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Third Day It's Alright Comments
  1. Michael Sanabria

    Third day is the best rock band in the history of America

  2. stillsavedbyhisgrace

    Thank you guys for singing the Truth so beautifully.

  3. Chevy Ethridge CHULA 229

    Third Day is Gods' ,"Exclamation Point!". As Mac said

  4. Chevy Ethridge CHULA 229

    My favorite band for over 20 years

  5. Chevy Ethridge CHULA 229

    It's like candy for grown-ups

  6. Emeldah Bupe

    2019. Timeless.😍

  7. Philip Nomad

    Great song

  8. Focus integrity

    One day closer

  9. Julio Voz & Acordes

    Galera segue essa versão Traduzida para o Português

  10. Lee Roquemore

    Its ok. Jesus is our savior and friend. God is our salvation and heavenly father🌴

  11. Alvin Chapman

    I was looking for this song. I found it again. Amazing and a wonderful message.

  12. Alexis Wohler

    Such an awesome song by third day! One of my many favorites.

  13. - Decongested

    Thank you, Jesus for dying on the cross for all of us.

    We are so thankful that we can pray to you and thank you on this memorable Easter Sunday.
    Lord, thank you for sending your son to save us.

    Your loving son,

  14. Brendan Carmichael

    What was that sound at the end?

  15. Gina Willis

    In loving memory of my dear friend and colleague, Randall Ricketts. :)

  16. me me

    The fool says in his heart there's no God! Well I got news for you! Every knee will bow and every Tongue will confess that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!! No one has to believe, but I promise you will one day be in front of God to give an account for all your sins.. and it won't matter Whether you believe or not ...


    That's the truth, even the righteous will be judged for our actions, but redemption and true repentance is where it's at. For we are only saved by grace...

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  21. Heros Iarossi

    Amazing song

  22. George Burt

    I love this song!

  23. 38Gabulldog

    what an awesome & gracious God we have!! He makes all things new! Nothing is Greater than His Love for You!

  24. Norman Pelley

    LOVE THIS BAND! and this songs is special to me.

  25. Wendy Yvette Greenwell

    I love this song. It should be heard, Awesome. Third Day "It's Alright" Yeah, Every Christian song is timeless.....................

  26. Dciber

    Mi grupo favorito, Hermosas canciones!!

  27. koismama

    Beautiful song

  28. Roselyn Hall

    awesome song !!!

  29. Discman 45

    Someone commented that we should not believe in God but that we should love this song.  Bad advice.

  30. Robin b

    First song I ever hear from them, and I fell in love

    Paul Sanchez

    This entire album is amazing. Check them out!

  31. Kim D

    Things that happen to us, don't happen to cause us worry, they happen to bring us closer to God. So it's alright it's o.k. I won't worry bout tomorrow, if it brings me one more day closer than I was to You Jesus.

    Discman 45

    I believe what you are saying.  I've seen some of the attitudes of unbelievers and how they have tried to squash my faith, but it actually made me want to press on to know the Lord even more.

    Kim D

    Wow, Love hearing that!!! Press on Mike, we are only here for a short while.

    Kim D

    Amen my friend!!

    Desiree Stevens

    Good best gospel music of all.

  32. daniel williams

    That's ok, He believes in you.

  33. willis legros

    there will always be people that say you cant do something.never listen to them always let god take over and you will always pull threw.

  34. King Mac

    Hpnyr 2013

  35. King Mac

    And the band

  36. King Mac

    Hmmmm. What an inspiration. Go Mac

  37. DELLIS0503

    Dont believe in god. Love this song tho


    God believes in you, and he will wait like the gentleman he is. He chases our hearts, even when we denie him. I'm sure you've heard something along those lines many times, but it's the truth. Idk how many times I should be dead, but it is simply by God's grace I'm alive still, and every day I'm greatful for another chance to share it with someone else...

  38. brantk81

    God is with you....hang in there buddy :)

  39. Phoniexwolf209

    God put this song on my mind this morning, me and my mom have been going through a ruff time, and God always brings me a song, right when i need it to instill peace in me. I hope God dose the same for you when you feel like the world is going to crush you, I pray he gives you the words he wants you to hear, just listen for that small voice that says you can do it, you'll pull through it =)

  40. Michelle

    Love this song so much <3 It's alright, it's okay... I won't worry about tomorrow. Jesus, I love you! Thank you for everything my Lord!

  41. Miriam Sandoval

    THis is my absolute favorite song!

    Thank you Jesus!

  42. FansDeeJay

    Wonderful song!! ^__^