Third Eye Blind - Water Landing Lyrics

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Third Eye Blind Water Landing Comments
  1. Dan Spetz

    My #1 third eye song although there are many close seconds .. oh the nostalgia 🕐🕑🕖🕗🕙

  2. Roman Wojciechowski

    Best band in the world again!!😇🙏💜✌

  3. My Literary Genius

    I was on the plane from Atlanta to Dallas and listening to this song. When he got to the "life vest" part the plane started dropping, massive turbulence. I told myself that I'll never listen to this on a plane again. Thankfully we survived, it landed safely, at the Dallas Airport in a heavy thunderstorm, a Water Landing indeed, just glad it wasn't on water.

  4. toourpad

    saw them live, i could die now... ottawa ont blues fest

  5. Michael Ssali

    This song reminds me of Air France Flight 447. It came out the same year.

  6. Brian lore

    love third eye... I love the.."put on your life vest only if told to do so " part.... fucking great wordsmanship.. .. THE SKY OUTSIDE IS SO SPACIOUS

    Terry Stepp

    Stephen jenkins is a brilliant songwriter

    Atl Anvil506

    It's god damn brilliant. The song to that point is good, but it gets real at that midpoint.

  7. krissy

    im listening to this before i go on my flight cause i crave Death


    Love this song. But the opening is definitely the best part.


    Completely wrong. The whole section about the plane going down is the genius part. So many well-written lines.

  9. Cameron Ely

    @andrej you and me both. So good

  10. Kazuto Kirigaya

    I love this song so much :D

  11. EDTheRedNeck

    awesome song thx for the lyrics realgenius76

  12. Farlong


    Adam Pavlakovic

    +Logan Samson hells yeah

  13. realgenius76

    Ursa Major was an amazing album. Way better than Out of the Vein, but OotV had some really great songs on it.

    My Literary Genius

    I disagree. They still had the 90s vibe on Out of the Vein. This one was mediocre compared to it.


    @My Literary Genius Agreed

  14. Mike Nicholson

    And I hope you find it through this endless wandering

  15. Tom Perrone

    such a great song

  16. realgenius76

    Glad you both like it.

  17. serfduke

    thank you