Third Eye Blind - Song To The Siren Lyrics

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Third Eye Blind Song To The Siren Comments
  1. Matt Hughes

    One of the few times the cover is better than the original

  2. Shelby Slaten

    This is so hauntingly beautiful I love his voice
    This is gonna be on repeat for awhile ♡

  3. Quintin LaFoe

    Beautiful. I needed this.

    James Childress

    For all things 3eb, check out the playlists on my YouTube channel, and Join my group on Facebook, The -Third Eye Blind- Assembly

  4. Ryan Rebalkin

    Is this from an album release ?

  5. brit

    this is so peaceful

  6. Robbie Hart

    This song isn't even new...

  7. Lord Eddard Stark

    And as time passes and you're moving along...only slightly haunted by passing cars and faint smells...and you think you've forgotten...a song like this instantly brings you back to another time and place. Beautiful. My life is a 3eb song.

    James Childress

    For all things 3eb, check out the playlists on my YouTube channel, and Join my group on Facebook, The -Third Eye Blind- Assembly

  8. Mike Benich

    These guys really made a music video where the yellow guy is on his phone?

  9. TheTecunUman

    So haunting, so true, so well written, so beautiful. Thank you!!!

  10. Lee Pride

    was on the ocean at TOTAL peace!!!! Was going back to Miami in November, hell, I may detour to St. Pete.

  11. chris fee

    Out of the vein feels

  12. Roman Wojciechowski

    Best band in the world again and again and again !!!😘🙏💜✌

  13. duhon 21


  14. Michael Bisbano

    A whole lot of hype for this album!

  15. King- Steve

    That was amazing,still my favorite band to listen to! You guys got me through the tough times,I thank you for that


    Psh whatchu know bout tuff times nukka

    King- Steve

    @RockSteady67 a lot

    Diana Kraemer

    Same. REM got me through high school and these guys helped with everything after that.

  16. Sami Pitts

    I am going to fall asleep to this song tonight.

  17. will smith

    GET OFF YOUR PHONES hahahaha

  18. Tom Line

    So this song is not listed on Screamer...what gives?

    Robert Smith

    it's on their album thanks for everything from 2018

  19. Michael Chiorello

    Make up with ALL your original 3EB bandmates, Mr. Jenkins. I apologize for being so blunt. But it's deep rooted honesty: nothing you and your replacements have done has come close to the magical 1997 debut album. Do whatever it takes to make amends and get the original group back....and on the road, sir.

    Brian DelGiudice

    I agree with making amends. But if they want to make music together again that would just be a luxury for us as fans, the amends part is the most important

    Jax Ryan

    Personally, the Blue album has always been my favorite


    Out of the Vein is amazing and so r sooooo many songs like water landing and company of strangers walk like kings is fire too u must not b a real fan my guy

    Brian DelGiudice

    @greenghost3737 out of the vein is the best album!

  20. Rishi Rampersad

    Great song. Waiting for the album

  21. Leap Year

    Brother your voice is so on point with that sweet guitar fookin awesome

  22. Kitty Purrs

    Beautiful - reminds me of all that was done to the chief musician so long ago.

  23. That one Stereotype

    Already love it

  24. Michael Harvey

    I'm in love with this song.

  25. strawberry asmr

    come to ohio for the screamer tour 🤟🏻

  26. Michael L. King

    I’d like to meet you guys in Memphis and 🎤 n play 🎸 Wounded or Palm Reader or anything DREAM


    Don't meet them. I went to their concert in Charlotte, NC, and only Stephan came out afterwards. He looked drunk or high. He just talked to some guy that with with him the whole time, and barely looked at the fans. He wouldn't talk to any fans. He was signing autographs, but since he was high and not looking at anyone, it was literally just a scribble on paper. You couldn't make out a single letter of his "autograph." I threw it in the trash on my way back to my car.

  27. Kira Lambillotte

    Woohoo 6th to view it!!! Its sooo pretty!!!