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Third Eye Blind Dopamine Comments

    ..their complete catalog of work including the b-sides and rarities are so amazing..
    the ultimate "bro" band that brings everyone together..Stephan's brilliant
    lyrics are so thought provoking..I look forward to seeing them again at Radio City in 2019

  2. test

    My top tracks from this album:
    Shipboard Cook 3:30
    Back to Zero 19:03
    Something In You - @
    Dopamine 10:59
    Say It 41:02
    Exiles 36:57

  3. Alexander Svec

    Maybe the best CD from 3EB? I love them from my childhood

  4. december hotel


  5. HR Pickinstuff

    Amazing most bands fizzle out over time. This is easily one of their best projects.

  6. Jacob Prescott

    Imagine what this band could have been if Kevin and Arion were still around, even Tony being still around would help, imagine the magnitude of what 3eb could have been!

  7. Michael Brookman

    typical SJ, saving the best for last with Say It

  8. John Frank

    Their 2nd best album after self-titled.

  9. jeremyviromek

    everything is easy is such a rip from billy joel


    How so? Which song?

  10. Michael Brookman

    I will never forgive SJ for what happened to this band.

    putting the artist aside from the art tho, Here I am in 2019

    John Frank

    Yeah, he's a real dick bag but damn do I enjoy the music.

  11. X Clan Hursh

    2019 anybody?

  12. Atl Anvil506

    Best Album since Out of the Vein. They have not lost a step. As good sincere, and unique as ever. I just wish this had millions of views instead of thousands.

    Michael Brookman

    when you say "they" tho

  13. F.W. Roman

    ENDLESSLY AMAZED BY THIS BAND !!! Words are useless when trying to express what this band means to me. 3EB, a gift to the world !!!

  14. Jonathan B

    What's the song after say it? Does anyone know?

    Eric D.

    all the souls....

    Jonathan B

    Eric D. thx mate

    Tony Blau Veldt

    It's samples from Rites of Passage.

  15. sirlordwhitman

    Stephen sounds just as awesome as he did in 1997

  16. Jose Suarez

    My favorite all time band!

  17. Brian Brown

    Never a debt in my mind it could go wrong. Love this new CD

  18. Art Lopez

    This is really cool. That's what I am talking about...

  19. Jerome Jackson

    Simply said... Stephen Jenkin's fucking rocks! Took me until the 3rd time through this album to fully appreciate his brilliance once again. 3EB4L!


    I don't know why or what it is about Third eye blind but I know exactly what you're talking about. There are a good amount I like right off the bat but with a LOT of their songs, I have to listen to them multiple times before I like them. I specifically remember hearing "why can't you be" and thinking it was awful; absolutely hated the sound of it. But now, idk what happened, it's one of my favorite songs by them and I think it's a fantastic song lol. It makes it hard to show them to anyone cuz I just know there's a big chance they won't initially like them. But goddamn when you dig deep into the songs and the lyrics, Stephen truly is a fucking 10/10 poet

  20. Alexanderfication

    Awesome :)

  21. Ralf Mohnen

    Sensationelles neues Album. Freue mich schon auf das einzige Live-Konzert in Deutschland in Köln Anfang November.

  22. Ad Rose

    amazing album!!

  23. William Oneal

    Beautiful still haven't let go of their unique sound.

  24. Skip Nuss

    3eb just rules thanks 4 another great journey!!!

  25. Kazuto Kirigaya

    This is amazing! Just like everything else they've brought out :D

  26. John Susnik

    Everything Is Easy - 0:01
    Shipboard Cook - 3:30
    All The Souls - 7:16
    Dopamine - 10:59
    Rites Of Passage - 14:38
    Back To Zero - 19:03
    Something In You - 22:32
    Get Me Out Of Here - 25:46
    Blade - 30:41
    All These Things - 34:33
    Exiles - 36:57
    Say It - 41:02

    Ad Rose

    +Johnnysus thanks bro!!

    Chris Gray

    Not al heroes wear capes

    Eamon Doyle

    Correction: "All the Souls" starts at 8:12.