Thomas III, Leon - Show Us Lyrics

New York boy at a West Coast party
Model chicks, dancing, high heel shawties
Tell me what's your name again
Where you really from
I can tell by the way you going hard
This ain't where you from
Everybody wants to be a star
I'll call you Miss Universe
Louis V. up on your purse
You just want it bad, don't ya
Silly mom and dad
They'll never see what you have, what you have

Baby, no the jungle ain't the place to go wild
Trynna' find your way, but you don't know how
This city's seen it all
So, girl, be careful what you show us, show us

Girl, you finally in the right place
Everybody rich and shit
Saw them 'round that rem tray
Drink it up [x2]
Right up on the counter top
No, good girls don't do that stuff [x2]
Maybe once, maybe once
Twice ain't never hurt nobody
YOLO till the morning come
Laying in somebody's arms
That you don't know
But you don't care, don't you
No, you don't care, don't you
You want it bad, don't you
You want it bad, baby

[Chorus x2:]
Baby, no the jungle ain't the place to go wild
Trynna' find your way, but you don't know how
This city's seen it all
So, girl be careful what you show us, show us

She gone [x2]
You should know better, girl
The way she move is so wild, so wild
The way she move is wild
You should know better girl [x2]

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Thomas III, Leon Show Us Comments
  1. Yessica Moreno

    Still my jam

  2. Chyde Stewart

    I was a big Victorious Fan but why am I just know hearing this 6 years later

  3. Kylie myle

    I am mad victorious is over

    ShawnRoseMoney9 Gaming Channel

    The same

  4. Kylie myle

    you got great beat

  5. Nathan Casanova

    Aye man keep
    Working u really gonna blow up

  6. Amber Mercer

    Miss him

  7. Alanaja Evans

    damn i been sleeping way too hard on you, you got such a beautiful voice and wonderful music and I'm only finding your music now smh

  8. IAM3AM

    This song crazy

  9. Quianna Dillard

    And dont even try to say oh well there are famous black singers out there. Yeah there are but not as much as there could be. I'm glad Leon knows that he is unique. He came from Nick n makes good music but yet Arianna makes one track n boom she famous. Stop it. Its because she is white. I'm not taking her talent away I am just pointing out the facts. There are plenty of people out there who can really sing. N it seems like she got famous in no time.

    Nyle Mendoza

    Quianna Dillard she not white Taylor Swift is white

  10. Quianna Dillard

    Not tryna be racist but if he was white, he woulda been famous by now. And anyone who disagrees can go kick rocks because it's true. No one is that stupid I mean come on, listen to him and his music. Idc what ya say u not gonna sit here n tell me different because if he was white or another race he would get a lot more attention. What other reason is there??

    Nyle Mendoza

    Quianna Dillard Ariana Grande is Italian with African desisted so she not white so shit up

  11. Fadhila Agustina

    Recently re-watching victorious, then remember Leon had this song that I love so much...PLEASE MAKE MORE 😭😭😭

  12. Marlon Ricardo Jacinto

    love that song ♥️

  13. tai tai love

    Love he's produce music in writes his own love 💯🔥🧡🎵❤️🎧

  14. tai tai love

    I love his music really can't wait for a album still listening 2019

  15. This Is JesseJ

    2019 whats up ya all #Throwback i wish leon would be more appreciated all over the world he would deserve it more then any of that trash of today he has such dope songs but is underrated af

  16. Just Random

    2019 anyone

  17. Marlon Ricardo Jacinto

    💜love that

  18. Justin Bieber

    Can any1 plz help me, is this his latest video he posted and does he still think about victorious. Do u guys think they should do 1 end show! 👍😊

  19. Peter Byrne

    I remember listening to this in 2014

  20. Mah Green

    Not bad man.

  21. Noszair Jones

    He not bigger because he didn't take it up the ??? like the rest.. If I was him I'll ask to go on tour with her

  22. Chantel Carothers

    I watch victories all the time I’m watching it right now

  23. Just Random

    Show us

  24. Monica Robles

    Where did he go? 😓

  25. אורי ארנרייך

    Never stop run for your dream!!
    I glad you try hard, your'e very very talented and i hope someday you make it come true!!
    Remember, be happy that you try!!

  26. ThatGuyJason

    The wrong victorious member got famous

  27. WKI san

    Good song 👍💙💖

  28. Luciana Nascimento

    Como essa musica nao tem 1 blhao de vizu ?

  29. iJoseph

    Great song!

  30. Kiadeka Msp


  31. D Baken

    But the question is where can I get this song?

    PaigeThe PolarBear

    I know how

  32. Hugo.P.T10

    can you spike spanish leon thomas?

  33. Nyashia Carter

    Still underrated..damn shame🤦🏾‍♀️ But they'll play that mumbling bull crap on the radio 24/7. This is REAL talent

  34. darius silmon

    LT3 is the man I would love to do a collaboration with an artist like him

  35. Benjamin Miranda

    Plz put your music on spotify

  36. Its DestXS


  37. Hasith Angelo Gallage

    i love your song

  38. lucius smith

    I wach victoryous

  39. Kay Andy

    is there a reason why Ariana Grande can't make music while he is? like everyone is saying he should be making music and not her.


    Kay Love everyone has the right to make music

    Kay Andy

    right, that's what I'm saying. But people hating on ariana


    Kay Love yeah it's stupid.

    Antoinette Neill

    o shut up

  40. Sandra Washington

    i love leon thomas

    Antoinette Neill

    i 💝💝

    Antoinette Neill

    i love it 2

  41. Victoria Keseina

    love you

  42. Empress Baee

    leon plz make this guy a hit he sang your song song to u he was amazing plz get him on to the ellen show check his video out at @leejean

  43. Quianna Dillard

    Unique song

  44. Quianna Dillard

    Leon you are so cute. Way to cute for Tory. Very talented, I like your voice. I also sing.

  45. Elias Solstav

    Man, are you Christian?

  46. Quianna Dillard

    Leon is awesome

  47. SharonBernath

    Happy Birthday Leon!! I hope you have a wonderful day & a wonderful year? 😊👍😃🎂

  48. Chosen One


  49. Oded Yamharn

    miss victorios so much!!! 😢😢
    he maybe called leon but for me he always be Andre

  50. A'Reyana Jordan

    He so sexy and His voice is amazing i love him

  51. Marina Silva

    canta de maiiss

  52. gmanabg

    wow this dude is actually really good

  53. Ivo Ivanov

    Too Underrated .I feel so sad about this fact. :(

  54. Jacob funn

    What's the name of this beat bro?

    King khalid

    +NoCommentary Society does he play Instruments ?

    King khalid

    +NoCommentary Society does he play Instruments ?

    King khalid

    +NoCommentary Society does he play Instruments ?

    Sam's Collection

    +dj Dope yes apparently he plays 5

  55. Khloe Jai

    he really talented and to only be misting one song every two years that's just a waist of natural talent he needs to use it more often because he was the best Singer on Victoria so instead of ariana Grande prancing around on stage it should be him

  56. Jewels Marie

    Still here for you Leon 💞👑😘💪

  57. Zodiac Void

    its been 2 years since he posted a song :(
    lik this comment to get his attention so he can maybe make another song

    L0rd Will1n

    he's making an album

    Yasmin Seid

    +L0rd Will1n a 2 year long album?? Bitch he ain't frank ocean

    L0rd Will1n

    +Yasim Seid hes been doing movies too. Its not like he's sitting on his ass doing nothing.

    Asian Import

    Check his website new album bro

  58. Jacob Rose

    bruh come back to music we need this shit

  59. Talysa B.

    This song just completely stole my heart 😭💖💦

  60. Paige Cothren

    he looks like fetty wap

    Ariel Jones

    He's does on the low

  61. Naimah Glin

    He is so talented

  62. faithDNA

    I agree peeps

  63. jay moneyman

    Damn where you at Leon. You got the talent, you need to come back re arange the current music taste to center around musical ability again

  64. Hunter Parrish

    leon i love your voice!

  65. Crisha Garcia

    Talented young man....Hope to hear more from you soon :)

  66. juggin dimes

    He looks soo different when he was on Victoris

  67. Maggy Loaiza

    2016... but i still love this song <3

  68. antonella zuzunaga

    cantas genial tu y victoria justice cantan muy bien juntos

  69. asha johnson

    why is everybody so sleep on leon tho ? hes so talented and people just forgot he sang.

  70. Marke Durke

    I want him to be in the top 10 singles for America and the uk

  71. Marke Durke

    he awesome

  72. Jayven Lindsey

    come back man we need more people like you, bruh

  73. rosebudx

    so chill i love this

  74. DJ Ghosts

    I like the music of Leon Thomas

  75. Tynan Dunn


  76. Tynan Dunn


  77. Barbara Jones

    This is so dope 👌👌

  78. Michael Ware

    How consequential,this guy doesn't have more subscribers or views this is real music,like visceral poetry...

  79. Nykia Michelle


  80. Hockey Patriot

    Leon should have the fame that Ariana Grande got! For Christ's sake, he was the most talented cast member in Victorious IMO! It's time that LT3 got his just dues!

    Dynasty PS

    @Nyle Mendoza she ain't African ffs

    Nyle Mendoza

    Dynasty PS I didn’t said she was I said she had African descents look online like I -

    Dynasty PS

    @Nyle Mendoza okay 👌

    Nyle Mendoza

    Dynasty PS so mind your business jk

  81. Amelia Chandler

    This is amazing, wish he had an album

  82. Dominique Mahan

    Sing I love your music

  83. Sokrat

    Ёу я Русский

  84. Latona Carr

    Very talented young man.

  85. D.A.B. 1350

    This is cool! Looking for the single on iTunes! Can't find it. I wanna blast it in the car.

  86. youiloves 12

    This song!! 😍😍😍

  87. veronica walker

    I luv dis song

  88. Yessica Moreno

    I love this song, i really do.

  89. Codester Giffguard

    Keep singing! I love your music since Victorous.

  90. Socialmanfilms

    Leon is one of my favorite singers with a voice. He is so talented and deserves to be so much more. There is many people that deserve it, but Leon, you have got to be on the top because you have the most god given voice I have ever heard. It started out when I heard Dreams years ago even on Icarly when I was little. That is one of the most beautiful songs I've heard. Leon, keep striving for your true music. You are a great actor, but a legendary singer. Keep it up!

  91. Sunflared

    holy crap u have such a fugging talent im dead

  92. daveydave432

    how can Ariana blow up but he hasn't yet wtf!!!

  93. Cameron Johnson

    This is my first time hearing this song but I think that he could get somewhere

  94. Brittany Edwards

    Oaoaoooaoaoaoa it ok

  95. Jacob Rose

    Keep making great music leon

  96. brandon davenport

    I love you Alyssa :)

    DA FAM

    Awe. Ily2 😂