Third Eye Blind - The Kids Are Coming (To Take You Down) Lyrics

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Third Eye Blind The Kids Are Coming (To Take You Down) Comments
  1. Valerie Bower

    Got tickets for the KC show for Christmas! Can't wait!

  2. Michael A. Bruce

    Now this is what I'm talking about when it comes to Third Eye Blind although I do miss the original band greatly this is a good tune

  3. Charles Schulze

    Love this song! Hope they play it live on NYE in Vegas!!

  4. brit

    this video and song make me feel happy

  5. N7 Torp

    Thought these guys hung it up. Seen em live 3 times over the years. Used to be a lot better but at least Stephen and co are making music

  6. Free The Innocent

    Pretty good

  7. David Donnell

    Todays generation the kids have took control of us 90s kids who grew up in a memorable childhood and they're demanding more advancement in technology to make their lifes better. Well we never did had fancy technology kids

  8. Tom Line

    Best rock song of 2019! This is how you do it people. 🙌🏼

  9. bevs dc

    Damn! I really miss their sound! Glad their back!

  10. mavowar72

    I was wondering if there was a political message in their new music. At 1:40 it was clear.
    Bands that do this are only hurting their pocket book.

    -former fan

  11. Travis Rabble

    Kids of today must be introduced to heroin. I myself have shown many of them to inject. Yes there have been many overdose deaths but whatever.

  12. Sean Jackson

    You're all 3rd eye blind

  13. Lybil Zasomo

    That's great band, They think the future,the New generation.... they sing for the kids....I'm too old to see THIS guys..... that's right we are not be Young anymore,like 20 year's ago.....we live the legacy specially music to the New generations and generations to come.....I mean I am a fun of third eye blind..... and They are STILL kicking alive...

  14. DL VOX

    Does Stephen have Gyno? Too much soy man.

  15. Zach Blackwell

    Third Eye Blind still kickin' out the bangers 20 years later.

  16. Richard Dragven

    Sorry kids, but you stole the old people's music. This is the exact same middle of the road crap that was coming out 20 years ago. A little different mix, but let's get real. Delusion makes the world go round, don't it?

  17. Wayne Turner

    This is 🔥 🔥 🔥

  18. Lamp Shade

    0:43 WHOA!

  19. Alex Defatte

    I bought the CD and thought it was broken because of the ending to song sounds like nails on chalkboard at full blast. Gem though.

  20. Emery Nebraska Martin

    I want to see your band live so bad. And same with Jimmy Eat World. Great week for music!

  21. SoCali

    I bet most of the people in this video don't even know who the hell they are.

  22. april rose garza

    Hehe I'm in it twice at 1:19 and 2:18 , makes me happy😊 such an awesome opportunity🤘🏻

  23. Yerard Santos

    Third Eye Blind Energy Cool!

  24. Ricardo Castro Fuentes

    Dammit man, why can't all youtube Ads be like the one that leaded me here?

    pqm tlm

    Lolol 🤣

  25. Billy Westerband

    Last thing i expected was a new third eye blind song

  26. Cole Murphy

    This is super slept on 🔥

    James Childress

    Yes, For all things 3eb, check out the playlists on my YouTube channel, and Join my group on Facebook, The -Third Eye Blind- Assembly

  27. Kei's random practice collection

    This is phenomenal !!!!

  28. Chris William

    They already got my Tahoe what the garb of bubble gum when I had my Tahoe shit I don't know why I'm on their side

  29. Gilbert Baird

    There isnt an App to Click to overthrow the Govt. So.....nice try

  30. whiskey johnson

    Man! Brand new TEB!! I’ve loved these guys since high school and have seen them many times!! They are so great !!

  31. Douglas foster

    I like your old stuff. This not so much.

  32. JakeJonKing

    The best band of all time

  33. Christine Lackey

    My kids took me down real good...hole in my heart to never be filled again...growing Pains...why? Is it really necessary to b broken. My poor son 😢💔

  34. Bryan Nuñez

    Esto debería tener más visitas:(

  35. Magenta Lindsay

    OMG 😍 they used my photo about a 1:46 I was 8 months pregnant I love them 😍🥰

  36. shmeb

    Holy shit im glad these guys are still making music

    James Childress

    For all things 3eb, check out the playlists on my YouTube channel, and Join my group on Facebook, The Third Eye Blind Assembly

  37. Ask Mamma

    What a great message for humanity... unless you're over the age of 30...

    Grey Freeman

    Eh. Over 30 here and I hope he's right.

  38. Black Sun


  39. DM C

    Love 3rd eye blind. Song is catchy. But uhhhh lol at 50 somethings singing about kid power.


    pqm tlm

    3eb are ageless 👊

  40. Brian Welwood

    great song.

  41. J McClain

    It's great to have them back.

  42. Nick Yeah

    what the fuck this band used to be huge and now its only got 600 likes for their new video....and I think of these comments of them are shills. Glitch in the matrix.

  43. Jason Lancaster

    I love this band but I gotta tell ya I almost wince when its time for the guitar solo or a bridge. Massive weak spot is the overall music composition. Sophomoric compared to earlier work.

  44. tommybass40

    Saw 3EB this past summer and this was one of the new ones they played....and it was great live

  45. Censored

    Get your gay ad off tool videos. Your music actually sucks.

    Consultora Pimpinha

    Well if it sucks then get the fuck out of here! MF!!

  46. Yena Han

    Lmao I was shocked when I saw my face right away 😂 the l👀k at 00:12


    Sup Yena, you looking good.. :P

  47. Julio Serna

    His voice is another thing, how's it gonna be?

  48. John Fitzgerald

    3eb Coming Nov 17th, then 14 days later incubus dec 1st what a fucking holiday season!

    Hope to see saint asonia also!
    Maybe adelitas way!

    You got sunfest guys!
    Come join 311 ! !

  49. JapCarRealGood

    I'm packed and I'm holding
    I'm smiling, she's living, she's golden
    And she lives for me
    She says she lives for me

    Eric D.

    these arent the lyrics to this song, you dumb bitch

  50. Girish Khatiwada

    Been a big fan for over 20 years. I hope they keep making music like this together.

  51. BIGROCKER620

    My favorite song from their new album so far. Good fun rocking!!

  52. Joey-Jazz B

    So happy to see you next monday in Amsterdam! Been a fan for a long time and I love the songs for the new album so far. They're refreshing. Love it❤️

  53. Weary Apparition

    Hell yeah.

  54. Todd Casper

    It's so trippy to hear a third eye blind song that's not jumper or semi charmed. I love it!


    Todd Casper how did you only manage to hear those two songs? They had other big hits also like how’s it going to be, graduate, 10 days late, wounded and never let you go.


    They have like 8 albums bro wtf lol

  55. Joe Vidas

    Awesome song and video 3eb! Love you guys, always have always will!

  56. Craig Mccarty

    I work with a guy, he's in his 40's, he has 3EB as his screensaver, monogram on his rear windshield & tattooed on his chest; he introduced me to this song a few days ago & niw it has an official video. I shared this music video with him two minutes or so prior to this comment. If you're reading this, Mattox, you're welcome


    Craig Mccarty I’m 30 and 3eb is the best

    Craig Mccarty

    @C-ren Right on, brotha.

  57. brownpunk

    Sounds like they have gone pop punkish lol..god i used to love these guys in the 90s..

    James Childress

    Punk as fuck! 3eb All Day Every Day!

    Mathias Hansen

    Listen to ‘New Girl’, I think they always were pop-punkish

  58. Devin V


    Ten Draftsdeep

    Not at all

  59. Mary Reading

    I absolutely love this song. Hope for the future generation!

  60. Mark Running

    fuck yaah...i heart Steph

  61. Jake Thomason

    Come to wilmington!

  62. Quick Tech Reviews

    Just haaaad to get the credits in there at the end 😂

  63. Robert Smith

    I love it, my favorite song since company of strangers

  64. Will Vee

    Excellent song/video!

  65. Southern Sweet Tea

    3eB was the first Secular Music I'd bought and listened to in Ten Years. That was back in summer of 1997 and I bought 3 CD's of "Semi Charmed Life" at one time! (ty son) Still one of my favorite albums, but not for the most popular songs. Maybe one..I'm loving this new vibe on this album! This album seems more uplifting in times of trouble. I can feel an youthful awakening in my spirit! That's what I LOVE ABOUT THRID EYE BLIND. They can take "me" from one place to another and no matter what I'm going through I know tomorrow will be better!

  66. C Lisk

    this is awful..the worst song i have ever heard in my entire life.


    Too bad you don’t have any friends

    C Lisk

    Conjure I got your mom bitch

  67. drewoasis

    Now this is the best single in years I have heard from Stephen, kudos!!!

  68. Nicholas Mrak

    Kick-Ass intro to a kick ass song. Wish I was one of the lucky ones immortalized in this video.

    James Childress

    For all things 3eb, check out the playlists on my YouTube channel, and Join my group on Facebook, The -Third Eye Blind- Assembly

  69. DavidEric1414

    These guys are on a roll, late career surge!

    Southern Sweet Tea

    DavidEric1414 They should grow old like all these other "filthy rich rock stars"

    Chris Gorski

    I can't lie, I've really enjoyed all of their albums. Dopamine was a little uneven, but even that had some great songs.

  70. Consultora Pimpinha

    Awesome!! \m/

  71. Pedro Marques

    Wow Awesome! The Kids are getting stronger … hell yeah! \m/

  72. joesaiditstrue

    Stephen I know you have to have 100% control over everything at all times but for the love of God, let dude jam out some epic guitar solos for once, hes clearly very fucking talented and these 2-3 minute songs aren't doing him any justice

    Chris Gorski

    That extended solo at the end of Say It at the end of Dopamine is what made the song so rad


    Thanks for calling this out! This pattern is getting tiring.


    Has nothing to do with having control. They are trying to get a hit record in this younger generation.

    Zach Blackwell

    I'm sure he wouldn't stay in the band if he was happy with his position.

    Tom Line

    Chris Gorski hell ya!!

  73. Ryannewen _

    YES!! :D

  74. Fazz Kazi

    Guys please spend some money to market this to a new generation.

    Kienna Panti

    Fazz Kazi ?

    Steven Cestare

    i know my generation needs to see this

  75. Ava Masucci

    When you see the back of your head in a music video from your favorite band ever 😁0:56/3:06

    Pedro Marques

    Congrats! :D

    sarah eccj

    Wow! That’s awesome. I’m jelly.

  76. dangerousSIN

    I've been waiting since acl to hear this song again

  77. Bre Ross

    I think they took our photos for this in Chicago. We didn't make it..


  78. F. Kusuma

    Fantastic! My fav from the new album.... love from Jakarta!

  79. Kitty Purrs

    Indeed. She is finished with all the bullshit.

  80. CraftManGreg

    This song rocks but I'm not sure how I feel about the screamer album as a whole sadly 😕


    @joesaiditstrue I read in an interview with SJ that some old time producer told him his song are too long. That long songs today can't keep the youths short attention span. This seems to be the outcome. For me is in by far their worst album nobody wants to hear SJ rap to trap music. He brags about being a rock and roll band and then releases that crap.


    Update I'm actually digging the album after a few listens. It just wasn't what I was used to from TEB. With that said if you feel the same way I originally did step outside the box a little.

    John Fitzgerald

    Give it a few plays!

    Let it grow on you! They always do!


    @John Fitzgerald it totally grew on me except for 2x tigers

    Josh Prince

    CraftManGreg yeah I agree. All of them but that one I really dig

  81. FatherSon Productions

    In the age of Greta Thunberg this is creepily true.... 🤔


    How dare you! hehe

    Will Vee

    She’ll be cast aside and replaced just like the rest for next whatever scripted controversy/event occurs soon. Nothing new.

    Ryan McCrickard



  82. HeidiOfAllTrades

    Just the fucking best!! 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 if you’re reading this, like and comment on this video!! Let’s bump this up in the YT algorithm #3ebfansunite 🤟🖤🤟🖤

  83. Joseph Smith

    The way they roll in, in the intro is kick ass.

    James Childress

    For all things 3eb, check out the playlists on my YouTube channel, and Join my group on Facebook, The -Third Eye Blind- Assembly

  84. GiannettiFamily

    Just saw them on Labor Day! They still got it after all these years!! My middle school soul is so happy they're releasing a new album!!

  85. Marjorie Healy

    Love this f*cking song!!<3

  86. oweny 8

    Sweet job guys

  87. Angela Nickens

    My favorite band ever. Y'all are amazing ❤️

    Joseph Smith

    Yo tambien!

    man dark

    This band and matchbox20 are my favorite band.

  88. Zildjian Beats

    Awesome! I love it! Who else here has been a fan for over 20 years?? 👇

    Marc Ortega

    This need to be in FIFA 21 !

    James Childress

    @Marc Ortega For all things 3eb, check out the playlists on my YouTube channel, and Join my group on Facebook, The -Third Eye Blind- Assembly

    Billie-Angie Lee-Kim

    Not 20 but around a dozen I would say


    I've always been a fan. I first listened to this band when their first album came out. My big brother bought it and we've been a fan ever since. My big brother left us in 2001, sadly. But I know that if he were still with us, he'd still be a fan.

    Zildjian Beats

    @Christopher Pugh I would love to see that!

  89. John Eric Vessenmeyer

    Hell yeah!!

  90. John Eric Vessenmeyer

    Opening my third eye first!