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Third Eye Blind Tropic Scorpio Comments
  1. Elurxer !

    i love this band so much, jumper saved my life! i was born in 99. 2 years after this band released their first record. my brother played it on repeat while we shared a room and i never thought id be listening to this band in the future. years later i was in a dark spot and pandora played jumper. a mix of emotions filled me as i remember the times we shared a room. i picked up the drums prior to hearing the album a second time so i fell in love with a different side of the music always heard. 3eb was my first concert earlier this year when they toured with jimmy eat world. since then ive seen them 2 other times. this band saved my life, showed me what it's like to listen and actually connect with music. idk where i would be if not dead if it wasn't for this group. i will always love and jam to ANY 3eb song. love you guys!

    pqm tlm

    This band is unique! Cheers from Portugal 👊

  2. christian liboon

    Solid na Kanta👍

  3. Gian Paolo Panicucci

    🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽 long time fan here. never let you go 3eb for life.

  4. Dudewillrockyou

    The voice and the groove is their signature.

  5. butterfly girl

    Very cool song and band. Love this

  6. Stephen Lucas

    major out of the vein vibes <3

  7. 川崎和徳


  8. Mightywings

    Paul Stanley liked this video.....

  9. yoyo tubero

    You Tube: Third Eye Blind got a new song...


  10. BLUE JH

    You did an amazing job kriz

  11. the void shouts back

    Still excellent. 👍

  12. Dmab661

    Thanks for doing your part in keeping rock music hanging on! 3EB still sounding vital after all these years!!

  13. Andrea Eich

    I love your creativity- amazing video and you rock see ya at the Berkeley show🤘🏻

  14. Nathan C

    This song is fire. Who convinced them not to LEAD with this?!?!

  15. TheTylamae

    Just can't stop putting out gold

  16. aaron rao

    Man this song has really grown on me damn

  17. Eric Bourassa

    who else bought this album on CD like a boomer??? XD
    this song might be my favorite

  18. J. Jufer

    This sounds like some Scott "I'm in lesbians with you" Pilgrim shit right here. :D

  19. RiotxTori


  20. Joseus Coutte

    Ohhhhh!!! Plenaaa, buena banda

  21. Kristen Burry

    Love this song!! I want to go to part two of the tour so badly!!! Part one was wicked

  22. hggy21

    Love y’all 3eB

  23. High Noon

    Thanks for the good vibes

  24. Tyler Marentette

    What an unreal fucking song ! 🤙🏽✌️

  25. Mastermind Martial Arts & Fitness

    3EB is hitting everything out of the park lately, love this!

  26. Lucas Loiola Righetto

    I'm the first!
    Love third eye blind since the 90's

    Imna Longkumer

    Got so many memories with this band. Takes me back to school. Fond memories and simpler days 🤗