Thomas, Rob - Sunday Morning New York Blue Lyrics

It's early
Honey put on your lipstick
I want to take you dancing
Even though I can't dance

I'll drive
Down to the place on the west side
Somewhere we can't see the sun rise
A better than even chance

Another Saturday is over
And here comes Sunday shining through
And I can stay right here forever
Sunday morning New York blue

Girls who wear boots with their ball gowns
Looking for boys with their guards down
Maybe they might just win

When we get old and our hair's grey
We won't remember the bad days
Or maybe we will but we won't say


Feeling just the way I do
We're dancing our way into
Sunday morning New York blue

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Thomas, Rob Sunday Morning New York Blue Comments
  1. Hollie Wheeler

    Make a simple day so much better, Just hearing this man’s Effing voice. He’s so Incredible ..!!

  2. Maria Remedio

    Muahhh loverr i love it!!!!!

    Maria Remedio

    I love you my Husband muahhhh hugggsss!

  3. tea p

    love, love, love this song

  4. sissi sissi


  5. sissi sissi


  6. BooBop1987

    It's okay!

  7. ultimatechuggaafan

    This would have fit great on Cradlesong

  8. fobandfriends

    I know dat feel, bro.


    Thank you so much for adding this, the only time I listen to this. Is with my dear wife Diana, and yes on Sunday. Thank you

  10. Sandy Kp

    I love u man!

  11. Janet Lam

    love this song....

  12. Nightimeangel

    It´s easy. You´ll just have to be the worst fool walking earth. ;) Love this music so much <3

  13. Spooki

    @anaa05 Why THANK you!!! No one understands why I love him so much. My friends just think I'm obsessed. No one understands how talented he is! :)

  14. Ana Luz VB

    @brizzo0614 I UNDERSTAND! :)

  15. Spoopy Lewis

    i love him

  16. Spooki

    No one understands my passion for this man. I ask them..How can you NOT??!

  17. Spooki

    @Jasperhaleschick1 I am right there with you <3

  18. RullyisJRM

    Awesome song!

  19. Sadie Louise Reynolds

    I want this man so bad i'd do time for it!!!!lol