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Third Eye Blind The Background Comments
  1. Manly Men

    Kevin is the axe god!!!

  2. Laura Hook

    allison I'm still here waiting 4u to come home I will always love u forever

  3. Jay Waldron

    This album holds up so well 23 years later IMHO. Entire thing is solid.

  4. allan darvin jr.

    2020 and still playing this :)

  5. Heywood Jablomie

    228 people have a shitty background.

  6. Jon Heaven

    One of many by 3eb that I just cannot grow tired of

  7. Tro jan

    Year of our Lord 2020

  8. Madem Fortuna

    The plans I make still have you in them...

  9. Carol Ross

    And I live in the numbess of the background...I don’t see you since the my background. Cancer took my love from me.

  10. bethechange

    It feels so nostalgic oh god

  11. Olivia Demetra

    The plans I make still have you in them 💔

  12. Karl Pursch

    Cause in the end I think we all want to know that we mean more than just another name in someone's book of sorrows...

  13. Mohamed Emam

    My taste of music started to change after listening to 3eb. I love their music 😉

  14. Sarah Romero

    12/2019, born in '81

  15. 8040

    this song gives me so much nostalgic feels


    Gets me every time. Lifes great. Dealing with my head is a son of bitch... Everything is quiet, Since you're not around,
    And I live in the numbness now......

  17. affirmations

    I carry you around, in the background.

  18. Avon marsh Slemmermann

    two guitars and a drum set and a nice punch is all that i want

  19. Jeffrey Lange

    Takes me back to a place n time where life was not good. As humans we preserve and learn from our mistakes. This song reminds me of how bad it can be and how you can make it better

  20. cameron henderson

    I miss the music and i miss the 90s

  21. Amina Harris

    I love this first time hearing it a hidden gem by this band. Oh how I miss the 90's. :)

  22. Moonlight Caroline

    Its unbelievable how I find these kind of songs by accident even though these are the ones that describe my feelings and situation the best.

  23. Will Bracken

    3EB makes such sad music, yet so beautiful!

  24. Brad Smith

    That fucking guitar.

  25. peter hoban

    One of the best albums ever made. Relevant when it was cut and still stands today. For me it's a time capsule I can open whenever I want. The soundtrack to the best days of my life. God do I miss those days and those amazing people.

  26. TB46667 - The Golden Age Gamer

    That outro gets me every time. I could listen to that for hours

  27. Gery Tube

    Good memories ,back in 1997 when i was high school

  28. reina enriquez

    Andrew I miss u this song !! I miss u so much love u!!💓💓💓💓

  29. Jim Manolias

    Truly timeless music. So good.

  30. John R

    This is one the greatest songs ever written. Ever

  31. Will Mooney

    Brearhs uhhh acxeptnece

  32. Dakota Rushin

    My new favorite song as of now. just discovered this album a few weeks back. i got a hunch that a lot of us in the comments resonate in a certain way. i cant find you in real life because you always have your mask on.
    Me too.

  33. Calloway Schmidt

    RIP my best friend Ian..

  34. Kelli Dodds

    One of those songs that brings me to my knees.

  35. J S

    fuck yeah.

  36. Tyler Z Wong

    0:57-1:01: It hits me so hard, feels like it rewinding myself on that, nostalgic scene.......

  37. nelson nessia jr

    I felt you long after we were through...

  38. John m

    ENERGY from feeling WESTSIDE

  39. Mark Butler

    Boy this album brings back some serious memories. Carefree times with my friends and going through late teen drama.

  40. Emanuel Pared

    00:23 ❤️

  41. rolando jr. edrada

    Wow! feels like im still in high school. When your love ones are still around and keep on shouting "Tone down the radio!".... i miss all you guys! to my best granma to my granpaps!

  42. Josh Phillips

    That last little jam at the end brings be to my childhood and makes me want to cry.

  43. Rudy Burdick

    Love this band when did they begin their

  44. Long Gray Line

    The 90's were special years due to the tremendous music being made. What a great song this is...

  45. Adam Rafuse

    I wish I had that Tallent love third eye blind for sure

  46. Good Guy AJ

    This song is so underrated

  47. James Pretoni

    It still hits me right in heart an make the hair on arms stand up it's crazy

  48. Skeeter Magavin

    Anyone many going to listen to this song probably their entire life at certain times when they need it?

  49. Саня Саня

    Fronz? ??

  50. JammastaJ23

    BEST. 3EB. TRACK. fight me.


    Such a great album

  52. Andy Griffith

    I don’t think people should keep distinguishing this song from the singles but should sit back and embrace as a whole how amazing the entire album is . Stop nit picking and enjoy entirety 🙏🏻

  53. Scott Wachowski

    Been listening to 3EB most of my adult life, but f#ck me, running ... how did I never see just how amaze-balls they ARE (not "were"). Hey SJ: Taste & times change, but talent remains. I hope you see that. Keep f#cking killing it.

  54. L M 63

    “The words they use so lightly, I only feel for you”

    Miss you T

  55. Bridgette Shandy Cederia

    Ilove to play 3rd eye blind list when long driving

  56. Andrew T

    Third Eye Blind is still the best live performance I've ever seen.

  57. Mo Ellis

    I carry you around in the background YouTube

  58. Josh Phillips

    This song puts me through another world of nostalgia and sadness. Yet its so remarkable.

  59. you're doing it wrong

    Six disk CD changer emptied except this CD and put on repeat

  60. Bryan Salzano

    To the times and people we will never get back in our lives...

  61. Hayden Kelly

    Buffy the vampire slayer !

  62. Nita G

    I I don’t understand if you don’t like a song or video ; they don’t listen to it right??t Songs and videos might help someone that’s going through depression and other personal things; like myself.

  63. Joshua Herpolsheimer

    The "crazy girl" in the song is Hillary...

  64. Crissy N

    Love this song.

  65. HurleyM3

    My dad was born in the 1980s and this song was his teenage hood he plays this song 24/7 and I love this song and all of Third Eye Blinds song🙂

  66. bobby los kings

    Here bc it was one of my fav bands in the 90' times

  67. Cea Jae

    I was 13 years old, alone, on a Greyhound bus from OK to AZ and listened to this album on my discman on repeat the whole 1000 miles. It was an experience I'll never forget and listening to these songs 20 years later bring back awesome memories. I get flashbacks of looking out the bus windows and seeing the blurry lights of the night zooming by. I remember being and FEELING so free from the chaotic life I was leaving behind me and this music soothed my soul during that 24 hour ride. I remember thinking about how I could get off at any bus stop I chose to, and disappear from my everything and no one could do a damn thing about it or ever find me again. I was free.

  68. Fake Name

    Only about 10% of commentators lived this song.

  69. Scott Avett

    in a toxic and unhealthy relationship currently , this song really fucking hurts.

  70. Aaron Locker

    Man, I knew these comments would be tough. Those of you who have lost someone, keep in your heart that you will one day see that person again and that day will show you deeper meaning than the entirety of your time here with them.

    You knew them for years, soon you will add centuries.

  71. Lautaro Montamat

    Now im the background, and the song hits so hard

  72. ata ergan

    who is here because heyzeusheretoasts?

  73. hertspatriot

    top tune, memories of buffy

  74. Dr Sapphire

    I carry you around in the background- OMG how much is that so real

  75. AtomicTheKyd

  76. Starry Kat

    Cause I felt you long after we were through...

  77. Its Butters

    Who the hell is here purely based off of the instrumentation? That's what sells me 1st, then the lyrics follow.

  78. Nik Likwid

    One of my favorite 3EB songs. My favorite part is "as you come swimming into view, and I'm hanging on your words like I always used to do" perfect summary of that beautiful girl in the wavy dress as she comes walking up, I am talking that most BANGING sexy girl you remember from back in the day. She's in a black dress, and it's a warm summer day. And when she finally gets to you it's like you're so focused on her and what she has to say that everything else just fades away. That's my story anyway, at least how I remember it ;)

    Nik Likwid

    Not to mention the beautiful guitar melody at the very end. Totally perfect. Not surprising this song has less than a million views. Too good, too inspirational, too much beauty would be introduced to the world. That's not what mainstream media wants it seems more and more.

  79. Fret less

    1997-2019 ♪♫ ♥

  80. Alexander Supertramp

    I dunno who this KJ Apa is, but he must have good taste in music.

  81. Katie Coye

    3:41 that’s when you should listen. This song and god of wine... amazing. you just get the feels listening to those songs. These songs are to underrated. I’m glad to see so many people here. Good job

  82. matilde folli

    ouh fuck kj u are fckin cute, this song is the best for describe ur situation with Luke now, i love u and i love Luke, the best friend and father.
    holy crap now i cry, yeh the world are not more same without this person.

  83. Niall Hassett

    I was never the biggest fan of third eye blind. I liked The Jumper and Semi Charmed Life but I did listen to this because of Kj Apa and Luke Perry and I found a new love for their music, the beat and music are really good and the lines are full of depth and emotional.

  84. Kélia Bou'am


  85. Juliette Buvry

    KJ Apa listen this for Luke Perry❤️😭

  86. Ken Thomson

    I was in NYC when the Knicks played Pacers when this album came out..all these songs were on the juke box and after playing the ones I heard on the radio...I hit the others which I ended up liking better...Background & God of Wine became my faves

  87. anthony irvin

    Is it just me but the very end with that little bit of guitar just makes me so sad and think about everything

    Josh Phillips

    anthony irvin yeah I get a surreal feeling specifically like I’m floating by an island in the middle of the ocean, and the island is my life. Yeah it sounds weird but it’s tho only way I can explain it.

  88. tink

    Came here from KJ Apa but this is actually a great song

  89. Amen Sandhu

    KJ Apa Insta story?

  90. Sophia Carias

    Quem veio por causa do kj apa?

  91. Melissa xxxtentacion

    Here because of kj Apa 😭 RIP LUKE😭😭

  92. Alex

    here from KJ Apas instagram story :( beautiful song though...

    Fake Name

    Sheeple. "Someone told me about this song, now it's my favorite"

    I like fat chicks.

    @Fake Name
    You gotta have a piss poor attitude about it, mate?


    No hate. Welcome to the party.

    Check out other Third Eye Blind songs if you have the time :)

  93. Nuna Mauricio

    2019 by kj?

  94. Tzipporah Fulmer

    Here for u kj

  95. Vianna

    Kj Apa bought my here

    Fake Name

    Congrats follower. Let me know when you have an original opinion

  96. Emily

    KJ is in pain. As is all of Luke’s family and friends. Luke, you were a good man. And you will be missed everyday by so many. Luke meant a lot to KJ and I can only hope KJ finds peace some day. It’s gotta be hard losing someone like Luke in your life. This whole situation is devastating. And I can’t stop crying

    Fake Name

    Cant stop crying over someone you never


    Fake Name yeah, it’s called having a heart. Ever heard of it? (I’m assuming no based off of your comment)

    Brandon Jme

    Emily, you're gonna have a bad time in life BRAH. Good luck dolt.

  97. Mi Música

    Like if you’re here because of KJ Apa :)

  98. Salma xotwod

    Here after Kj’s insta story😭

    Melissa xxxtentacion

    It’s Salma Y’all same😭😭😭😭

    Fake Name

    Some random person felt something, so naturally so do i.