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Third Eye Blind Blood Bank Comments
  1. Roman Wojciechowski

    Is it Christmas morning ? This breaks my heart

  2. Angelic_Fruitcake

    Can't wait to see u guys on excited.Best band ever!!

  3. Rhyl Jones

    Forgive my ignorance, but this sounded so much like a Third Eye Blind song I had no idea it was a cover!!! Just discovered Bon Iver and think he's awesome! I kind of still prefer this version, though, but only because I heard it first.

  4. landidan

    Is this a joke?

  5. Roman Wojciechowski

    The day has arrived, 3eb The Windy City, 6-27-19 YEEEEAAAAHHHH!!!!! I WILL WEEP🐐🌹🌹🌹🌹✌💖💖💖BEST BAND IN THE WORLD😀🙏

  6. Joe Spengemann

    I didn't realize i needed this in my life. Absolutely brilliant stephan. Love you brother.

  7. Daniel De Ciantis

    Cyas @ Jones Beach in July!!!

  8. Roman Wojciechowski

    Fuck the video, the song tho, JESUS. THERE IS NOTHING LIKE 3eb. BEST BAND IN THE WORLD

  9. Mike Gill

    Free lesbo marriage for dukes in God's ways as word

    Graham Miles

    I'd leave my opinion on your coment but I don't understand what the fuck you just said?

  10. Zivojin Ilic

    Your music changed my life.....i love you so much.....keep going guys!!!!

  11. Ryan Plethra

    I still have my first CD ever, Nivana Nevermind :P

  12. Johnny Suit

    3eb still rockn it! Concert in Rome please!

  13. Samuel Jonas

    I love Bon Iver and I love you guys. This totally brought me to tears and I'm looking even more forward to your Portland, ME show. Thank you thank you thank you.

    Graham Miles

    Make sure you bring a box of tissues that night and throw in a barf bag.

  14. Zack S

    Bon Iver's rendition is more emotional for me.

  15. Jason Shelly

    I'm melting...nothing will touch me like your music does<3 you've saved my life more times than I can count.

    Graham Miles

    You must be the bad witch?

  16. Cody Fenter

    Good cover. Bon iver is still my favorite :)

  17. Ocean Blue

    I love this video

  18. Roman Wojciechowski

    3eb, junky wino creeps, REJOICE !!! Saw this in the motor city, jawdropping, stunning, speechless. Right on🙏💜✌

  19. Curby Piehl

    *excellent* cover

  20. Seth Bender

    Picasso and Leonardo I’m sorry they have absolutely nothing on TEB in my GHOP

    Graham Miles

    That's because they don't. They made master art work with paints.


    3eb are legends, new album coming out?

  22. Logan’s World

    I like the song but not the video

  23. Jamie Collins

    so grateful to be alive during a time when 3eb releases music... you guys are truly musically gifted and i'll always be touched by your music

    pqm tlm

    I feel the same, we are blessed to live in the same life period. So much talent, Im from Portugal and never sas them live but thats not a problem for me, as far as I can listen to their music and my favourite band everything is perfect

    pqm tlm

    @Marshall Bender yep we know that :)

    Roman Wojciechowski

    Marshall Bender it is now

    Graham Miles

    Actually it's my song. I just sold the rights to it . I should have brought my reading glasses because I got 1 dollar instead of the other 6 zeros I thought were going with it. BTW Bon Iver is better one when it comes to this song.

    Matthew Carbone

    Yes, I was so blessed to grow up in the 90s.


    why so less views and subs? omg!!! you guys deserve better tho

  25. F.W. Roman

    SAW THIS LAST WEEK IN DETROIT, sweet mother of GOD !!!! Killed me, as usual. BEST BAND IN THE WORLD !!!!

    Graham Miles

    Best band in the world has a fan with the worst taste in the world. And I'm not talking about your tongue.

  26. Cally Smith

    Omg, yes 😭😭😭😭😭

  27. Jacob Rodriguez

    Need another album ASAP 3eb!!!

  28. Tasha Boldt

    Love it guys !!! Very artistic!!!!!!

  29. likkuid

    Hmmmm. Great track, not sure about the video

  30. journeystorm

    Do they purposely try to make awful music videos?

  31. tari •

    SO GOOD💜💜
    Brazil loves u 💚

  32. Consultora Pimpinha

    All I can think is one day when you guys no longer exist we will miss you so much! Please dont stop making music :)

    Pedro Marques

    x2 Love this band so much

  33. K X S

    This makes my Monday!!! Come to PHX!!! Sounds awesome! 🤘

  34. Perla’s Precious

    We missed you guys 💜👏🏼🤩

  35. TheMehrs

    Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh finally , TT

  36. Fred Edish

    Couldn’t imagine 3EB covering anyone other that Bon Iver....well done! 🇨🇦

    Graham Miles

    Actually the 3 blind mice would be better if they covered themselves. With their music, not sugar. You girls have the dirtiest minds!

  37. luckydonut

    Yesss. ❤️

  38. eamonjosephus

    all time fan here

  39. lovesick1432

    The cover is great, but this video? You can do better.


    @Cally Smith you are very mistaken.

    Cally Smith

    lovesick1432 you didn’t pay a cent for this, so why say something negative? If someone gives you a gift you tell them “you can do better”? Please show us what you’re providing to the world, or just be grateful

    Pedro Marques

    @Consultora Pimpinha Damm true! But I was watching this video and thinking: one day this band will over ... man this video instantly makes me feel nostalgy and a feeling of missing so much this band.

  40. Allison ross M.

    Yay! That's great..... ✌💜&☺

  41. Alexa Garza

    Love ❤️

  42. Fee FOE


  43. neilo stewart

    nice b-day drippp

  44. Rexmu