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Third Eye Blind Joke Comments
  1. jj Venegas

    Both versions are epic in their own way!😎👍

  2. TheMajestrix

    As soon as the music began I almost teared up. I missed you guys more than I realized.

    Ivan Martinez

    This song is absolutely beautiful

  3. human waste

    came here from the comments of the original
    like the original one more lol

  4. hashbeen 1985

    Sounds okay, still not the Original members but eh, Jenkins still sounds familiar

  5. Roman Wojciechowski

    Best band in the world 😇🙏💜✌

  6. Thomas Rainbow

    Chastity Belt!!!

  7. Julia Graves

    By the way... this is a cover of Chastitybelt’s song. Look it up. You’re welcome.

    Alisa Ivanova

    Thank you!! Just the sound i was looking for

  8. Brenda Paddlety

    First heard this song yesterday on my son's playlist 😍 Love it💜💚💙💝 I know third eye blind songs,but not this one 🤔 sounds awesome 👍👍👍

  9. Russell Baumann

    All time favorite band!!! I can't quite explain it but I simply "resonate" with this band. This song and the others on this release are welcome additions! Keep the music rolling and see you in July!!!!!

  10. Jess Moe

    You guys are the best!

  11. Yannie Angerer

    obsessed with this song

  12. Ramón Jr. Benavides

    Chasity Belt!! 🤙🏽 Yewww!!!

  13. Fuck Off

    Bro... 3eb used to have good lyrics & really well put together songs. The old CDs are mind blowing.
    But this shit is just getting worse.
    Thanks For Everything means they’re stepping out, in case you missed what Jenkins said.


    Fuck Off
    Bro, this is an EP entirely of covers, so the lyrics don't sound like them. But if you listen to Dopamine or We Are Drugs, sure it doesn't sound like Self Titled or Blue, because they're changing to fit with the changing music that's in style. Soon their style from 20 years ago will be cool again.

  14. Jamie Collins

    it blows my mind how you guys are still so incredible. god bless.

  15. Last Boss

    This song sucks balls this is not the Third Eye Blind i knew.


    Last Boss
    It's a cover so it's not total 3EB, but the magic of them themselves is still there.

  16. Ronald Suria

    Now im hooked😍

  17. Travis Clements

    The new guitarist is amazing. I've been here for the other two, but this guy adds a brilliant new dynamic.

  18. B Lake

    sounds to much like KOL...

  19. dragz202

    Even GF can’t take the hits anymore...1crowleft

  20. Rick Hynes

    it is solid but not a lot more :(

  21. J B

    3EB never fails!

  22. csilt

    Cool song but the vocals sound too low-fi and way over compressed. Listen to the way they sound on the first album or even Blue, much better. Ask Eric V how he did it ; )

  23. Arnis

    Can't hear lyrics

  24. Bubba DooM

    5:31 AM 11/3/2018

  25. 3eb Lifestyle

    we are FIRE!

  26. Archie Manalo

    is it the 90's again??

    J B

    Archie Manalo yes, it is mate

  27. Bryan Mark

    Nothing's serious
    Everything's a joke
    When we smoke
    It's all in smoke, yeah

    I feel fine when we're high
    I'm gonna light you on fire
    I laugh so hard, you make me cry
    Let's light everything on fire

    I'm getting better at forgetting
    Everything that's heavier
    All a joke
    It's all a joke, yeah

    I feel fine when we're high
    I'm gonna light you on fire
    I laugh so hard, you make me cry
    Let's light everything on fire

    It's all a joke, yeah

    I feel fine when we're high
    I'm gonna light you on fire
    Laugh so... you make me cry
    Let's light everything on fire
    Let's light everything on fire

    Patrick Mingoa

    Bryan Mark tnx captain

  28. Uncle Phil

    great comeback.

  29. yoga asix

    The 80's pop influence really heavy on this

  30. Charles Foley

    That would be so great to do a record at Ardent.

  31. HamsterOfFury

    This stuff reminds me a bit of the Danish band Mew.

  32. Jay Way

    Great song! Makes me feel good

  33. I Dunno

    so, can I audition now? that would be shattering

  34. Kevin Whiting

    Jake huh

  35. Jon Garza

    Huge fan. But let's not kid ourselves. 3eb's charm has always been their lyrics. Fuckin sharp and colorfully descriptive with all of the bullshit neatly trimmed off. That's the difference between a brilliant starving artist and a tired contractually obligated zombie.

  36. MrBattlestorm

    Not bad, keep it up 3EB!

  37. whiskey johnson

    Brand new 3EB!!! I love these guys!! Have since the first album!!

  38. MikeLive1285

    Is this a joke?

  39. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Sounds very modern indie

    Bryan Mark

    Yess so fresh but sounds familiar!

  40. Rap Cueva

    I feel fine when were high !!!

  41. Bryan Mark


  42. Eddie Lacayo

    Love it! Nice sound.

  43. PaoloT.F

    This song makes me think about a lot of things....

  44. Nicolas Ribeiro Marques

    Chastity Belt Tribute!

  45. Lucas Werda

    Fuuuuuuck Yes! I needed this! Wish I could afford to see you nov 4th...but alas, I am but another poor soul in Flint Michigan. Maybe next year.

  46. Jimmy Knisley

    The title of the song is pretty accurate..

  47. Nicholas Widmann

    This is crap... Where's Tony when you need him!

  48. BIGROCKER620

    Feeling it. Not great,but worth listening to again. Nice steady beat.

  49. RonaldReaganRocks1

    Such a mixture of feelings going on here. Stephan officially looks old, that's why the camera isn't going in close on his face and why they shot in black and white. Has it really been 20+ years that they've been famous? Also, it has been so long, and whatever ANY of the band members has going on isn't better than getting back together. The original members should get back together (if they recognize each other musically). That was the only incarnation of the band that was any good. Someone should shake Stephan and tell him that NONE of the songs have been any good since Kevin Cadogan left. I can't believe he can't see it. This is the guy who wrote "Semi-Charmed Life," maybe the greatest pop song or power pop song of all time, and he can't tell that none of these songs are catchy? They used to be one of the greatest pop bands ever, although a little shallow, but nothing is getting better by them being apart. I would hope that time heals all wounds, and they could just put it all aside and get back together. These new songs aren't really songs, they're incomplete ideas for songs, and not really worth listening to.

    Kevin Smith

    I'm sorry, but I could not possibly disagree with you more when you say that there has been nothing good post-Cadogan. Regardless of how you may feel about the original lineup's breakup all those years ago, and Stephan being a douche over the years, they have nonetheless put out some FANTASTIC music through the various incarnations. Even as recent as an EP or two ago, "Company of Strangers" ranks up there with anything on the self-titled album (although the st was absolutely something special.)


    @RonaldReaganRocks1 Can't really argue with any of that. Well said (must say I was relieved to see a seemingly non-botoxed Stephan recently. The natural look works). Will be interesting to see what the new album sounds like -- the new album Stephan mentioned on Twitter on 5/19/19. I'm kind of enjoying the unreleased 3EB songs & demos that I found on here recently, so it's almost like having a couple of new 3EB albums. My next goal is to go back through all their music - in chronological order - from the mid 90s to the present and figure out exactly what I can listen to regularly and what I can't. I was listening to my BLUE cd from the time it came out until March of this year when I finally lost it. I can't seem to get tired of any of those songs.

  50. Mongloid

    its a cover that they probably recorded, mixed and mastered on their own

  51. vanessa hunt

    their debut album was incredible, since then,haven't been a fan,this song is awful.

    The Senate

    vanessa hunt blue was a great album, & I’d venture out and say that Out of the Vein is single handedly the most underrated album of all time. Yes, of all time. After that they’re album were a little patchy, but still fantastic songs sprinkled in here and there. & if you didn’t know bud, this whole new album is covers and are tribute to Stephan’s favorite artists. This isn’t an original

  52. Clay Allison

    They've progressed into followers.

    Nicholas Widmann


  53. Jonny MIA

    What’s with the sound? Is this a bootleg version? 😂

  54. Thomas Moncrief

    They have literally devolved to the quality of a mediocre high school band.

    Anthony James

    They're very vanilla now.The catchy hooks or riffs.

    The Senate

    Anthony James this entire new album is all covers chief

    Anthony James

    @The Senate I'm talking of them lately in general.Their last album before this was bland.

  55. Abhishek Nag

    Nice and unique.

  56. C ø r a


  57. Nadav Drewe

    Not exactly 'Faster' / 'Blinded' is it?

  58. dylon dylon

    Is the song new ?

  59. Jonathan Schreiber

    What a dud.

  60. Trayvon Lebowski

    This is a cover ..... Of a song by a band Chastity Belt.

    Nicolas Ribeiro Marques

    Yes man! I love them!


    Thanks for Everything is all covers.

  61. Erwan Ashee

    *Finally* thanks 3EB. 👍👌

  62. Bret Lebo

    I love this band

  63. Darkhazard Productions

    What an awesome Song. A little bit Joy Division & New Order, finished with the incredible voice of Mr. Jenkins. Oh gosh, would love to see you guys live here in Germany :)

    human waste

    look up the original by chastity belt, its a lot better in my opinion

  64. CrewsOnTheRadio

    This is a really great song.

  65. Mukti Ali

    What's your favorite 3eb song, mine is "the background"

    Brad Smith

    The guitar work in that is incredible. That one and Ten days late, Losing a Whole Year, Motorcycle God of Wine is the best.

  66. Mukti Ali

    Wow... They're back

  67. Mohamad Shaxi

    You guys deserve more attention

  68. Rino Scremin

    New singer?

    mike madske

    3:36 right end stephen jenkins

  69. Juno Paz

    well, thank you reccomendations.

  70. Jt Smith

    it's no Joke. sighs. 3eb is back. maybe the original line-up is no longer intact. mr jenkins can still create magic even if it is only 4

  71. Old Truck And Car Channel

    total crap

    mike madske

    who the fuk is that guy! get the fuk out of here!

    Dustin Feenker

    Yeah. I was hoping for better.

    The Senate

    Dustin Feenker they’re all covers bud. The whole new album is

  72. pqm tlm

    Original song here: ... Love 3eb o/

  73. Terry Ketchum

    2018 anybody

  74. Goemon Ishikawa

    Honestly it sounds like emo music from 2008. Idk.

  75. Don't Kill My Vibe

    I was checking on my facebook memories a while ago and I recall listening to this band and I kinda want to listen to their music again and when I searched them on youtube I found this. What a coincidence. Glad their music is still alive. Rock on forever Third Eye Blind \m/

  76. My Favorite Vegan

    This beat is EVERYTHING! Love 3EB. 😎

    Nicolas Ribeiro Marques

    The original is the best! But I liked it

  77. pqm tlm

    My favourite cover on the new album. You guys rock so hard. Best band ever :) Thank You For Everything 3eb (L)

    matt malouf

    pqm tlm when does the new album drop? Or has it? And is the entire album covers?

  78. Meghan Rains

    Good song. Decent video. Amazing band.

  79. John Dalton Logan

    One of my favorites from Thanks For Everything. Love you guys.

  80. Deskar05

    You guys need to play a show at the Warhol - there’s a small theater there. Also, this video is so freaking good.

  81. Whispers Magic

    I hate I don't get my 3eb fix this year. Stupid Phoenix show was canceled. :(

  82. Chaitanya Ghaskadbi

    Come to india . Lets set things on 🔥

  83. Everything Random

    Finally... Yessss 😍

  84. IKeepBadCompany

    This used to be my favorite band ever since 1997 (my YouTube handle is a line in Company by them), but now they're just a joke. They're nothing like they used to be, and the band doesn't care about its fans.


    @Meghan Rains I really hate fucking Southerners. If your parents weren't siblings, you wouldn't have come out so retarded.

    Meghan Rains

    Good one!!!

    mike madske

    who the fuk is that guy, get the fuk out of here!

    Anthony James

    Stephen ran off all their talent.Brad is a good drummer but nothing catchy about their music now.

    Tyler Z Wong

    Look guys, I already care less of what sort of SOUND they had made since 97. The only thing I know for sure is that I'll be their kids powering their music everywhere else. Be grateful for them.

  85. tunaflix2

    Song is good. Mix is awful!


    tunaflix2 yeah the vocals are completely drowned out :(

    Alex Kesteris

    Who gives a fuck shut up gimps

    Chicken Nugget Scoon

    @Alex Kesteris lmao

  86. Michael Rios

    The best thing to wake up too.. my all time fav band and a new video... 18 shows and 20 years rocking with 3EB... best band ever.


    I'm with you they're still my favorite band 20 plus years after I started listening to them

  87. The Last Shoegazer

    Been rockin 3eb since the beginning, and even though the sound and lineup has changed, my feelings connected to them haven’t... Loving the straight forward groove behind this one - digging the shoegaze vibe.

    Bryan Mark

    Yeah man!

  88. Daniel Sifuentes

    Muy Buena Cancion !

  89. Heather McClure

    Glad y'all are still alive.

    Is this a tribute to Beavis and Butthead?

  90. João Vitor Motti da Silva

    omg you guys r the best i love u all so much

    Anvil Vhuta

    My favorite BAND of all time

  91. CaseyDia22

    I got the chance to meet these guys a couple years ago. They all followed me on twitter/insta right after. Super down to earth group of guys.


    @Meghan Rains Could you please look up the definitions of words before you use them? You said I was "ignorant" about Southerners, but I have spent half of my life living in the South. Ignorant means lacking in knowledge. What I said is based off of 17 years of personal experience. Since that's not enough to be considered an expert in their behavior to you, exactly how many years of dealing with hillbillies would make me qualified to speak about them?According to you, an adult Southerner at 18 wouldn't be qualified to speak about Southerners because he's only been around them as long as I have. Seriously, go get an education rather than making stupid comments on YouTube.

    Meghan Rains

    IKeepBadCompany you're the one who keeps replying back to me on YouTube. You are definitely keeping me entertained. Thanks. And like I said before you are grouping people together and judging them as a whole based on where they live and also where you say you spent many years of your own life.... yes, you are ignorant. I don't care how long you lived in the South but if you spent that much time in the South and if everyone who lives in the South is a hick that must include you too since your background is so deep in the South. This is fun though. Keep entertaining me with your dumb ass comments.


    @IKeepBadCompany you're so pathetic it's unreal lmao. keep making baseless accusations. Makes you look bad, as it should.

    Meghan Rains

    IKeepBadCompany you should ask yourself the same thing....why do you keep making comments on YouTube? Huh, why? Have you no life?...I could go on all day...I like black people, don't even try to go there. Unlike you I don't judge people based on stereotypes or skin color or region. I just judge people based on their music tastes and ignorance. You should have known if you were going to try and make third eye blind look like a bunch of assholes under one of their videos that people were going to put you in your place and defend them. Keep going....

    Meghan Rains

    bobby3eb I know, right?! This is fun though.

  92. insideLEGkick

    Who else dropped a like before the vid started?

    Brenda Quinones

    But it's not Brenda, it's John

  93. Dre Cristo

    Fuckin right doggy!! - Stifler voice

  94. WestCoastIrk


  95. Normal Man

    S.Jenkins + b hargreaves + k. Cadogan + A. Salazar = The Real 3EB. .....Stephen bring it back to formula... you guys were magic


    Would love to see that but from what I gathered Stephan developed some bad blood and lawsuits with kevin and arion over the years, afraid we'll never see the og group again. They were phenomenal in their day though.

    Meghan Rains


    Desert _rat

    Man that’d be cool.... 20+ years ago now 🤙🏾

    Chris Gorski

    I can't lie. I thought the band would fall apart after Cadogan, but Out of the Vein was great and all of the following albums were good. Stephen can write a catchy song.

  96. Allison ross M.

    I'm really glad to hear you on YouTube! You should do it more often. You guys are great!!

  97. Asper Queen

    First comment fuck yeah!