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Third Eye Blind Something In You Comments
  1. Scott Clay

    Yet another top song I had not even listened to from the CD. Already got my tickets for New Years Eve in Vegas; What a group; The best of the "Guitar" bands

  2. nigen

    sometimes these sound have words you wish could be spoken to you.

  3. Irish Mercado

    Thirdeyeblind is my favorite band

  4. olimario

    This song fucks, bro. Love it.

  5. will smith

    Corn flabbit...such a good song! Feel free to use corn flabbit at your own discretion lol

  6. yeahdogify

    Thirteen years ago, my wife (girlfriend at the time) were at a bar in New Mexico. We always had this tradition where we'd go to any old bar, and pick whatever song landed on "B52". On this particular night, B52 was this song. I knelt down on one knee and ate her asshole out hard as a goddamn motherfucker right there on the motherfucking dancefloor. Then I got to thinkin, everbody else in the bar might be feelin a little bit weird right now. hickory dickory dock

    Eamon Doyle

    Your anecdote is anachronistic—this song came out in 2015.

  7. Jynn

    I heard this song for the first time a few hours ago at the 3eb concert at coachman park in Clearwater FL. That show brought me to tears. there was so much love- for the crowd from the band...for the band from the crowd. I am grateful!


    seen this band five times love them thee best band ever

  9. msolyst

    i recently heard someone describe 3EB's music as "perfectly capturing the feeling of being a teenager" - and I couldn't agree more

  10. pwnda

    I've grown up listening to this band. saw them years back at orange peel concert in Stillwater OK and again a little over a week ago at the Criterion in OKC. I hope to meet Stephan Jenkins one day and tell him how much his music means to me and the great influence it's been on my entire life. Rock on.

  11. mac62012

    Almost two decades ago, I bought their first album by mistake. Best mistake I've ever made in my life.

  12. irene lalin

    i love this..after all these years im addicted to their song quality! stephen jenkins rocked once again!!

  13. Chad Czternastek

    Great tune.

  14. Brian DelGiudice

    So Third Eye Blind

  15. Justin Walker

    Favorite song!