Third Day - Hit Me Like A Bomb Lyrics

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Third Day Hit Me Like A Bomb Comments
  1. mike still

    good song!

  2. Evelyn Remmerde

    The love of the Lord is overwhelming

  3. Raquel Ramos

    what show music

  4. Shepherds Outcry

    I just saw an ad with a picture of a black man and it said “good thing” and started lighting up... that was it...

  5. Kathryn Grubb

    They are AWESOME!!!

  6. Paty Hernández

    I love It 😍😇😎💪 !!!

  7. Amber Smith

    the sad part about me finding this song for the first time is it was when my school was doing a texting a driving thing and they had a DVD that they showed and it had this song

  8. NOV

    I need more like this.

  9. Vladimir Shlygin


  10. Elizabeth Chase

    Saw them in concert a few years ago... =D

  11. sharenda long

    sharenda long

  12. Jessica Love

    you're signing up for everyone thankful for you bombs and all, God allows it may my life hit the next road I travel like a bomb.....Thank you kindly JLOV

  13. Morgan Godfrey

    Awesome song, I love the reckless sound that drives and moves me !

  14. rick grebenik

    They just need a better singer for this song!


    why do they need a better singer?

    rick grebenik

    Cuz he's a low note singer, I'm a singer from the 70- 80's. He's not even close to the big boys voices of that tine!!

    Lori Lyon

    It was Mac Powell's voice and his band that brought me closer to God over the years. I am so grateful to them. God speaks and sings through these musicians. I am looking forward to the next album. God bless them.

    Mary Barratt

    rick grebenik I know if you were in control of music, yada, yada, yada....
    Mac Powell is awesome, when I hear him & Third Day I can't help to be timed warped back to the era you speak of, he has a natural southern rock/country voice. He's about as throwback as you can get. This song is fine wouldn't change a thing, keep doing your thing Mac. We should be more concerned & focused on the message of Christ & not dissect the song through our filter. I was a music purist & snob, you couldn't convince me I was not the do all & end all of music taste & knowledge; but fortunately, I grew up. Have a blessed & spirit filled day Rick.

  15. Janelle Dupuis

    this is so catchy

  16. Samuele Cassaro


  17. Im Draw

    I saw third day, they came to my church :)

    thrifty bella

    +Im Draw Good for you!

    Jewels Donovan

    That’s awesome!!

  18. John Karges

    I thought only rockstars made the RollingStone. The Boston was bombed but The Paul Revere knew the coming and gave message RIP victims. Special thanks to anyone thats been blown away, blown up and blown out!

  19. John Karges

    What ever it is I defiantly got the gig.

    John Karges

    hear the sound of the sirens ringing...

  20. Poe Nasty

    Third Day rocked last night at the Wolstein Center at CSU in Cleveland.

  21. Caitlin Shepard

    I think the spellings supposed to be that way.
    Love this song ya'll, thanks

  22. Will Powell

     I like the song but they need to fix the lyrics. It should say never not ever. God bless you Third Day.

    Lucas Harder

    And it should be "used to" and not "use to".

  23. Maur Faith

    Great wake up juice!  Blessings :)

  24. musicaman68

    People use bad language because their brains can't find the right words to say.

  25. Geoffrey Hines

    Is that kind of language really necessary?

  26. JesusisAlive3100

    ikr? why use that language here, or even at all?

  27. Kayla Gibson

    Love this song

  28. call2christ2011

    Amazing song.......but guys is the bad language really necesary?

  29. recreational shooter 13

    ur right no1 can be like jesus cuz jesus might not even be real where as max powell obviously is theres not 3 dif religious veiws on mac powel such as a believing in him, being an athiest, or being a satanist... so next tiime u think that ur obviously fucking retarded cuz in the way u ment it was fucking wrong. and obviously if god is more glorious than "jesus" why wouldnt he have given himself up for these "sins". and also these sins he made caused his own son to get killed so he killed jesus

  30. Blazingmoment

    Fuck off Bieber!

  31. Justin Gaines

    no body can be like Jesus he was perfect and we all have sinned and short of the glory of god

  32. ASMR w/CC25Y

    love it, third day is so amazing

  33. alphapancake37

    this is good music

  34. Ana Paula Cintra

    La, la, lara, la, la la ... ♫ AMAZING!!!!!!!

  35. SamsonizorAlt

    Well, no one knows EXACTLY what Jesus looked like, but yeah, if that was a yes or no question, "Does Mac Powell look like Jesus?" I would say yes.

  36. H.M. Severson

    Mac Powell surely lives to be like and look like Jesus...awesome artist.

  37. brian stone

    what the shit, is he jesus?

  38. Duckdynasty duckco

    i am a christain and love rock music..thank god 4 third day

  39. DragonWithaMonocle

    I listen to this in the car all the time. Great song, great band.

  40. Melissa Sharpe

    Another amazing song.

  41. Vinícius Telles

    Musica muito boa, Third Day, WE LOVE YOU !!

  42. sharon mercy

    Love this song!

  43. dracosummoner

    Simply an excellent song.

  44. Autumn Bass

    weird song! hit me!!!!!

  45. Ayla Sadler

    Such an amazing song! Have you seen their newest video for "I Need A Miracle"? It's so wonderful!

  46. LynAy Bundick

    God Bless Third Day!

  47. Joe Arbogast

    Thanks for lyrics to a great song -- you need to fix one line though -- you say ... "I ever saw it coming ..." it should be "never"

  48. ka30507

    This song is AMAZING! ♥ Thank you! :)

  49. Nolan Lowery

    This songs the Bomb

  50. jdturk201

    Saw them perform on jay leno, now im hooked.

  51. Loren Blue

    I love Third Day!!!

  52. Kylito Newt 28


    Lori Lyon


  53. Lost Possum

    damn that's good.