Third Day - Sing Praises Lyrics

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Third Day Sing Praises Comments
  1. Carl Peacock

    Love the island type beat to Sing Praises

  2. Garlic Girl

    Love it!!!

  3. Ramona Castro

    amo Third Day

  4. marysue wardell

    Psalm 47 what we will sing at the moment of rapture and every minute until and after

    Laura Retail

    A friend sent me Psalm 47 and it reminded me of this lovely song, which I haven't heard in ages!

    There is nothing so wonderful as worshipping our Lord!!! Worship has lifted me out of some pretty dark valleys!!! You are God and You are worthy of all our praises!!

  5. silda Guerrero

    Beautiful song!

  6. NSRadication

    :D Awesome!

    Keep it up!