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Third Eye Blind 10 Comments
  1. Ludger Fröse

    All covers from THANKS FOR EVERYTHING are pretty good made.Thanks 3EB. Won't complain to get more in the future.
    They playing tonight in Berlin, but I can't go :-( Told my daughter to go to the concert. Bought tickets for her and a friend.
    Good music must be supported!

  2. F.W. Roman

    3eb just gets better and better every fucking day !!! BEST BAND IN THE WORLD !!! Nobody else matters.

  3. DL VOX

    Pro Tools in a garage?

  4. BackTo Africa

    Damn haven't heard nothing this great since Out of the Vein.

    Chicken Nugget Scoon

    Just a cover. Not their song.

    BackTo Africa

    @Chicken Nugget Scoon Stephan Jenkins is the one singing though.

  5. Nicolas Ribeiro Marques

    What band made this song?


    happy diving is the original

    The Frankle Friends

    @My first sword third eye blind covered it, not made it

    Eric D.

    @My first sword its a cover, guy

  6. Nolanduke

    These guys are totally hitting their stride 21 years after the first album. This album and We are Drugs both kick!

  7. Evan Miles

    Why did I not know about this album until today?!

  8. chaoticfirearm

    Can't believe how good this cover is.

  9. Gregory Clay

    man they keep getting better,
    i feel like this should be on the radio

    Draven Alexander

    Gregory Clay It is. That's how I heard it.

    Polka Productions

    It's on DC101 in my area.

    Chicken Nugget Scoon

    It's just a cover. Not their song.


    It is now.

  10. Kyle Wagoner

    This is wild.