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This Is The Kit By My Demon Eye Comments
  1. Antunes

    Thank you all, guys! You´re all great! Kate is fantastic!

  2. Erdingtons Finest

    Take all narcotics, all narcotics, summons your ma's narcotics

  3. Howard Halifax

    Jurys Inn music

  4. Ralf Koch

    "Less than ten thousand miles"?...not impossible, actually...;-)

  5. Benjamin Piper

    ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tako ta what?

    Fenton Barns

    Tako takoti o takoti sman yamba takoti.

  6. dobbsiancant

    i hate this song a little more every time i hear it.which seems to be several times a day.

    Fenton Barns

    Maybe stop listening to it - unless you enjoy hating it?


    you want me to turn the radio off every time they play it? 6 times a day?

    Fenton Barns

    Just a suggestion.


    that's how radio works


    dobbsiancant - I totally understand where the OP is coming from. It’s not that I hate this song but I don’t listen to the radio and I know that radio stations can ruin good songs by having them playing on an excessive rotation. The best song can become torture when overexposed like that.

  7. thefloorkiller

    Thanks to 6 Music my faith in music is restored as I find lovely new music like this and bands I want to see

    simon parsons

    thefloorkiller I completely agree, my friend introduced me to radio 6 about a year ago and I've never looked back. You get to discover gems like this.

  8. Geshreeyeh

    Reminds me a bit of Mama Kita by Carrie Tree. I like both.

  9. Antony Evans

    Found this via Radcliffe and Maconie's show on BBC Radio 6 Music. They keep educating my ears to superb new music!

    Li Bruno

    I did as well. I am obsessed now

    mono lith

    Radmac on 6 music IS the kit

    simon parsons

    Me too, they were just in the studio with Mark today, ( 22nd January)


    Damn , missed that ! But Radmac really are the "Professors of Pop" , educating the educatable on 6Music for ,,,, several years :-)

    alan gringo

    yeah me too!

  10. Tom Kelleher

    Typo!! Her name is Kate Stables not Sables! Apologies.

  11. Tom Kelleher

    Lovely Song, beautiful delivery. This Is The Kit have made several very fine albums, and this song is taken from the best one yet!
    Kate Sables is a very fine songwriter.