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Third Eye Blind Walk Like Kings Comments
  1. Karissa Thomas

    This song is the tits

  2. Michelle Mae Simplicio

    When a great writer like Jenkins play with the millenial vibe " this is how it's done kiddos"

  3. butterfly girl

    This band is very cool and this album is Awesome.

  4. Proper Paradox of Capricorn

    The beginning just makes you feel cool as fuck

  5. Devyn Snyder

    How is this not a hit?

  6. Emmanuel Amadi


  7. Michael Rios

    Your music touches souls of the wounded and the misfits.
    This song is LIFE and everything 3EB is about...
    20 Years in the BLIND...

  8. Traction Control

    Who else is going to their concert in St. Pete?

    Eric D.

    i think you're the only one dude

    Traction Control

    Well it was amazing. I got to meet the band

  9. Necessary Evil

    Yep. Okay. I like this one.

  10. Mike Miller

    Boy, did the songwriting take a dive on this album.. I saw them with Jimmy Eat World and they just sort of cram most of their hits into one song where they play like 3/4 of each song and it's SO off pitch. But hey, they still sell out decent sized venues, so good for them.

  11. XXY

    please don't ever stop writing music, y'all have got me through some tough shit. I'm buying this album today, I'm always excited to hear new stuff and I'm never disappointed! Thanks guys! Can't wait to see y'all again!

  12. Emery Nebraska Martin

    Get up in this ho!!! Nobody said it better. LMAO

  13. C.W. V.

    Catchy song but wtf are these lyrics? Overall the album has good songs but lyrically it’s surface level trash. We used to get “careening through the universe, your axis on a tilt” and now it’s “skip the FBO time to get up in this” come on man...

  14. F. Kusuma

    Wasnt sold at first... but that bass line before the chorus does it for me..... btw I feel like The 1975 can and will totally cover this....

  15. Zeebs3:16

    great song. Classic 3EB

  16. Ana Lucia Moran

    Love it! 😁

    James Childress

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  17. Steven Lee

    0.75PB my speed.

  18. Trenton Eden

    See you in St.Pete this November

  19. Thir7een

    New fav 3EB song.
    Can't believe I still like your new stuff just as much if not more than your past albums, if you guys ever stop making music I would cry.

    James Childress

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  20. Pedro Marques

    Love this song, keeps getting better and better the more I listen to it. Walk like kings and never say sorry :)

  21. dan jackman

    “Lobby boy , bring the luggage please”... I actually like the song but god SJ is such a douche

    Pedro Marques

    SJ a douche? Come on... SJ is a musical genius who cares about the rest? Enjoy his music instead ;)

    dfgdfb sdfvv

    its the lobby boys job, the lobby boys gettin paid for that, sorry if you are an un assertive bitch who aint got the balls to ask for someone to do their job.

  22. M. King

    Not their finest work. This doesnt even sound pile 3EB...

  23. Stephen Coger

    How y’all got me so lit every time? 💯❤️💡🔥

  24. chris

    Been a fan of the band for a long time. First show was back on the OOTV tour at La Zona Rosa in Austin. Was on the Village Churchyard site forever. Good to see that they are constantly evolving, yet keeping their signature sound. This song is very Jenkins though....Walk like Kings....been a long time to walk with the mighty. Great stuff. Really digging it.

  25. JakeJonKing

    This is amazing love 3eb

  26. G Gucci Pajamas dripin Tony Montana Wut

    I mean, the first album only and forever. Tho album #2 fucking rocked

  27. Eric Menk

    This is better than Screamer. Screamer sucks

  28. Yolanda Salsabila


  29. Jonathan Maranville

    Could grow on me, but my first impression is it's not their finest work.


    In the beginning I was like wtf?? Then toward the end it started getting catchy. Never underestimate Mr Jenkins ability to real you in!! Got me again!

    M Gomez

    This is too boy bandish.

    dfgdfb sdfvv

    ​@M Gomez definitly not boy bandish, theres only 1 lead singer tf lol if you knew every song by third eye blind (which i doubt u do even if u claimed u did) you would hear a sound that they already used before this is not a completely new sound from them.

    M Gomez

    @dfgdfb sdfvv I didnt mean to hurt your feelings. It's still my opinion. Pop, boy band, whatever.

    dfgdfb sdfvv

    @M Gomez dont worry bout it my feelings are not hurt, gomez

  30. strongholdstrugglez jones

    Didnt waste timecwith lyics got straight to thecpiint

  31. Roman Wojciechowski

    New 3eb! I could Goddamm cry 😂😇😊😎😘😲🙏💜✌THERE IS A GOD

    Meghan Rains

    Roman Wojciechowski if you believe in God you shouldn’t curse him though.

    Johnny Boy

    My prayers have finally been answered!

  32. Lennon Larson

    7,991 views is a disgrace to this song . I hope I can soon look back on this comment when it's at least a million & be like ..okay that's better. This is one of the best songs to come out this year . Lets be real. The concept is so legit !! There isn't a decibel loud enough

    Pedro Marques

    Hi Lennon :) ... who cares if this song has 1M or 100k ? Its ours , enjoy it .. let's be selfish ahah ;)

  33. David Jones

    This song makes modern day Weezer sound downright profound in comparison.

    Statues and Stories

    Modern day weezer fuckin blows dude 3eb is kicking ass

  34. Quick Tech Reviews

    Imagine Cadogan or Fredianelli begrudgingly recording this in the studio to please SJ? lol Like when he turned Summertown - a classic old school 3eb rocker - into the rap banger we now know as Summatown 🤣

  35. Michael A. Bruce

    Wow wtf!?!?!?

  36. pqm tlm

    Forget the old 3eb ... Embrace present! Enjoy while they exist. One day we all going to disapear its time to open our minds. Great Song guys 👍🤩


    pqm tlm i dont even think they’ve changed that much tbh

    Pedro Marques

    @jakeyboy851 thats a good right? :)


    @Pedro Marques Well idk I like it

  37. mikespiano190

    Incredible. Miss ya'll

  38. Garage Built Hondas

    "never sorry for anything" - Jenkins to all the haters of this song. 👍

  39. Jungle Justice

    Its ok, better than screamer. Hopefully the rest of the album has some hidden gems

    Statues and Stories

    Jungle Justice I GOT SO HIGH I’ve been waiting years to hear that song on an album

  40. Mightywings

    Not bad, nice creation for the ears.....

  41. Sara Johnson

    Oops that is a lame song. Half of third eye blind is gone anyway .

  42. scylla019

    No. Sounds like imagine dragons

  43. daniel deaton

    The king of words


    Good song, would have preferred the guitar to be a bit louder.

    James Childress

    Honestly thought the same thing, can barely even hear It


    This is a really good song

  45. Justin Rowe

    This for sure isn't the 3eb noise that I'm used to. This and screamer are way too artificial. I can't relate to these new lyrics.. Can't sparkle across the see just like diamonds.... wheres the loud as fuck rock band???

  46. Chaitanya Ghaskadbi

    What a flow and the drums and bass are amazing. Love 3EB

  47. Kyle Britt

    Hell yeah

  48. antigravity83

    Oh god. Those lyrics. Where's the guitar? I loved We Are Drugs but this is awful.

    If I wanted to listen to generic pop crap I would listen to all the shit that's already out there.

    Now 3EB is trying to stay relevant releasing the same rubbish. 🙄🥺


    @Jack Wednesday Never Let You Go is also some pretty cringy stuff but at least it had a guitar.

    Justin Rowe

    I feel ya man.. can't relate to this new stuff at all.. I'm trying.. but can't sparkle cross the sea just like diamonds.. :/


    Yea this is Imagine Dragons crap

    Jack Wednesday

    antigravity83 Never let you go is catchy and upbeat , Third Eye Blind have already explored pop avenues before , the point is they generally do pop rock and alt , this isn’t any different.

    dfgdfb sdfvv

    @antigravity83 i dont like your negativity, im glad that theres no songs for u to enjoy, have fun enjoying nothing loser

  49. Pizzazz80

    Looooove this song!!😍 Looooooove 3eb! Never has been and never will be another absolute perfect band like 3eb! No one even comes close to touching them!💖

    James Childress

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    James Childress wow... you're still doing this?? Omg! Maybe u should consider getting a life?..

    James Childress

    @Pizzazz80 Only admin still going running pages that aren't dead, still going strong almost a decade later, I'll be around for another decade, sorry, not sorry

  50. RockSteady67


  51. juari santosa

    OMG....what happen with your music 3eb....Miss Arion Salazar and Kevin Cadogan....


    Kevin been gone since Blue and arion since out of the Vein. Maybe you r not a real fan !


    @greenghost3737 being a fan/supporter of the original members who helped in the founding of Third Eye Blind doesn't discredit anyone from being a "real fan". I completely agree with him actually, yet I'm still a fan of Walk Like Kings and Screamer.

    Fans of any band who call out others for not holding the same opinion as theirs are so lame. Grow up my man.

  52. NCFB4Life33

    Not a fan of this one

  53. Caden G

    Weezer and 3EB in one week? What exactly the fuck?

  54. Every Little XStitch

    Yes another amazing song. I've been listening since they came out in 97 and this is a mix of different album styles to me. Love it. I cannot wait to see them in concert in November!! 🎉🎉🎉

    Meghan Rains

    Have you seen them live before

    Michael Lewis

    Going to see them tonight! Soo excited! One of my all time favorite bands and the new album is amazing.

    Every Little XStitch

    @Michael Lewis I'm going tonight too!! So pumped! 🤘🏻🎤🎶

    Every Little XStitch

    @Meghan Rains I'm going tonight. It'll be my first concert!

    Meghan Rains

    Every Little XStitch that’s amazing! Hope you have the best time! Let us know how it is!!! They put on great shows.

  55. CraftManGreg

    Soooo TEB is now a pop band? 😳😔 Screamer is awesome but this song is too pop!

  56. Stephen Chow

    nice. some 3eb old school flavor. i really missed that.

    James Childress

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    how is this old school?

  57. Dre Cristo

    1.25x playback speed though 👏💯

    Garage Built Hondas

    Dude, that's tight! It sounds great still, a little more aggressive.

    M Gomez

    Chop another line like a coda with a curse.....

  58. Deadpool

    OMG! Tell where you've been??! 💘

  59. Michael Rios

    The greatest band never seems to stop...and they are never sorry for anything...
    What an amazing sound and song
    Some classic 3EB sounds we can all relate too...
    Show number 20 can't wait Austin Tx Stubb's Album release concert.

  60. SuperMan91

    Always at the right time.

  61. First Descendant

    Just when I started listening to 3EB again.. you're not letting me go this time huh 😅😅😅

    James Childress

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  62. Traction Control

    I needed this

  63. Mississippi Jones

    Can't fucking wait! This album is gonna be something special

  64. Todd Stinger

    fuck yah

  65. Nazar Huda


    Katie Anderson

    @Adrian G goo goo dolls

    Meghan Rains

    Goo Goo Dolls!? Nah. I’m thankful for new 3EB and new TOOL!!!

    Meghan Rains

    joesaiditstrue yesssss new Tool. I love when a 3eb fan also loves Tool. Greatest band of all

    Bethany Albertson

    This sounds like a GGDs b-side. I preferred Screamer much more for these guys!

    dfgdfb sdfvv

    new jimmy eat world this month

  66. joesaiditstrue

    this is great! so far loving this new album

    James Childress

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    @James Childress were you ever a member on TVCY? i was back in the day! i was at the first fan gathering in kelseyville, CA

    James Childress

    @joesaiditstrue No on Assembly

  67. Natalie Fong

    Yeessssss!!!! Loved it instantly!!

    James Childress

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  68. HeidiOfAllTrades