Third Eye Blind - Shipboard Cook Lyrics

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Third Eye Blind Shipboard Cook Comments
  1. Kevin Wagner

    Oh ruby you stupid idiot

  2. juari santosa

    Like them when I was teen....

  3. Roman Wojciechowski

    Best band in the world !! NOBODY ELSE MATTERS

  4. Alyssa

    Deym song love it repeat on

  5. Gina Larson

    Going to see 3EB tomorrow, my favorite band. Love you Stephen Jenkins

  6. coolectra13

    Wrappings should be rumblings

  7. Kevin Whiting

    I always go ghost

  8. Chad Czternastek

    thought it was light em up boys...


    +Chad Czternastek I did too, but they have the lyrics on their website.

    Carly DuHain

    Made way more sense to me as well because that's the literal ol' saying: "Light 'em up, boys." I can't help but sing it this way.

    Showcase Kingwood

    "Line 'em up boys, here's too your youth", as in's like a cheers. :)