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Third Eye Blind Ways Comments
  1. bspren01

    This song is awesome. Maybe not in a typical way like Wounded or Motorcycle Drive By, but this song to me feels like a password. And I can't exactly explain why. But I can't explain exactly why I love any 3EB song, although I love them all. This is just offbeat, true to their core, and a total ear worm. Password.

  2. Rockwell19701

    I’m turning 50 next month. Been on board since this train left it’s trax way back when.... This tune quickly made it to speaker phone and cranked all the way up to head bobbin body jumpin tone. I turned and found my boys ( ages 4 and 2 ) were jammin with me!! Thanks for this moment!!

  3. Rodrigo Pereira

    This song reminds me the go team in the chorus part

  4. Joanie Baughn

    I love 3eb and Stephan best band ever. I will always by devoted to u guys. I your reading this Stephan I love your music and your voice. 3EB 4 ever

  5. Free The Innocent

    Not good

  6. Live From The 405 : Phil’s Old House

    This has a good hook

  7. Stephanie Porter

    Can someone please tell me who sings this song with him? The girl? It is driving me crazy because I recognize the voice but cannot place her.

    robert smith

    Stephanie Porter Carlie Hanson

  8. Tague Wilkins

    If you guys love Third Eye Blind, (as do I), please consider checking out my brand new single on my channel:

  9. Nikki Thompson

    Love love it

  10. Jen B

    How much saturation do you want?

    Stephen: All of it.

  11. David Donnell

    Ok kids this is not a record, these are called albums now these days

  12. Wayne Turner

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  13. Travis Rabble

    California bum boy

  14. Juneau Corr

    If there is a cure for Third Eye Blindedness, i don't want it!!!!!

  15. Powerup Coaching

    Justin Bieber Insta story brought me here

  16. sarah eccj

    Love this song and Uncuttart is amazing. 3EB introduced me to this artist, and I follow him on IG. He’s always posting videos and it’s so cool to see how he completes his work.

  17. Mightywings

    Not bad....not bad at all. Listen to thirdeyeblind it's good for you.

  18. airbud_gaming

    “It’s just the ways. Booooobs”

  19. Michael A. Bruce

    Yuck way different than what I'm used to . Every band grows after so long and Blossoms. I get that I understand that.

    Joanne V

    Michael A. Bruce Yeah I agree. I miss the intrigue and captivating riffs on the Blue album and other great songs. I love hearing his voice sing something new though

  20. Jazz Mags

    Oh yes yes yes the TEB vibes!



  22. luke kuehn

    Love it.  Very RHCP meets 2019

  23. NCFB4Life33

    Great song but I was hoping the video would have more of a beach vibe

  24. Joshua Radas

    Hell yeah! My favorite song from the new album. 3EB for ever!

  25. Олег Кондрашов

    Horrid millennial crap music. What happened??

  26. Alyssa Johnson

    One of my favorite tracks on this record! 🙌🔥

  27. Upora Films


  28. squish _

    I like 3eb but I don’t like the generic pop sound of this. I understand that’s what the times call for but Green Day did this too and I don’t know how to feel about it.

  29. Kieran Ng

    Only song of the album so far I can hear Jenkins voice clearly and which has any 'semblanceof 3eb ...a very confused album and they seem to have reached serious writers block...

    pqm tlm

    You need to clean your hears..

  30. Jermaine Hewitt

    This song is soooooo sick!!!!

  31. Pedro Marques


  32. Miko BushWacking

    NEW MUSIC SHEEESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. C-ren

    such a nice song

  34. Meghan Rains

    I really like this video it’s very artistic. My favorite band always.

  35. vaan allo

    STEVEN YOURE EVERYTHING when i listen to your music my heart hurts from happiness i listen everyday every album i love you my ALL TIME FAVORITE ARTIST and i was born 1997 💛

    Melissa Sawrey

    *Stephan 😊

  36. Jessica Scanlan

    What is a California rude boy? The lyrics in this album are weak.

    Cory Lynn

    Agreed.lost too many former members through the years.dont have that classic team song writing they used to have.lyrics are repetitive last 2 records.
    Liked 4 songs on this new album which isn't usually the case.

    shane s

    Just because you don't know what something is doesn't make it weak. Maybe do some research before you comment so you don't look foolish...

    Def Tye

    Cory Lynn same. I enjoy 3 songs off this new album. I loved the entire Dopamine record, but this one is just...wrong. A 50-somethin year old man trying to fit in with “edgy” teenagers is just cringe-worthy at best.

    Bobby Bosche

    Your lame you fat cow. No fuck off back to your billie ellish shit music

  37. Angie Faber

    I was Madly in love with my Husband 😍 BUT, when I was randomly offered to go back stage with a pass.. and when the guy said to my husband "He JUST picked HER to have a backstage pass&meet her.. Sorry Dude! "I turned to my hubby &😇he said w/a HUGE grin " Well? What are you waiting for? 💕" It was a smaller type HIP Downtown Milwaukee style venue& I had Stephen Jenkins grab me by the hand & sit me down on the couch, threw his arm over my shoulder &started talking to ME❣️I couldn't tell you a word of what we spoke of..BUT, they ROCKED it Out that night towards the Beginning of their success! ALWAYS WILL THEY HOLD A PLACE DEEP IN MY HEART,ESPECIALLY SINCE MY HUSBAND WAS A HUGE FAN&HE PASSED AWAY A SHORT TIME AFTER THAT❣️😇RIP:MY LOVE💕MY NED!3RD EYE BLIND WILL REMAIN ON THE SOUNDTRACK OF HIS LIFE FOREVER‼️

    Travis Rabble

    sell out


    sell out

  38. pqm tlm

    Wow! Nice one for an outstanding song 👊

  39. Will Ritter

    Steve Jenkins still getting it done after all these years... he's like an elder statesman of progressive music.

    Angie Faber

    And has stayed HOT As Fu*k❣️❣️❣️

    Crump’s Brother

    @Angie Faber hell yes!!!


    @Angie Faber Couldn't agree more!

    María Eugenia Salazar



    He’s just a California rude boy 👨🏻‍🎨

  40. Audrey Leelhasuwan

    Favorite song off of screamer!

  41. Raquel Ross

    This song is classic third eye blind and it freaking rocks. I don’t know why their new songs don’t have 1 billion likes!

  42. Bertongtutong

    This fucking sucks.

  43. Scutchio

    Best song on the album.

  44. Brenda Lynn Garcia

    Third Eye Blind will forever hold a special place in my heart! This album is amazing! 💖 please don’t ever stop making music! 🌷🌷🌷🌷

  45. DM C

    I appreciate bands trying to keep up with the time. It's just the times are really boring and generic at the moment.


  46. Josh Prince


  47. María Eugenia Salazar

    Loooove it. Argentina fan over here


    Love this track! First one to stand out to me besides Screamer. My favorite band, keep being awesome. 🔥

  49. Leap Year

    Awesome song Awesome video!!!

  50. Sierra Moser


  51. GiannettiFamily

    Stephen Jenkins voice just takes me back to my middle school days. 3eb was one of the first three CDs I ever bought. I can still remember lying in bed at night with my stereo down low and falling asleep to his voice. One of my bands to see in concert bucket list got crossed off on Labor Day when I got to see them at a festival for the first time! Man I pushed those millennials out of my way so fast to get as close as possible. It was a magical nite for me that I'll never forget!... Anyone else hear him & get instantly taken back to being a teen


    Exactly the same for me... My first albums, the first group i really listened to. For 10 Years now, i dreamed to see them live and i finally did in Paris. I was about to cry all along. I almost touched his hand... So fucking good, still so good after all this time. Still on fire on stage at 55yo. They all are incredible. Love you guys, thanks for everything (if you know what i mean)

    vaan allo

    yes I LOVE 3eb😩

    Meghan Rains

    Yeah I’ve been a fan since 97 and I’ve bought every album the day it’s been released. I’ve been to 9 shows... I’m a huge fan.

    Julio Arroyo

    I saw them for the 1st time when they came to Chicago in June of this year and I am glad I got to c them with my son. I listened to this band everyday on my drive to H.S.

  52. misguided ghosts

    2019? 😂

  53. Rudy Campos

    Ya never call me by my name... you guys never disappoint! Keep being legends.

  54. Garage Built Hondas

    Been a fan since day 1 fellas. Will always be a fan until the end. Your music never gets old, and fills the soundtrack to my life with so many emotions. Thanks for everything that you have given all of us. ❤️

  55. That Kapal Guy

    Who else is here within the first hour? :D

  56. James Lee

    Me & my gf just split up cuz my car got a crack in the block and I got 2 tickets to see Third Eye Blind in NC on the 12th though I live in SC who wants to see them on me with me gas payed for and a fun time as they are my all time favorite band ever ??? <333

  57. Night Ryder


    Can't wait for the star showers that shall follow through this wonderful track.

    This is immediately a new favorite.

    So in love with 3rd eye blind.

    Superb and very well rounded.

    Thanks again for these magical tracks. I'm feeling alive again. This means everything.

    Angie Faber


  58. Squalo Oceano

    This is Third Eye Blind!!!! Let this become TRENDING!!!

  59. Eric D.

    46 views at the time of this comment...TF is wrong with youtube's algorithm , why is this not mainstream?

    Zildjian Beats

    Exactly dude! With the lack of views make it feels like 3EB is some garage band which is totally opposite! Wtf?!

    Angie Faber


    Brandon Bojarski

    TEB commited mainstream suicide with the song Slow Motion. It was both the worst and best decision they made depending on how you look at it.. As the option was go mainstream and become trash but rich AF or kill the chance of being mainstream and continue to be great but not very well know...

  60. James Lee

    You are Leagend & your deeper then bones <3

    John Smith

    Nah kevins the legend.

  61. Heyoka gamer

    Loving your music still after all these years third eye blind ❤

  62. Michael L. King

    This is my shit. Wanna live in California. F***ing great song.

  63. Adlin Ling

    Awww yeah!!

  64. Samuel Delonge