Thomas, Jackie - It's Worth It Lyrics

[Verse 1]
We had the starry eyes
And everything aligned
Where did the butterflies go go go
We were the racing hearts
Couldn’t be torn apart
When did we turn into stone oh oh…
We fall so fast but we crash so slow oh ohh...

But if we keep holding on
I know we’ll get back to the surface
Cause it’s worth it
If we keep holding on
I know that nobody’s perfect
But we’ll work it out

[Verse 2]
We were just ankle deep
Would of started to creep
There was no keeping it out out out
We were riding the waves
Surviving all the brakes
We didn’t think we could drown drown drown
And we tried to give it back
But we’re sinking down down down

But if we keep holding on
I know we’ll get back to the surface
Cause it’s worth it
If we keep holding on
I know that nobody’s perfect
But we’ll work it out

I don’t know how long I can hold my breath
But I’m not letting go yet
Cause I'm not ready
No I'm not ready to give up on us
We fall so fast but we crash so slow oh ohh...

But if we keep holding on
I know we’ll get back to the surface
Cause it’s worth it
If we keep holding on
I know that nobody’s perfect
But we’ll work it out
Hold on... Hold on... Its worth it!!
I know that nobody’s perfect
But we’ll work it out

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Thomas, Jackie It's Worth It Comments
  1. Ryju_Nugget

    bro the nostalgia tho

  2. Mike Coatsworth

    She may have left the scene but the music is STILL good in 2019

  3. danni mckie

    Lol, what even happened to her? So talented...

  4. Serena Geiler

    I like it!

  5. Lulu Clark

    Its funny because jackie won xfactor but benny tipene is doing better than she is hahah

  6. Savanah Ngatuakana

    I remember watching this when I was young :(

  7. bigbadb10

    What a fantastic voice and song on par with the best. Bring on more.

  8. sha

    anyone know what happened to her? lol

    john Kennedy

    I love her she left my home town

  9. Emma Price

    Jackie make some more music ❤️

  10. Jed174

    it's the first time I have listened to this since 2013

    Samantha Bergin

    Jed174 Same

  11. Ethan Uson

    is Jackie Thomas actually Jackie Lynn Thomas from SVTFOE?

  12. Eden Marian

    2017 anyone??

  13. Frank Thomas

    Love The Song !

  14. Jack Sai

    Hi turd nooby

  15. black guy

    She could of ha a great music life but she put nothing out for us to Listing to now she die out


    Unfortunately X Factor recording contracts aren't the greatest. That's why most X Factor winners die out after their first or second single. The companies never do enough promotion, and rely on their exposure from the show, which dies out after about a week or so.

  16. Larissa Dodds

    omg she is a great singer.. like if u agree with me

  17. narissa bishop

    I love you jackie💖

  18. Kayla Brito

    Reminds me a bit like hailee steinfeld

  19. dundee barney

    this is so cool she should do more stuff

  20. DISNEY-GANG1 Gaming

    Come on I want more

  21. Dudley Do-Rite

    shes back working in countdown now, sorry not countdown, the warehouse

    Jo Tyers

    +gerry mcandrew
    Jackie has so much potential but instead she chooses to go with Cheap Crappy Warehouse Instead .

    She needs to stop working with bargins and make some $$$ and popularity because she is such a scardie cat of the public eye

    She is really shy but has a strong voice


  22. linda cocker

    manh i need the lyric plzzz its a good song totally love it so much <3

  23. Anya Race

    I love you and your music.

  24. DannoCrutch

    Just saw Jackie for the first time. Her X Factor audition. The potential shown was incredibly high. This video confirms my first impression.

  25. And I Oop

    GO new Zealand stars !!

  26. creative tots

    do you remember your show in gray mouth with Tom and I'm coralee the one with the glasses

  27. Lawrence May

    Where is the Record Companies that sign up artists like Jackie??  Maybe 1 of them is watching youtube for talent??  Great song Jackie, keep on going and make the 'big time' just hang in there!

  28. Suthasinee Taylor

    I love our county ( New Zealand )😀😀😊😊

  29. Lily Bell

    my friend Cora is a big fan

  30. Sumphis

    Only 180K views?? Come on, Jackie deserves more

  31. Brian j

    Watching The X Factor Online Right now from San Diego California, and just discovered "Jackie"!!! Love her,Love her,Love her! Dreams do come true!

  32. Songyut Akkakoson

    Love her voice!

  33. Kimberley Robinson

    She is a great singer

  34. Hot NZ Music!

    Subscribe to my channel to see all the MUSIC VIDEOS of her HIT SINGLES! Way to Jackie, you are NZ's rising star!

  35. Taahlliaa

    I wish this song was more recognized! Its such a beautiful song

    Jackie Thacher

    +Skanojians I so agree her voice is so beautiful

  36. 卌aliza

    i voted for u the whole way and one ur only gonna upload 1 vid??? :(

  37. ngawiki shortland-paraha

    Shes a good singer dont get me wrong but she won over whenua patuwai yet hes way more famous than jackie? lol cummon jackie pick your game up. Love whenua 😍

    The Simon K Show

    Actually Benny Tipene is more famous than the two of them. But hopefully Jackie gets good promo for her Until the Last Goodbye EP.

    ngawiki shortland-paraha

    He is now. Either way there all good.

  38. Jocasta Idle

    Is she still popular/famous

  39. Rika Roasts

    Haven't heard this song for ages
    Lol even though she came 1st place on X Factor all you hear on the radio now is Benny Tipene (who came 3rd, if you didn't know)

    Gracie J Covers

    benny tipene came second not third

    Rika Roasts

    @Gracie Smith No that Maori teenager kid did

    ngawiki shortland-paraha

    Whenua patuwai came second

    Rika Roasts

    @ngawiki shortland-paraha yes!
    that's who I meant by the Maori teenager.

  40. Lvzymcewxn

    Keep doing songs i have Faith in you and i know u will shoot off been nonactive for a year what the fudge happened?? 

  41. Nikita Dunnage

    Our country is awesome! ( New Zealand )

    PR0 riotctrl

    I enjoy gambling, learning about weapons, having no life and all that good stuff.
    If we get invaded by a big force, what are we going to do? conscript everyone?
    The legal age I think shouldn't exist and should be replaced with a system of if they can pass the test, then he/she gets their learners.
    Something I can agree on, but what about the odd chance that they WERE a terrorist?

    As you see it.

    +Nikita Dunnage i want to go some day to New Zealand it´s a amazing country, 
    Cheers from Brazil!

    Stressed out Multifandom

    As you see it. it is a buetiful country u will love it

    06.18.18 __

    Nikita Dunnage IKR


    New Zealand is a wonderful country guys...(From france)

  42. Miss Fabulous MSP

    I got to meet her!!! I have a pic of me and her. ^-^ I'm so lucky

  43. madewithlove

    jackie disappeared off the face of this earth...

    Dudley Do-Rite

    +madewithlove yeah cause shes a one hit wonder

    Isaac Andrews

    If the sales are bad then the record company won't like it. No one usually pays attention to NZ music these days which is a shame. Being independent is probably going to pay off in the long run if you can produce music yourself. William Singe, a half kiwi R&B singer scored a $2M contract with RCA Records USA, should probably check him out.


    Best singer in New Zealand, sad she wasn’t promoted better.

  44. Katie Davies

    how old is she 

    Katie Davies

    thank you

  45. elysium

    U rock your work!

  46. Valerie Selau

    I wish that she will be performing to opening act for Ricky's NZ Tour next year in April. Watch out Ricky!


    @Valerie Selau your wish came true cos she is lol 

    Valerie Selau

    @loveuabundle Thank you for asking that!!


    πόση λάμπα εεε!!

  48. em bie

    What happened to you, You died out within 3months ? @JackieThomasVEVO ???

  49. escabrosa1

    What a pristine voice! Gorgeous vocals.

  50. Guillermo Bosque

    do more videos!!

  51. Demiurgi

    Why is this song so familiar? Perhaps similar to some other song? Anyway, its awesome.

  52. Janie Tewhata

    Jackie thomas is awesome and she is the best singer Ive ever heard in my intire life. The first time I met her is when my friend Shaeli told me all about her.

  53. Summer- Rizzle Campbell

    Good as song Jackie

  54. Shahana Samadi

    love it cant wait for your next song

    Kaira Mitchell


  55. fatkar65

    is it worth it  of course it is

  56. Rocky Roll MSP

    Umm.. The voice is gud :3 But work on a better video? O_O Its a lil cheap dont u think? No offence ^-^
    Soz Jackie ♥

    Christelle Alexander

    I agree

    Joseph Gajdowski

    the voice is all you need to hear lol   Us Americans appreciate that this is even on here cause radio here is discriminating they only play top U. S. hits  yay! for you tube!!!   Jackie is awesome.   I was SO dang surprised  when X factor cut her and then awesomely i was ecstatic that they realized their mistake and brought her back on.  She is so freaking awesome!!!   Hope she goes international so I can hear her voice more.  

    Nathanielll xD

    @Rocky Roll MSP this video is good, I don't see the problem with this video. Be grateful this video doesn't have butts popping up -_-

  57. Clayton Patrick

    wow i like it

    Joseph Gajdowski

    Like it?  you can like it   But I will LOVE Jackie's voice!  Muah! xoxo Jackie!!

  58. Blake Purcell

    Glad she's doing what she loves! :-) good stuff.

  59. rborsibor

    Not to bad...not to bad!!!!...Nice voice!!!...liked sound !!!!

  60. aliza khambatta

    so happy she won and i was sure about her around after ALL the audions and boot camp

  61. Jaay Cooper

    Cool Song :) 

  62. rachael mangos

    I love this song

  63. Lara Hudson

    I'm a girl. Love her

    rachael mangos

    me too and I love her

    aliza khambatta

    @rachael mangos

  64. 21fatdrops

    life taking

  65. Vita Leone

    this reminds me of Emeli Sande - Next to Me

  66. Ben Russell

    Hi I love your song and I'm a big fan of your song.

  67. erin taylor

    Hey u guys

  68. Lily Fearn

    she looks creepy 2:28

  69. Domtican Kipas

    more videos!!!! why one only??? goooooo

    The Simon K Show

    This was her winners single from x factor and I think she's taking time on a second album but hopefully we hear something soon

    Danielle Lomax

    @The Simon K Show 1 year later and still nothing

  70. Lara Hudson

    i love this song soooooooo much and i wish that jackie would come to ngaio school and perform this song and skinny love cause she is really good at that song i wish she would come to my house and hang out with me

  71. Tiffany Wilson

    Best song ever other than 1D c; ∞

  72. aaronimpactnz

    Greymouth chicks are hot.

  73. Valerie Selau

    Oh yeah! NZGT and X-Factor NZ brought me here - When I look at Jackie for the very first time since that she has won the first ever X-Factor title... Wish you all the best and congratulations ... Best song ever in 2013!!! Best wishes in 2014! 

  74. Onur Ayne

    amazing. from Turkey

  75. Yami

    Omg where has this girl been ??

    Emma Arthur

    she won xfactor nz

  76. Lekah Laofo'ou

    is not a boring songs Lachlan Eavestaff is nice and cool :p

  77. Bridget Cummings

    This is such a good song love it

  78. Craig Mckinney

    Go jackie you rock!!!!!!

  79. Esab

    So are Lordes, but no one complains about them.

  80. Squishydish :l

    to me he just shouted

  81. J L Truong

    wow just wow great speech jackie

  82. Zute


  83. teedz bramley

    fukia cuz do you

  84. Vaine Tumu

    She has a nice voice

  85. À Dada sur l'Océan

    Il love it. She is perfect.

  86. Jessica cairo

    so every one complain :\\\ about the video i assume because the voice and the lyrics and the music not enough any more -_- -_- it has to be naked girls on the video to be a good and not boring one O_O shame on the new generation :( :(

  87. Amiria Rehoi Taylor-Weriti

    yes I think he does do you????

  88. kingof welly

    songs sucks ass.

  89. antony baker

    Umm. Yeah. She is better then the other two. If she wasn't then she wouldn't ave won. Simple logic.

  90. teedz bramley

    do you know what your fukin sayin

  91. McYngwie

    Poland is listening to Jackie Thomas, perfect song! :)

  92. mdfrnt45

    Jackie's voice and choice of songs made her the winner .whenua on the other hand got a good voice but had chosen the wrong song to sing on the finals.

  93. Nicole Moody

    yes you are right Lucy Jerry-Nicoll but I still like Jackie a lot.

  94. Lucy Jerry-Nicoll

    I agree with teddz bramley because you had a chance and he had none you came back for a another try and that's pretty much not fair and Whenua was sick on those days performing and you were a secret wepon!!!!! my honsety opinion and plus I like Whenua any way so dont complain to me i am just 14 years old!!!!!!

  95. hanbinplanet

    Shes so gorgeus :)

  96. antony baker

    That is why she won, isn't it...

  97. Gloria Xu

    i love u so much and in my opinion i think this song should be called " hold on" but i still love this song