Thomas, Rob - Feel So Bad Lyrics

Well if you feel so bad
Why don't you just give it up
If it's hard on you now
Then it won't let up

Hand me down my cigarettes I'm drunk
But I ain't drinking no more
Help me fight my way down through the hall
Redirect my sympathies I tripped
I fell and lost them somewhere in between my
outstretched arm and the wall

And it make me feel weak to say the least
Beneath these dusty streets we show more
Make me feel like less and less of a man


Baby you just had enough or
Maybe you've been trying too hard
Baby no one ever let you down
In the end there's you and me don't trip
And don't get lost I'm right here
Waiting til you come back down to the earth


You don't need to please me
You don't need to be uneasy
I've been too long gone for you to save me now


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