want Cared about

  8. Chris leach

    Wow I want too know where you sing next as I want see you sing and if your tickets are free or not and where you will does anybody know

  9. A.A Fardhan Ramadhan Alhafiz

    2019 like

  10. Matt

    I wonder if singing all these love songs gives Jasmine a deeper connection to love itself, or just jades her on the banality of it all? Either way beautiful.

  11. Reginald B Rich

    Jasmine Thompson you carry my heart, your voice heals my wounds every time I listen to you. I wish I had a chance to meet you.

  12. Emily Cardenas

    I,love 😍❤💘

  13. AK Moe

    I love her so much❤️❤️

  14. marcopoLo_30

    This is the sweetest thing <3 <3 <3

  15. Nandya Azzahara

    Who watch this in 2019?

    Like if you're with me :)

    Selly Justin

    +62 detected

  16. Diangtimai Lyngdoh

    Ure cute while ure young bt bt voice keep on improving

  17. Eva Blanning

    I made a album cald another bundle of tantrums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Lyn M.

    2018 anyonee

  19. Muhammed Isman

    i come back to here every year to listen this beautiful music

  20. Emma Gammage


    Emma Gammage

    It's so weird how you can forget a song exists completely and as soon as it starts you remember the entire lyrics and music video by heart

  21. xX Insane Singularity Flame Xx

    Omg one of my favourite Jasmine Thompson songs!!

  22. Helena The Weird One

    Me: *listens Jasmine's songs*

    Also me: *screams: HOW CAN SOMEONE HAVE THIS GOOD VOICE?!*

  23. EcuatorianoenNewYork TV

    Bless your life..

  24. Sharad Kanani

    Jasmine i am sia your biggest fan I love this song 👍

  25. laura gearhart

    love it
    she has a such angel beautiful voice...incredible!!!!! <3

  26. H K

    watch it in 2018

    H K

    and 2017, 2016

  27. Muhammad Naufal

    Still love this song

  28. Layla Smith

    i love this song so much!

  29. سالم امين


  30. Dean Van Greunen

    She is in love, while singing this song, you can see it in her eyes

  31. Fragen über Fragen

    please Jasmine cover Dog&Butterfly by Heart. is a wish i have

  32. Official Scorpio Malang

    It's Desember 2017 :D

  33. Fragen über Fragen

    the most beautiful and intense these time' natural...i never thought i would find a voice like your's in the world. and i heard so many voice's in my life...and my life is old by now Jasmine 😉

  34. Isa Herrera

    Im in Love with her

  35. Arabella Alturas

    omg the voice is like from the [email protected]#$%^%&

  36. Tatum Hughes

    We love you, Jasmine!!!

  37. Jule Müller

    October 2017😍😍 anybody else?

  38. Klown Carcass


  39. Johann salas

    Your songs are as beautiful as you !!! I love you!

  40. Kristian Yotov Art

    hey much love from bulgaria! <3

  41. Jenny Laila


  42. NCT's year

    still my favorite

  43. Atalyah Macias

    This is just...beautiful✨✨ wow😍 she has the most elegant voice iv ever heard😍

  44. Radith SdifoArt

    are you looking Fat? in this video? :)

  45. John Not Real Name

    That smile is so Pweety.

  46. Pats Gaming

    What a Beautiful voice Jasmine iloveyou & marry me 💜😘

  47. Shockx Stre

    This song used to be my first song that attracted me to my ex-girlfriend. She moved back, and I had quickly lost my chance as I'm a high school student. Legit, regretted it. Keep up Jasmine!

  48. Ares jones

    AAARRGH HOW ARE YOU SO GOOD AT SINGING??? AND HOW IS YOUR NATURAL VOICE SO HIGH??? But seriously, you're really good. As a low mezzo soprano, I definitely couldn't hit those notes. But then again, I'm only in my teens. BUT STILL YOUR SINGING IS FANTASTIC!!!!!!! I write songs, but not as good as you do.

  49. Barbie Baio

    U R So Beautiful 😍! I love ❤️ the purity! Your songs are so amazing! 🌟🌞🌺

  50. navy gymnastics Jasmine

    my name is jasmine

  51. Hari


  52. Lunabeth Kait

    Not About Angels has more views?! That kind of upsets me buuut
    Ily Jasmine <3

  53. nofa ristanto

    I Love This Song....

  54. Tiger Bearson

    I like this song very much

  55. Sandip Newar

    your sweet voive drives me crazy . and you even don't look you're 13 - 14 . you are supremely talented . May god bless you . you beloved fan sandip newar from nepal

  56. M Lefun

    she looks different in many POV

  57. Can YILMAZ

    Please Come Turkey

  58. Kusorare

    Listen to SHORTIES A RAPIST by Lil' Rare ™ #np on #SoundCloud

  59. Jaelyn ross

    Your so pretty and you sound so amzing

  60. I'm Sof

    Jasmine is beautiful, and so is this song.

  61. Harry Bennett

    I was just looking at mums boobs whole time tbh

  62. av0cad0

    She's so prettttyyy

  63. Jeannette Zimmerman

    <3 *Hugs*

  64. Clarie Maxwell

    SO HAPPY MY COACH MIGHT LET ME DO A PROGRAM TO THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! (for figure skating)

  65. Melissa Jamma

    I love your music! Your voice is sooo beautiful! This song really touches my heart. Thank you! <3

  66. N S


  67. snow alias

    This song has played in my head a lot through out my life ever since I first heard it. I have this amazing sister who means the world to me and every time I hear this song I think of her and I cry because I've had these beautiful memories with her. This song plays and I see this awesome life I've had with my sister and I couldnt be any happier than I am now. Thank you for this amazing song Jasmine. You truly have a beautiful voice and an amazing way of making the most beautiful things.

  68. Latajia 20

    I wish they played this on the radio

  69. Clorox Bleach

    this song made me cry.

  70. Hrithik Sud

    the lyric "unspoken rule" has been in my head for weeks. finally I found it

  71. theodel balaba

    Jas,, You know... time check here in the philippinbes.... It's 8;52 in the evening and I'm going to sleep now and I'm gonna play this song all night period........ You're the best!!!!... period...

  72. Adnan Rachman

    how come the glass didnt broke? 0:45


    Plastic cup.


    Oh, and it landed correctly.

  73. Thy Le

    beautiful song

  74. Tanja Mitrova

    Deserves more views definitely!

  75. Pauline fgo

    idk why but I have the feeling that the girl came out to her parents and that they were upset and the girl went to her girlfriend/crush


    Pauline fgo YESSS

  76. Grl Power

    i Love this song

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  79. Anaihtat Fmm

    Jasmine you're awesome!!!

  80. mike doorenweerd

    damn love this song

  81. Grl Power

    I NEVER understand this video, But i loveeeee this song so so much <3

  82. Brandon Grazioso

    i originally thought she said drop your god.

  83. KhandeevLife

    я узнал о тебе от саши спилберг и чесно пророжон как ты поешь ты лучшая ))😍

  84. Jamie Faith

    Luv all ur songs, Jasmine. <3

  85. Grl Power

    I really love this song ❤❤❤❤ my fav in the world!

  86. M.J. Xiong

    Absolutely wonderful to see how far you've come from when you started on youtube.

  87. José Hugo

    Que música...que voz... <3

  88. Kathi Lu

    fantastic singer ~ never thought bout u that way

  89. Yuli Rodriguez

    Eres la mejor ,😊 suerte en tu carrera.. tienes talento

  90. Hannah Hicks

    LOVE THIS SONG!!! <3

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    I now will follow you to the ends of the earth