Thomas, Natasha - Suddenly Lyrics

Baby, when you're far away from me
call me up on my cell phone
I feel your vibrations come through the phone
right into my heart
If you wanna be my caller I'm
pleased to be your receiver
I know when my favorite-melody sounds
that you're on the line

Suddenly, suddenly
Something happened to me
suddenly you appear with the key to my heart
Suddenly, suddenly
Something came over me and
you set me free - You're
The key to my heart [2x]

Until you are here with me again
I don't mind being your call girl
If you are alone, just lay yourself down
in my answering-machine
You know you can keep me satisfied
just by being "under cover"
there's no one I rather want to have
inside my phone


Suddenly, suddenly
This is pure ecstasy
suddenly you appear with the key to my heart
Suddenly, suddenly
I will never be lonely
you are my only
The key to my heart [2x]

You're all that I ever
and it's now or never
You're forever the only one...


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Thomas, Natasha Suddenly Comments
  1. Honeyz Fanclub

    The dancers are too much it’s not like its a massive uptempo track!

  2. 骏豪


  3. 기인부

    i prefer this version, but i can't find this song mp3

  4. Natawan Tirakijpanichakorn

    she married and had a baby, singing is not her career anymore, u can check out her video on facebook page natasha thomas, i was sad when i hear she said that. her song is my teenage memory

  5. Yu Zhang

    cool, I love you

  6. moon12216reviews

    Natasha Thomas sings so wonderful.



  8. LiangHuBBB

    What ever happened to her?Her songs were really good,but she stopped making music since 10 years by now?

  9. Paweleczek92

    she is so cute, ehh:)

  10. Kelsey Reilly

    shes lip singing here...

  11. Liara Miller

    she is tall, isn't she?

  12. Bla Bla

    Wow!!! I didn't hear of her before, but I'll definetly start listening her songs!!!!!

  13. makthnife

    danke schoen! love it....
    and luv the look on the guys face while those buys prance around, like..."um.....yaaaaaaaaa........"
    songs pretty good tho :)

  14. w4r3arth

    Haven't heard from her in a really long time...what happened? o_o

  15. Karina Silverstone

    her face is perfect..cant say the same about her body..too slim

  16. Julie B

    when it's live sometimes they only sing some parts cause the rest is edited so theyy cant sing those parts :P [at least thats what I think ;)

  17. Veronika Š

    she's so thin. i love her music

  18. DJ Kals

    que se desnude

  19. atiqah jamsari

    duuhh lip synchcsss

  20. Ayaka


  21. Sadingo

    My comment refered to beatboxb0ys

  22. Sadingo

    Yeah, I also think so
    I wondered that scarcely anybody took notice of this

  23. Sadingo

    Yeah, I also think so
    I wondered that scarcely anybody took notice of this

  24. Nazym Satybaldy

    is she a model? because she could be one easily

  25. spainmig1

    wIThOut WorDs...
    I lovE ThiS SonG
    NatasHa ComE To spAin PleaSe

  26. Sekopa61

    her voice as wonderful as her beauty

  27. 4ranhime

    Ive listen to her two albums and she is really good.. but what is what her Japaneseo face ?!

  28. Ali Koşal

    ı love natasha kiss kiss...

  29. maiko44

    i miss natasha where did her music go???

  30. chatmic

    yeah Natasha... the pop princess of my dreams 8-p

    see ya Nat

  31. max7evans

    love her live performance of "suddenly"