Thomas, B.J. - Happy Man Lyrics

When I die there won't be much
To salvage from my earnings
I never had a lot of land or houses to my name
I've never been a corporate prince
On Madison and New York
I never held a diamond in my hand

But I've seen children laughing
As only children can
And I've known my Creator
And I've been a happy man

I never really loved the way I saw it in the movies
But I had myself a woman of my own
The place we lived was modest
And we kept the yard together
I never traveled far from my hometown

But I've heard music playing
That made me understand
And touched the hearts of heaven
And I've been a happy man

Life has had it's hard times
When I've felt the chill of winter
I can't forget the night
When my sweet Julie slipped away

But growing old is different
Than I always thought it would be
The sweetness of my youth
Just grew with age

'Cause I've known wealth and beauty
Beneath His guiding hand
And knowing soon I'll see Him
Has made me a happy man
And knowing soon I'll see Him
Has made me a happy man

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Thomas, B.J. Happy Man Comments
  1. Priscila Maciel

    Me leva ha um tempo da minha vida em que eu podia ter feito tudo tão diferente.... saudades demais do que deixei de viver por escolhas erradas...

    Priscila Maciel

    @Sérgio Melo infelizmente aprendi tarde demais para concertar algumas coisas...

    Sérgio Melo

    Entendo. Se eu soubesse tudo que eu sei hoje há muitos anos atrás, teria evitado muita dor e sofrimento.

    Priscila Maciel

    @Sérgio Melo mas sabemos que todas as coisas cooperam para o bem, fique tranquilo, Deus ainda nos permitirá reaver e viver tempos melhores.

    Sérgio Melo

    Amém. Que Deus permita tempos melhores pra vc também.

    Priscila Maciel

    @Sérgio Melo obrigada amado.

  2. Cris Moreira

    Louvores lindos e inspirados por Deus

  3. Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

    I’ve made this my theme song of my life.

  4. jorge reis

    fantastico muito bom

  5. Rita Maria

    Simplesmente maravilhoso!

  6. kenneth wamunyima mwangala

    Still refreshing

  7. Daniel Lambert

    proof of a happy man with precious convictions.

  8. Fitzgerald Thomas

    He is such a great singer never see him in a live concert.

  9. Laura :3

    BJ Thomas!!!!!Wuuuuuuuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! #GMI

  10. Suzanne Noa

    I lost my brother a year ago. I would like to think he had this overall sentiment, that, at the end of the day, though he may not have realized all he wanted, he realized all he needed in his short life - that he was...a happy man

  11. Miranda Howard

    God has a sense of humor. He led me to an amusement park in the early 80's. I absolutely had to go that day and nothing was going to stop me. Then I noticed BJ Thomas was playing and as I was standing in line, I remembered he became a christian. That concert and that day at the amusement park was a blessing, and a change in my very troubling circumstances. I will never forget it.

  12. Marcos AOL

    I love BJ Thomas music so deep, it's my beginig on studying English and I sang a lot of his muisic when I was a young man in a Gospel Church in Brasil...

  13. Luiz Carlos Pacheco

    Sou fan desse cara!! Há muito tempo ouço suas músicas desde antes de se converter ao cristianismo!

  14. Jose Corrêa Machado


  15. Ronaldo Schettini


  16. Pedro Alan Ferreira

    Simplesmente maravilhosa esta canção.

    Emilie Agustinho

    Já aprendi todas as músicas!

  17. Karan Lindemann

    If only I could find the CD - no turntable for vinyl!  Wonderful, wonderful

    80sman78 there getting released on cd this coming november as 2 album set 

  18. Urinal Chills

    brings back so many memories of a young boy...being 36 now makes me feel horribly OLD!

    Andre Dial

    try 62.  Happebs to the best of them.!!!


    I believe it was Pat Terry's wife. He was the writer and original artist who recorded this.

  20. DJPantanal2014

    Love this guy and this wonderful song

  21. Elias Belizário

    "And I've known my Creator
    And I've been a happy man!"


  22. Elias Belizário

    Depois soube que ele se converteu após quase ter morrido com cancer, mas através do testemunho do enfermeiro dele , BJ creu em JC e foi curado e hoje vive para louvar a Deus!! Amo este louvor e "His the hand on my shoulder" e todas deste dicsco. Esta história abaixo aconteceu nos idos de 1990. Paz!

  23. Elias Belizário

    Lembro-me que um dia, arrumando os discos em casa, olhei por bom tempo a foto de um cantor com olhar distante e triste, e pensei "Puxa! Parece infeliz!" Ele fez sucesso aqui no Brasil com a musica Rock and Roll Lullaby. No dia seguinte, quando entro numa livraria cristã a primeira coisa que vejo é um lindo sorriso de um homem. Este, da capa acima! E pensei: "Puxa que sorriso lindo!" Então li na capa: "Happy man" e o nome do cantor: B.J. Thomas... o mesmo da foto do dia anterior! Comprei este

  24. Sensibilz Arte

    Nossa, canções que marcaram minha infância....temos esse LP até hoje....não cansava de ouvir...

  25. Nathanbmajor7

    Great song... does anyone know who Julie was?

    kenneth wamunyima mwangala

    His wife I suppose

  26. perpetual61

    @meloperroud God Bless you Forever. I use to have this Beautiful Album. I haven't heard these Amazing Songs in years. They have always brought me to Tears of how much Love I Feel whenever I hear them.

    Gasner Rouzeau

    That my song

    Gasner Rouzeau


  27. Dave Green

    Knowing the true gift life really is and accepting the responsibilities which come with life makes me a happy person. If our goal is to be more like Jessus then know the responsibility that comes with this wish. We have created the world we live in today by virtue of the free will God gave us. We are responsible for what we have done and we will all be held to account even if all we did was allow evil to flourish. The only way evil can flourish is when good people stand by and do nothing.