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Third Eye Blind Cop Vs. Phone Girl Comments
  1. yesnoyesnookay

    It's not bad songwriting because it's political, it's just not Stephen's story to tell. Seems like a big virtue signal.

  2. Diane Dollimont-McGrath

    Don't all lives matter?


    Hey Diane. I hope that you are legitimate in your question and not just trolling but you are right that all lives matter and the black lives matter movement agrees that all lives matter. And just because you are saying black lives matter doesn’t mean you are saying that white lives don’t matter.

    The purpose of the movement is to draw attention to the fact that black people are significantly more at risk in being victims of violent attacks from cops than other races. Just because of the color of their skin.

    It’s not speaking against anything just speaking for something. I’m also super fucking white and I support black lives matter not because of some white guilt or anything like that, but because a particular group of human beings are being hurt. And as a caring human being I don’t want to see other human beings getting hurt/killed. So in my opinion if you don’t support black lives matter than you don’t care that people are getting hurt and killed. And that’s sad. And that’s not some liberal/left wing BS. That’s just being a good human being.

  3. Muhammad Hadi Khan

    Tuckin awesome!

  4. Knotts berry tales

    This song deserves a music video.

    This is the saddest representation of a massage we have ever seen.

    OMG we would have our editor do it for free...

  5. strange alice

    Hi,my name is strange alice:)
    I make a lot of songs:)

  6. brittany gray

    I consider myself to be fairly conservative; however, I love this song as I support it’s message!

  7. みえnagoくまもとyan


  8. kahea2018

    Love them!

  9. BionikLabs

    It's ok to be white. Take it from me, I'm super white.

  10. Screaming Mime

    This is so fuckin powerful. Police have become a brotherhood, and you guys are so incredibly brave for giving the voiceless a voice. something great people have died doing. MAD RESPECT.

  11. Pixie Stix


    Pixie Stix

    Have no idea how I missed this song.

  12. weener09


  13. Trev Mac

    i like this song

  14. Anikada Awesomest

    Tbh, I don't get why people are triggered over the lyrics. A song's about how good it is to be doing drugs and having 29 b*tches and no one cares, but people suddenly get triggered by a song about police brutality. There's nothing wrong with the lyrics and no one is being offended so there isn't really a reason to hate on them.

  15. MJade

    Fucking awesome✌

    Pixie Stix

    Sad we were the only comments with ✌✌✌

  16. You'renotthebossofmeyoutube

    Amazing song.

  17. Steve S

    I totally get what Black Lives Matter is trying to say. But the fact I can be called racist for saying All Lives Matter is fucking stupid. I'm against violence toward any race but apparently I have to word it a certain way or I'm a racist

  18. Job

    fuckin love this shit thanks for the video. if anyone can, i reccomend watching Jumper live from this past year, it is magical.

  19. Zero Smallz

    This song is genius

  20. E.A. Hawley

    I love this message of peace and equality (desired)

  21. Miss Understood AngelaWalker

    The last time MeMe checked, a crayon box has more colors than just BLACK,...

  22. Miss Understood AngelaWalker

    Why is it just “black”?

  23. Miss Understood AngelaWalker

    Music is not only an art and a form of expression, but my therapy! I love ALL genres of music. To MeMe, This song brings to light, a serious issue that presently affects our whole nation. If, by all means, WE, the people,.. ALL could possess the same love and respect for others, as we do for ourselves, what a wonderful world it could be? And yes, prepare yourself.... here’s the SHOCKER! It really IS that SIMPLE. Life is so much easier and better to possess PEACE AND LOVE, rather than HATRED AND EVIL. How hard is that to understand? “For a house that is divided, can NOT stand.” UNITED WE STAND,... DIVIDED WE FALL. :✌🏼💜🌎😇☝🏼

  24. Brine alexvedderjenkinspattonjones

    Bet she puts her phone up now

  25. Charles Greenwald

    Their new music isn't half-bad. But any diehard fan (like myself) knows that the albums, while all HAVE great songs on them, decreased in quality as the band aged. My personal favorites are God of Wine, Motorcycle Drive By, Wounded, Darkness, Forget Myself, Water Landing, Company of Strangers, and My Time in Exile. The Mine cover was really good, too. This is sort of bubblegummy but hey, props to them for taking stances and trying even as they get older.

  26. Jasen Groves

    God bless you.

  27. Eric D.

    these comment kill me, when did whether or not throwing a kid against the wall breaking their arm become a liberal or conservative agenda?


    Eric D. 💘💜👏✌

    Anikada Awesomest

    It looks like some people lost their empathy to politics.

  28. Henry Klein

    It makes me sad to see so many people in the comments considering this song just "some liberal agenda pushing left wing propaganda."

    This is supposed to be a positive song that sticks up for everyone. It's about peace and getting along. It's saying not all cops are bad. It also points out how some people don't have it as good as others and we should acknowledge that. Like what do you people disagree with in this song that makes you think it's leftist propaganda? All I hear is optimistic feel good music with a message about being decent human beings.

    TEB made this song because they genuinely feel that way, not to pander to their audience (which is mostly white btw). They could have easily gone a more generic direction and gotten a lot less flak.

    Pixie Stix

    Most underrated comment!😍

  29. Fernando Nuñez

    which program they used to make the video?

  30. bankyedwards37

    Oh look... Butt hurt closeted conservatives fill the room.

  31. bznchris

    Like #666 🤘

    I've loved you guys since I found SCL and Jumper in '97 as a 5th grader. You're the very first band I became really obsessed about. I couldn't be prouder to be a long time fan than I am now.

    The comments here are great. What a time we live in...all the worthless pieces of shit are exposing themselves for what they really are. Finally. Keep fighting the good fight boys. #resist

  32. Lee Marie

    I love this song so much and am so proud of SJ and 3eb writing and releasing this song. The first time I heard it I didn't like it because it was pretty different from their usual but it's now my favorite song on their new EP! I love the message because it's not just about defending a kid but it's about all of us choosing to be peaceful to each other, no matter what color you are. The way the drums kick in during the bridge is also my favorite musical part of this song.

  33. squeako

    This is absolute shit ohmygod

  34. Lordnos

    That....That was pretty depressing.

  35. KTLODO

    I'm honestly shocked about the comments from this video, I knew there'd be a few haters but this many? This is a great song with a great message that made me feel thankful that someone is actually saying what should be said. I can't believe that its 2016 and racism still exists on this level. No wonder Trump won. I love you 3EB and always will, fuck the haters this song is an anthem and deserves to be heard.

    Diane Dollimont-McGrath

    President Trump dated a Black woman, has deported Nazis, and fought for the rights of Blacks and Jews to gain admittance to country clubs that had previously excluded them. Pretty crappy track record for a racist, eh wot?

    Diane Dollimont-McGrath

    It's Kilary who encourages women of colour to abort their children and talked about inner city youth as violent thugs. Donald Trump spent the '80's fighting for the rights of Jews and Blacks to belong to country clubs that had previously excluded them. Get your facts straight before you listen to the mainstream leftist media

  36. A Dank Lobster

    i love the song, it has a good beat, but the lyrics suck sorta and the lyric video sucks. it's just 2 images repeated multiple times. this song is good, but motorcycle drive-by is better.

  37. GuitarSolosLiveOn

    I think it says a lot that believing that cops shouldn't be beating up on teenagers is considered any kind of bias. Based on the color of their skin of course. just think about what you're actually saying. if that's liberal bias then conservative bias would be "we should always beat up defenseless black teenagers" and a non biased opinion would be "oh I don't know if we should beat up teenagers or not...who knows"

  38. Rocky Scarbrough


  39. Audrey Nelson

    "Why's it so hard to say
    Black Lives Matter?
    it doesn't mean that you're anti-white
    Take it from me—I'm super fucking white,""

    Read more: Third Eye Blind - Cop Vs. Phone Girl Lyrics | MetroLyrics

  40. Tropical Caterpillar

    I've been infatuated with just about everything they put out since the debut album-Ursa Major. I thought Dopamine had its moments, but wasn't anything special. However, I think they really hit rock-bottom with this song. The song structure and progressions just don't have much taste; similar to what you'd hear on today's pop radio station. The biggest disappointment with this, is by far the lyrics. Jenkins has conjured up some well-written and thought out lyrics. With this, the lyrics just really lack depth and nothing about it is poetic. And I'm not saying this because "I don't agree with his political views." It's the expression and delivery of them that's weak and if anything, the lyrics were cringeworthy at times in this specific song. Bands need to change as they age, and I feel like 3EB isn't doing so hot with that. They have released so much wonderful stuff in the past. I've been to five 3EB shows, and they usually play a very similar set each time. It would just be nice to see them play some of their older, underappreciated songs rather than these new tracks that lack what some of the die-hard fans love about the band. I'm not ever going to say "I am no longer a fan because they released ___," but I feel like all I can say about this song is that it at least has some meaning, but that's literally it. I just needed to get that off my chest for awhile, I still love you, 3EB!

  41. jdrew06

    This is exactly the same band they were twenty years ago without Kevin the guitar player on the first two records and Orion. You guys must not be real fans or really know the music Stephan writes if you think this is a new type of material.

  42. harry setiawan

    great song

  43. Pat Mchugh

    Tucker I agree with the message of the song but what I don't think is right is how innocent they made "Shakara" out to be. She probably wasn't as cooperative as they're making it seem. "Shakara showed up to class and pulled out her mobile phone and wouldn't put it away when the teacher told her to twice and cursed the teacher out when the teacher tried to take it away from her until the end of class" would probably be more accurate lyrics, but again I wasn't there.

  44. weener09


  45. Zephyrian

    Fucking Beautiful!

  46. Anthony Paone

    This band is a pretty liberal band to begin with, like from the start. Their music talked about drug addiction. Also most bands/artists are progressive speaking people so 90% of these comments are just experiencing cognitive dissonance

  47. C S

    Thank you for this song, Third Eye Blind. Proving that decency isn't dead. Wrong is wrong and a grown man tossing around a 14 year old girl is wrong. No matter the context.

    And to anyone who says this is just so they can stay relevant, just a reminder that the VAST majority of their fans are white and it would have been a lot easier to sell records if they were saying the opposite.


    She was 16. But yeah, doesn't really matter. Pretty fucked up what that cop did...

  48. joseph vu

    Some of the comments in here are just plain stupid. "Trying to be relavant"? Why would he pick this subject to be "relavant"? If he is a try-hard, he'll talk about dabbing and pokemon Go and not something this serious. Artists write music when they feel convicted and they feel like they need to respond and speak from the heart. Now the subject here is some serious sh**, and I think more people need to respond and talk about things that matter. .... And also.... the music is great, agree or not =)

  49. Krystel D'Abreu

    best song ever

  50. Seas Of Sweden

    Stopped listening at Black Lives Matter. Fuck those neo terrorists

  51. Thomas Strong

    New flash: TEB ALWAYS had a 'liberal agenda.' Those of you who didn't realize that already must be kind of illiterate.


    ahahaha yes I was about to say this. He's a new fan.


    what do you know noob

    Thomas Goad

    I was a 90's teen and loved them and yep learning the mistake now totally agree with Thomas


    I thought they had a drugs agenda.

    Soldado de Juan José Torres

    Exactly. Jumper was about talking a gay friend out of suicide.

  52. RockinRob69

    Been waiting for 3EB to release an album for awhile now. Same great sound!

  53. AHxIntrovert44

    Put aside politics and it's still a nice song. The beat and shit is really nice.

  54. VanadisArson

    Hey @Harvey7878 please get out of the comments section you're pissing a lot of people off.


    Also you @Tsar Wojack


    Alright another person too yay (sarcasm): @Human Cobras

  55. Tommy Goodman

    Ridiculously excited for a new 3EB album.  Dopamine and Ursa Major were killllllller, well structured albums that most current rock-pop bands should be incredibly envious of.

  56. Tom Koopman

    love it

  57. Coia

    sigh... this is not the kind of stuff that made me fall in love with 3eb 20 years ago. i get bands evolve, but shit man... just... no. stop it.


    Stephen C scared of the truth? That’s a normal reaction.


    😄sigh, ur phunniieee😄👌

  58. Brittany Strang

    Thank you for being a kind, caring, empathetic band. Just saw you guys last night for the first time at the dutchess county fair and your message was so loving and positive, it made me cry. I just picked up a guitar for the first time in a year. Thank YOU!!!


    Brittany Strang 👭👬👫👪💏💑🙋💃👏🏃🚶🙅💁🙇✌❤💞💘💗💚💜💙💛🌈👌

    Anikada Awesomest

    its good to know the band is still appreciated.

  59. Brian DelGiudice

    I'm conservative and I like this song. Well put together 3eb. See you tonight.

    Def Tye

    I'm conservative as well, and I love 3EB, butttttt...they might as well make a pro-KKK song if they want to make pro-BLM songs now...

  60. Pedro Marques

    3eb cheers from Portugal (Europe)! Thanks for this amazing song and message! o/

    Consultora Pimpinha

    great song indeed!!

    Consultora Pimpinha

    cant stop hitting the replay button! lovin this song more and more day by day :) ....let the colors go blind \m/


    Yes💘i love it too!💚much love PortugL💘✌

  61. Hair I Am Salon Studio

    this band is washed up who is writing these stupid songs oh no one I think

  62. Gregory Ward

    The love I have for Third Eye Blind is immeasurable and now that I see they support the #BlackLivesMatter campaign, I love them even more!

    Gregory Ward

    +Tsar Wojak They have never called for that. Check out their site. Also, there is always knuckleheads in every group.




    fucking love 3eb

  64. Leah Moriarity

    Will ALWAYS love this band no matter how political they get, everyone has their views and should be allowed to express them in anyway that they would like. I do not 100% agree with their views but I still love them and their music and nothing is going to change that. I know a handful of bands that sing about their beliefs and what not and people still listen to them. Third Eye Blind forever.

  65. Sean

    I'm REALLY really hoping that 3eb is just pandering to try to stay relevant, I would understand that. But if they are dead serious about making a song like this, they will lose a lot of my respect

    Tucker Aylo

    @Grayson's Channel non-dairy creamer?? Get outta town! You're fooling me?

    Pat Mchugh

    seriously. the cop wasn't right but every ass kicking doesn't just fall out of the sky. I'm sure it wasn't as one sided as they're making it sound

    Tucker Aylo

    I agree there was likely a contributing factor... but unless she posed an immediate threat to the cop... he didn't need to do what he did.

    The video is brutal, and she didn't raise a finger toward him.. there's restraining people and then there's just letting all your anger out and beating the shit out of someone for the sake of it... this was the latter


    Anyone who voices their heart is in my respects

  66. stormus08

    This song is garbage, and I'm left leaning. Seriously, listen to The Background and then listen to this song.

  67. VitalemRecords

    Good Track. I don't know why their older songs aren't on their youtube page.

  68. bluejay nanie

    So, as an official old dude, this is why this band has stayed relevant to me for twenty years. All of it. Since '97 when it was completely uncool to like SCL. And I never cared, cause this band is for me, not for impressing my friends...


    As a black person, thank you for standing with us, seriously. Your comments were bloody brilliant. Again, thank you.

    bluejay nanie

    @gothicasuwung Cheers! I come from a marginalized, ghettoized people. It's important we stand for each other. I've been racially profiled, roughed up by cops, attacked because I'm Mohawk, I've even been told that I'm "so well spoken".... I can feel the black experience cause I know the red experience...! 

    VICTORIA Elaine

    Well I think it really speaks it not just supposed to make you dance sometimes you need to really hear the message and depending on how you interpret ..well that's all you

    Soldado de Juan José Torres

    Seeing this comment was so refreshing. I've had my life almost ruined by a made up charge by police and seeing other 3EB fans speak out against them is a breath of fresh air.

  69. clinton hermann

    It's alright. I like the message but they will definitely alienate folks. Which, maybe isn't a bad thing. The actual musicality of it though does feel to be lacking some depth. This is not the same 3EB that rolled out tunes like '10 days late', 'The Background' or 'Jumper'. This is a new 3EB. Not bad, just different. I've always like Stephan and Brad's approach to tunes, so I'll always support them.

    clinton hermann

    +Tsar Wojak well I'm still here, so they got that going for them....

  70. motivation149

    If there ever was a time (Zuccotti Occupy Wallstreet), Red Star (DDR), Non-Dairy Creamer (anti-republican), and now this. Some are more subtle than others. If you can't handle the objectivity and truth of this song, you can't handle Third Eye Blind. Go back to saying "Jumper" is your favorite song even though you have no clue what it is about. Thumbs up if you believe in science.


    +jeffsaddiction sorry meant GDR (East Germany)


    thumbs up!💜💪✌

  71. HinjuRock

    The topic is good, but the lyrics are pretty cheesy and awkward and the music sounds like bad 90's trip hop mixed with a boy band and trendy techno dance pop. So yeah, not a good sound. Where are the guitars?


    The epic 3eb guitar sounds left with Kevin Cadogan.

    Ravi Sangha

    That's funny, I was just thinking how much I like this 'sound' of music, especially paired of with Jenkins voice. I'm digging it. But yeah, the instrumentally complicated rifts left with Cadogan and Arion. I think Jenkins is writing the instrumentals or something because the rifts seem pretty simple and he was never known for being a class A player.

  72. Mike Marion

    Jennings. .super fucken white and still doin it right! 3eb remains unnoticed as top 3 in list of 90's bands.and unparalleled in original sound type category... I love all there works... rediculously!!

  73. Google Account

    now its just Stephan w some new dudes being helped out touring their older stuff


    You realize Brad, the original drummer, has always been in the band right? And the other dudes are mad talented.

  74. Google Account

    no more Kev nor tony to give Stephan something dope to write over as far as the music parta the song writing goes

  75. JustKeepScrolling

    okay tbh this song kinda seems like a joke. ik the message overall is serious but lyrically this is kind of a joke. but then again idk any other songs by them so maybe they just suck lyrically

    Danielle McIntyre

    if you don't know any other songs by them then look some up haha they are amazing


    This song is definitely the exception. I have all 5 of their LPs and this hardly resembles them.

  76. Chris Watson

    So they are sticking up for a disrespectful little cunt who wanted to play on her phone in SCHOOL and didn't give a fuck what teachers or the cop had to say? Oh yeah she is such a victim. Just like the criminals that the blm people post up who had done "nothing" wrong and we're upstanding citizens who cooperated with law enforcement. This song Is pathetic and third eye blind is a washed up group trying to get popular again by making this awful song...Hahaha "Mr Slam"


    So it was perfectly okay for the cop to grab her around the neck, slam her on the ground, and literally drag her out of the room because she didn't listen to the cop? She wasn't violent toward the cop in any way, so why is it okay for the cop to be violent against her?

  77. Chris Watson

    Third eye blind trying to stay relevant with a stupid ass libtard song. Go away third eye blind.


    @Harvey7878 People like you need to post your comment only once. Not twice.

    wait for it .... wait for it..... dangle the worm


    @sbæ02 Harvey spends his time on youtube attacking lesbians. Kind of a strange past-time, don't you think? Calls them "Dykes" and "carpet munchers" - not exactly a class act.


    @VitalemRecords Never said either of those things. You clearly spend your time creeping other people's youtube accounts (pathetic as it gets) and also losing arguments on youtube because you fail to have any ability to think logically.


    @Harvey7878 those were yours

    Mason Sharman

    ''Bro, my sarcasm can beat up your dad.'' - Chris Watson 2016
    The greatest comment I have ever stumbled upon

  78. Lora Cunanan

    I love the song but this sound a little different from what they used to be . Thumbs up still 👍👍

  79. boxertest

    Love this song, I missed you 3EB , its been too long :-) Jumper was a message song too glad you're still at it :-)

  80. haveheart18

    everyone talking shit on this song can go to hell tbh.
    they're expressing very serious issues and hoping to reach someone/anyone out there that is clueless w/ their music.
    doesn't fucking matter if you like the song or not, but it's an actual GOOD song. So fuck off, you're still listening to it aren't you? exactly. i rest my case.

  81. Conor Sass

    "Take it from me, I'm super fucking white" XD I can't really take this song seriously because of how it reads like a Facebook status, but it's got a good message and made me chuckle

  82. Frendly Hart Flow

    I absolutely love you guys even more and I didn't think that was possible.

  83. LibertyMan

    good beat...but I could do without the virtue signaling and preachy overtones.

    Gregory Ward

    Stop demonizing solidarity, LibertyMan.

  84. Robert Brown

    These kids get away with far too much thus the reason they have no respect for authority or anyone for that matter


    Like the kids of your day where any better. The same shit happened back then as that is happening today on account of stories of my mother and father and grandparents and aunts and uncles have told me. Go fuck yourself.

  85. darshan chheda

    the intro is a bit like Persephone....great song though

  86. Harry Kane

    Nice song 👌🏻

  87. My Favorite Vegan

    Such a good song and band. Great message, too.

  88. Nathaniel Stamper

    This song is awful. This band went from one of my favorite bands to a joke. 3eb, what happened to you?

    clinton hermann

    Yet, here you are.


    +Nathaniel Stamper a decade? You're nuts. Out of the Vein, Ursa Major, and Dopamine are all great albums. This song is pretty trash, but to say the rest is is crazy.

    Nakul Yadav

    kevin left, that's what happened dude.

    Nick Smith

    u mean they disagree with you so now they sux . okay small trump tugger thinking


    Ok. So cops beating and killing kids is ok? I don’t get what you are saying?

  89. blueline92004

    Jesus H Christ this is terrible.

    I thought "semi-charmed kind of life" was shit, but this is horrendous. I only found this song because of all the talk on social media about it.

    I will never listen to this shit again.


    +Jacki Flynn that's cute. You think your opinion on my comment matters too.

    Jacki Flynn

    It matters to Kylie <3


    Bye Felicia

    The Senate

    blueline92004 semi charmed life is considered one of the greatest songs of the 90s, your opinion is irrelevant and holds no weight. Pointless comment, the 20 people who see it don't give a fuck either. You're a joke

    Anikada Awesomest

    Are you actually serious or do you just want to get some attention?

  90. Reginald P. Lunix

    you're kidding yourself

  91. Chris B.

    semi charmed kinda cop vs a phone girl

  92. HeavenConstellations

    At first I thought he said "I got black vans." lol

  93. Human Cobras


    Nathan H

    Why don't you go listen to music you like instead of insulting others.

    Basket Case Reviews

    Because it makes a statement that makes you think? Does that piss you off? Sorry if the slap of reality is to hard to handle....

    Jupiter Jazz

    +Grayson's Channel It just sounds so generic. It's impossible to get anything meaningful out of the lyrics because it's so awful sound wise. I love third eye blind with all my heart but I can still admit when something is bad.


    +Jesi Boitet Same here.

    Nick Smith

    haters going hate

  94. EternalMelancholy

    This is awesome.
    Good job 3EB.

    Human Cobras


  95. Arc Gaming

    Loved this band since I was teenager, their songs have always had some truth to them <3

    Human Cobras


    Kylie Douglas

    Couldn't agree more. I love the stuff they're coming out with. <3