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Thin Lizzy The Pressure Will Blow Comments
  1. To Hell With Your Devil

    Phil wouldn't have picked Snowy White if he wasn't any good. He rules! RIP Phil.

  2. Manny Badabing

    I dig this album and this is my favorite track. Love it. I like it more than Black Rose (the album).

  3. SumnerCounty1986

    Best lizzy record period.

  4. Eat This

    " I don't want to take the glory, why don't you and him take it this time?"

  5. Sam And Jenny Sambrook

    Some slate snowy and say he didn't fit in? Maybe? But open you're ears.. He made 2 blinding albums with Lizzy. 🎸 And this track is a sizzler. ♥ Love lizzy till the end of time. X

    Gary Anderton

    I can't find any fault with his playing and I think he works really well with Scott.

  6. kieran o sullivan

    Some tune

  7. THEGG

    This is a great Masterpiece !!!

  8. venomagent76

    Phil has that low grunt and power in this song!
    He sounds like an animal on this track ... I miss you Phil!

  9. svogender

    This song is clasic Thin Lizzy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jeremy caspersz

    The duel lead intro is majestic....classic Lizzy!

  10. Arnaldo Oliveira

  11. Adam Ngangan

    such a beautiful song by Thin lizzy

    oscar bedia

    i like the melody and the riff guitar...

  12. Gary Bourke

    Masterpiece !

  13. Steve Pila

    Steffan Pila

    My favorite song from the "Renegade" album. Other Favorites included "Angel Of Death", "Renegade", "Hollywood", "No One Told Him", and "It's Getting Dangerous." Thanks!!!

    jeremy caspersz

    My favourite from this album too

  14. Keith Leeuwen

    GREAT !

  15. Andrew Stromstad

    This record gets a lot of flak over Snowy White's presence, but I think this is one of their most powerful tracks. Definitely in my top 5 all time Lizzy tunes.


    Of all the Thin Lizzy songs with guitar harmonies, these are my favorite.

    Leigh Burne

    As a complete album, I find it uninspired and forgettable. But a few of the individual tracks are absolute gems, like this one.

    Mark Rago

    I prefer the Chinatown album. It had a bit of a unique feel to it. Genocide, Killer on the Loose, Hey You, Sugar Blues, title track. Also Snowy White. Snowy actually a heavy player.

    Alan Lloyd

    @Leigh Burne it's prob the one I've listened to the least. Renegade


    @Alan Lloyd Same here along with Chinatown .

  16. mike jones

    2:04 techno bowl

    Alan Lloyd

    Tecmo Bowl ?

  17. Steve Pila

    Steffan Pila

    A powerful Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal Song by the one and only, Thin Lizzy. This song foreshadows the song from the "Thunder and Lightning" album "The Holy War." Classic Thin Lizzy.

  18. Smoke Bury

    my ears don't ring from concerts no-more ~but this with my headphones on round' 11 make um' hurt so good~Kick-ass Thin Lizzy hell yes always~

  19. Alan Lloyd

    phil got cheated because the 2 guitarists that were gonna take him to conquering america were either robertson or moore and they were both flakey assholes.. lol.

    Mr. Moon



    Maybe, maybe not. Both had there own things going. And lets face it, only one guitarist could manage partying like Phil did. And that was Scott.

    John Last

    And Gary Moore always filled in when Phil needed somebody learn your history before making a dumb ass comment also Gary left do to the drug problems yet again you failed at knowing history


    Phil cheated himself by letting his heroin addiction take him over.

  20. Emmett McAuliffe

    mind-flailingly stunning

  21. HuDaFuK

    Underrated album.