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Thin Lizzy Vagabond Of The Western World Comments
  1. chris barlow

    Phil's charisma made all the other so called rockers look like a bunch of leather clad tarts with nothing to say.

  2. The Mudman

    Super Strak!

  3. John Fogarty

    you know what ? Phil was just great!

  4. Alan Lloyd

    I'm such a goof . I said the same thing 12 times on this comment section lol 😎

    Oleg A.

    It is a great song by a great band though, so your comments aren't really false. :) I agree that Thin Lizzy are brilliant, there wasn't a band quite like them. They were one of the best rock bands ever.

  5. Mrlinkwait

    Anyone have any idea what the first word of the song is? Cant find it anywhere, cheers!

  6. Sam And Jenny Sambrook

    Eric bell was in a bad place mentally when they did this album, although you'd never know it listening to this.he was brilliant. He's in his 70s now and still as good. 🎸💕

  7. Adam Hajnos

    Check out the High on Fire cover of this track.


    What’s the chorus/ the thing Phil says at the beginning and middle, idk what he’s saying

    candom rommenter

    Toora loori lay. It's just basically meaningless sounds used in Irish traditional music. Kind of like scat singing in jazz.

  9. Krister Persson

    Just a fuckin great rock song. And besides that a totally overlooked song all together. Ive been a Thin Lizzy fan since my older brother brought Jailbreak LP home. This band has also been such a avourite of mine sine the first time I heard them. Please everyone, give them a chance, listen to all the music from Youtube...

  10. james bradshaw

    Like Phil I could tell you many stories about this album and this band gut that will have to wait until some other time. Let tell you about Vagabonds Of The Western World is a stunningly, great, brilliant album, everything about is great, If I was going 20 million pounds to find a tiny fault in any part of this album I would completely fail, it is my most favorite album by Thin Lizzy, this any all the other albums by Thin Lizzy are all most favorite albums, I would not pick one over any other, I just happen to play VOFTWW more than any of the other albums because I have got in on cesset player as a drive around the place, I teel to get all the other TL albums on centers tape so I can also play them. I also love the artwork by that other genius Jim Fitzpatrick, I have never got tired of looking at the art on this album cover, it puts many ideas in to my mind as glimpse at it. after all those many years it was only about 2 years ago that I notice the very great Gary Moore is also on this album, look a Phil, Eric, Brian and then the 4 person turning slightly away, that is our man Gary.

  11. Alan Lloyd

    BY far my favorite thin Lizzy song . In fact , my favorite song PERIOD

    Ricardo Bialetti

    There are many bests


    Alan Lloyd what is Phil saying at the beginning and middle? I can’t find it on any lyrics, and it’s been stuck in my head sounds like lorelei or loreley or something lol

    Ricardo Bialetti

    GFEAST it's a seafarer diddy/scat if you will, too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ra-lie', it's present in 'come on ileen', 'Irish lullaby' I've heard it used in convict Australian narratives, like a bonny ode to the sea for safe passage, positive steed upon departure.


    Ricardo Bialetti yeah I was thinking it was some traditional Irish thing like whiskey in the jar musha rain dum a doo dum a da. Thanks!

    Alan Lloyd

    Everybody got it right .. too ra loo ra loo ra lie...

    I like to think it was Phil's way of saying goodbye to the ladies he couldn't commit to... Because too ra loo is what some people say , in place of good bye . It's a very fitting line , considering there theme of this song

  12. Matt Murray

    High on Fire did a great version of this

    Alan Lloyd

    You are correct. It sounds like Motorhead kinda because of the vocalist. It is awesome though.

  13. Alan Lloyd

    I'm addicted to this song. I can't let it go. This song hit me sooooooooo hard... It was like heroin to me. I sent a video to Eric Bell of me playing it on guitar NOTE FOR NOTE the way he played it

    His response was "good job mate! Carry on !!".....

    I read his email daily . This was 2014.. I contacted him on FB and his wife Rhona (I think that was her name) put me thru to him. I kept sending messages saying how obsessed I was with this song.

    He also said some of his favorite TL songs were "honesty...." , "Eire", "brought down".... He said they would rehearse for many hours and Philip wrote the verse riff to vagabond of the western world.

    This is my favorite song of all time. I've listened a good 15k times, I'm sure of it.. I relate to the lyrics and the music is beyond brilliant. It sounds tragic, vicious, and sexy....all at once. There are NO other bands who can pull that off , only Phil and Lizzy

    Alan Lloyd

    Jesus, I cringe at all my drunken comments later. It is true I sent a video to EB though.

  14. juggalette lewis

    Those pounding drums and the melody is just uphoric

  15. Anthony Monaghan

    Give it up for Eric Bell good as anyone at the time.

  16. Dave Benjafield

    The reason I've had an ear-ring in my left ear since the mid-1970s.


    Ha! I hear that-um, no I don't.

    Alan Lloyd

    Good call!

  17. Scamp Thelazycat

    this is fantastic !!! rip Phil and play those songs with Gary rip.

  18. Blizzerd84

    └📁 Thin Lizzy
    └📁 Bad Songs
    └⚠️ This folder is empty.

    Alan Lloyd

    Nicely done

  19. Andy

    There’s a High on Fire cover of this song coming out soon


    Its out on internet sites if you want to check it out

    Alan Lloyd

    @metalehead95 I just listened to it a. (vagabond by high on fire) and DAMNNNN! it's cool.... Sounds like Lemmy singing vagabonds!!! Good job boys😎

  20. Sabin Sundas


  21. Sean Ryan

    Totally underrated band. Their best songs weren't played on the radio and that's good cuz they weren't beat to death.

  22. Da Cappo


  23. Worsignor

    Fucking class.. Mr lynott, you might be gone sir but your music will live forever.. A true legend.. The best. Rip Phil gone but never forgotten x

  24. Marvin Green

    My favorite Lizzy song, favorite Lizzy guitarist, bought this originally back in the day for the Jim Fitzpatrick cover, stayed for the music! What a great album, still play it to this day. Brilliant!

    Alan Lloyd

    I agree 💯. This song is stunning

  25. Arthur Rienecker

    A poet... an Angel

  26. golden dragon

    pychedelic blues rock...I was listening to this album on record back in early 90's when grunge was big....dropping acid and tripping with my mate in a house I'd just taken out a loan on in a small country town in queensland australia...I played bass and he played his les paul 6 string into the early houses for hundreds of metres...the sound blasting out the house into the hills...drinking rum and coke after tripping hard for first couple of hours we'd be pissed and tripped and jamming without care of time...we put on ac/dc and metallica someties and smoke and smoke rollies...and knock back our drinks like water...a great period that lasted a few months and then we went to live in a communal house outside byron bay and that was hippy days at the beach stoned...mate playing guitar and me singing...back at that time you'd walk thru the bushland ajoining beach and find sleeping bags and clothes and guitars....lots of kids from.all over australia were sleeping in there ...the dole office line was quite a sight...dudes and chicks lined up right out the door and onto the footpath in bare feet...dudes just dressed in in disarray...unshaven chicks who were too stoned to care...wish I'd taken footage of it or at least some pictures....1993 bout a year before kurt was murdered

    Alan Lloyd

    You sound like a fun MF to hang with!

  27. TheRealTommyRock

    the first 3 albums are definitely underrated!

  28. 1thiswas

    For me, along with 'Opium Trail' one of Lizzy's finest ever songs...And to mark what will be the 33rd anniversary of Phil's passing, I will be playing both of these classic Lizzy tracks plus a couple of others on the next edition of my classic rock show 'Raised ON Rock' which will be broadcast live on 10Radio 105.3 FM from 8.oo pm (UK) on Friday 4th Jan 2019 and which will also be available via a live stream from the 10Radio website: - be great if you could join me...

    Alan Lloyd

    Dude, my two fave tracks are OPIUM TRAIL and VAGABOND .... these two are the most Moody and badass..

  29. David Morrissey

    Eric bell... a vastly overlooked guitar god ☘🤘🤘

    Alan Lloyd

    Is this THE Morrissey?

  30. Lennart Jonsson

    Respekt lelle ärligt vad är en vagabond

  31. Manuel Colunga-Hernandez

    Hey they are 'Balladeers' after all... this is surely a true classic!! They made music that would just take you away...

  32. Str8naro

    I was in a record shop in the mid-70's when I ran across this album (it was all vinyl back then) and being a big Hendrix Experience fan the cover caught my eye. One black guy and two white guys. Had never heard of them , but took a chance and bought it. That was my introduction to Phil Lynot and Thin Lizzy. A few months later Jail Break hit the airwaves. I wasn't surprised...

  33. Daniel Callahan

    Damn these dudes could rock

  34. charles sharbutt

    id bet his mom philomena thinks highly of this track. its like alot of thin lizzy...great irish folk music turned into mc5 energy and execution hard rock with almost if not BYRDS slash DONT FEAR THE REAPER by blue oysterb cult ...oh baby blue eyes fave lizzy song period...beautiful melody...powerful head banging jams...i can construct this kind of music naturally and im 52 but still look young 😄 why cant these new rockers out there do the sanw

    Alan Lloyd

    dude I love this comment. you called this song your favorite thin lizzy song AND AND  mentioned blue oyster cult ,   who are my second favorite rock band from this era.      you  are my new fucking hero for loving this song..

  35. gelsol

    LOVE the Eric Bell era. Way more dynamic material.

  36. Sam M.

    The real Thin Lizzy!

    Anthony Monaghan

    I'd say it's Thin Lizzy mark 1. The band totally reinvented themselves once Eric Bell left. Phil had the idea for the twin guitar sound, reputedly after hearing Wishbone Ash. Brian Robertson and Scott Gorham helped create Thin Lizzy mark 2. Both are the real thing, both radically different in sound and approach. As for the early Lizzy this is about as good as it gets. Eric Bell's guitar is stunning on this album, and Brian Dowhney's drumming is sensational. The three piece Lizzy were a real force of nature...the four piece Lizzy were a monster.

    Alan Lloyd

    Fucking A

  37. Alan Lloyd

    top 10 favorite thin lizzy songs: for now, anyway...

    1. Vagabond of the western world
    2. Opium Trail
    3. Wild One
    4. Bad Reputation
    5. Black Rose
    6. Honesty is no excuse
    7. Sha La La
    8. A ride in the lizzymobile
    9. With Love
    10. **a tie between (BUFFALO GAL, EIRE, SHOWDOWN, and several others)**

    gabriela trifu

    my top 10:
    1. wild one
    2. vagabonds
    3. emerald
    4.opium trail
    5. bad reputation
    6. black rose
    7. don t believe a word
    8. waiting for an alibi
    9. dancing in the moonlight
    10. the rocker (awesome solo)
    great band...they don t have bad songs...

    Alan Lloyd

    that is a KILLER list !!! i see we love some of the same songs... :)

    gabriela trifu

    Alan Lloyd It was hard to choose my no. 1 because I also love vagabond, but wild one has a special meaning to me...who doesn t know these great songs on our lists should go listen to them asap! Thin Lizzy deserve more credit for their unique sound and their huge contribution to music, they should be as popular as Led Zepp, or even more! Now, let s listen to Vagabond...:)

    Alan Lloyd

    Wild One was the song that turned me onto Thin Lizzy...

  38. tck roofing

    The only rocker to give you a history lessons. When Phil told you his stories, you fully believed them. he words get locked into your mind and they will never go away. Could any other band of Gods green earth match the quality of this song. Who elese would warn you about vagabonds. Thin Lizzy always created enough power on stage to sent a rock to the moon This might man Phil Lynott and all his boys in Thin Lizzy. Phil was the master musician, The WordSmith,The Hero, The Wildman, The Warrier, The Leader, The Story Teller, The Poet, The Man Up Front, The Rocker. The man who told you about the past, the present and the future. I have received some up to date news on Philip Parris "Phil" Lynott the very great man himself. I have heard it from a very reliable source that Phil along with Rory Gallagher, James Marshall "Jimi" Hendrix, Robert William Gary Moore, and John Henry Bonham are playing gigs 7 nights a week in the Kingdom Hall and are packing the place out, most nights Jesus is up at the front having a great time rocking out. God had to remind the boys about the 7th day that it should be a day of rest, they are thinking about this but are having so much fun play they are still playing every night. This just one of Lizzy mighty rocking tunes, all the boys of Thin Lizzy were masters at their trade

    Alan Lloyd

    great post!

    josephsonoftheuniverse ahuramazda

    And now the light of understanding bursts the dark wall of ignorance beyond the dreams of man and more and more

  39. tck roofing

    I have no problem the hero, the vagabond,the might Phil Lynott and all his boys in the very great Thin Lizzy band plus their brilliant artist Jim Fitzpatrick. Phil, his boys and their music comes to my mind several times each day and from the very beginning. Phil invaded my mind from the very first and has refused to go away. He has stuck to me like glue and will not let go, if he told me he was going to go away, I would refuse him permission go so it looks like we will be stuck together for the remainder of time and I would not have it any other way. it is my story and i am sticking to it

  40. Nervous J

    hi typwo

    Matheus Morais

    Hey, we two have the skull from pearl jam clip!

  41. tck roofing

    With genius lyrics by the very greatest Phil Lynott, this tune wins hands down by a very long country mile the very best guitar solo by Eric Bell, the master drummer Brian Downey, the driving base of the might PHIL, I have been listening almost daily to this track for over 35years and still sound as fresh as a daisy. Here to more good Thin Lizzy listening for the next 180 years

    Alan Lloyd

    "i have been listening almost daily to this track for over 35 years....." you sound like me, i listen daily to this song since i found it n 2012. its the best song ive ever heard.

  42. MarioMaccaferriRules

    Three people are either from the Eastern World or don't like Vagabonds.

  43. olli ketonen

    all lizzy albums are "AWSOME"

    Michael Blandford

    I agree

    Leo SG

    Best rock band and notorious singles!!!

    Harry Pfeffer

    That's really true. Thank you!

  44. Heavy Duty

    I'm a massive fan of the Nightlife to Thunder and Lightning Lizzy, trying out these 3 albums with Eric Bell. This is a stand out song for me, love it!

    Alan Lloyd

    yea, man. this is my favorite thin lizzy song.    how do you like Maiden's "book of souls"??  I like it a lot  .   the first 5 songs or so are really great.  and "tears of a clown" is awesome

  45. GinoGiovanni Feliciello

    Some o0f Lizzy's best material features on their first 3 albums, Eric Bell rocks!!

  46. Tímido Records

    hello hello hello hello

  47. Alan Lloyd

    of all the rock songs ive admired since childhood. this is my favorite song and its completely overlooked....even by thin lizzy fans. i dont get it. im completely baffled. its their best song IN MY OPINION 😂

    Andrew Park

    @Stephanie Sandlin what you said is total crap. Trash

    Andrew Park

    @Gojifan67 I'll drink to that all day - Phil was a genius. Period. And Thin Lizzy was awesome. Day 1 through 1986 when Phil lived.

    Stephanie Sandlin

    @Andrew Park Awww. Did I offend your feelers? How cute. Keep on with the intelligent rebuttals. Pure class. You make my point for me though. The arena rock dumbed them down. You make that case without even trying. There was more to Lizzy than Phil. Maybe you missed that in your hero-worship. Thanks!

    Andrew Park

    @Stephanie Sandlin lol Phil was Thin Lizzy. Lyrically, musically, presence, everything. If you want to say that a band like KISS is not all Gene Simmons, ok. Led Zepplin was not all Jimmy Page. But Lizzy? Please... oh and no need to insult my intelligence. Unnecessary.

    Stephanie Sandlin

    @Andrew Park If you call me trash, expect to be treated the same in return. Now to your point. You are wrong. With early Lizzy Eric and Brian were equals in that iteration band. You may not agree and that's fine. However, Eric's sound coupled with Phil's Rickenbacher there was a unique dynamic that FED off each other. The arena rock "fighting' tough guy nonsense became much less about the dynamic and fed off of Phil for the most part. The REAL Thin Lizzy was dynamic and interesting with 3 equal players synergizing. The later stuff was and is dumbed down. FACTS. Phil's lyrics may have continued with some interesting themes, however Lizzy is more than Phil. The early band WAS a band, not just a star vehicle for Phil. Your hero worship needs a check.

  48. Alan Lloyd

    this song hit me so hard it was ridiculous. to me this song is awesome

  49. countsmyth

    I remember my mother getting me into this back in the day, it's still my favorite Lizzy album!

  50. Kevin

    Not too many know about this great album, this song is only one example off a great, underated Thin Lizzy album!

    Patrick McCabe

    my dad is a huge lizzy fan, I grew up to this album specifically, it is totally responsible for my ascent into metal! not enough love for lizzy these days

  51. Alan Lloyd

    my top five: 1.) Vagabond . 2.) Opium Trail. 3.) Wild One. 4.) Bad reputation. 5.) Black Rose or With Love.... cant decide!

    Douglas Rodríguez

    It's very difficult to decide. Too many good songs. Cold Sweat is my favorite.

    Dale Wylie

    my top 5 vagabonds of the western world, philomena, don't believe a word, genocide, chinatown

    Alan Lloyd

    good list!  I really love "Philomena" too.   I love "chinatown'' as well...  actually I think NIGHTLIFE is an excellent album.   Philomena might be my favorite song on there.  great melodies

    Marco Mcbreed

    1. Baby please don't go. 2.Night life a blues singer. 3. Chinatown. 4. Hero and madman. 5. Dear Lord.

    Leo SG

    The Hero And The Madman is the best!

  52. Thomas Schwartzinger

    Holy [email protected] Never knew of this song from Thin Lizzy. Grew up with Jailbreak, Boys are back in town, Whiskey in the Jar. This song rocks, along with Wild One and Emerald. I have lived a sheltered life !

    Alan Lloyd

    +Thomas Schwartzinger me to bro. im american and boys are back and jailbreak is all i knew, i found wild one and went "oh, THIS is thin lizzy" then i found this song. my fave of all time.


    This album is the gateway drug to get into Lizzy.
    Listen to this a few times and hear where a lot of classic hard rock/NWOBHM metal came from.

  53. Alan Lloyd

    best song thin lizzy ever did.  period


    +Alan Lloyd Certainly one of their best , among many , IMO.