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  1. james bradshaw

    Fliping heck, excuse my bad language, this is a stunner, this is brilliant, this a classic, this is top quality, this is Thin Lizzy the greatest rocking back to every place a foot up on stage, walked up to the microphone, plugged in guitar, bass and drums, turned on the electric supply and let rip, lead upfront by the master wordsmith, the storyteller, the class music poet, the historian, the cowboy, the rockers, my teacher and my adviser Phil Lynott, those boys quality in truckloads, there is nothing more could ask for in your music

  2. Philip Salmon

    I was going to write a long piece but then I thought one word will do, GENIUS!

  3. graysight

    the funny thing here, is that this song does not sound much like a tango, there is no way to know if he actualy tried to make it sound like one, nonetheless, the song called "old moon madness" sounds much like some folk rithms from Argentina, from where tango comes from

    Alan Lloyd

    Old moon madness is a great song

  4. Harry Pfeffer

    The weakest Lizzy Song of all time...still good.

    Joel DeJonge

    What a shitty opinion. I bet you don't like "try a little harder" either because "its sloww!!" This song is straight fire. Phil's always danceable rolling bass and nostalgic voice, Downey's precise heavy lifting drum-work, and Bell juggling his dreamy slide guitar and blistering classical feel. What more could you want? The boys are back in town part II? This song totally deserved an "at the BBC" take or Peel session. Same with Mama and Papa.


    the matter is not if hard or not, but if enjoyable

  5. james bradshaw

    It has been said by many highly intelligent and far smarter people then I am that Thin Lizzy was the greatest rock band who ever walked up stage and played on graced Gods green earth with the totally brilliant rocking frontman Phil , the singer, the songwriter,the poet, the storyteller, the leader, the man with all the ideas, the rocker, the warrior, the gypsy, the danging Randolph Valino who was a totally fine and decent man and that his likes we will never see again. I completely refuse to argue against one single word of this statement on Thin Lizzy & Phil Lynott and I rest my case

  6. Robert McLoughlin

    So Lovely and So Sweet 💖

  7. The Lady In Red

    Fav line-up !!!

  8. Alan Lloyd

    I used to listen to this album on my way to score. I still can't let it go

  9. tck roofing

    Here he is, he Hero, the Wild One, the Vagabond,the might Phil Lynott and all his boys in the very great Thin Lizzy band plus their brilliant artist Jim Fitzpatrick. Phil, his boys and their music comes to my mind several times each day and from the very beginning. Phil invaded my mind from the very first and has refused to go away. He has stuck to me like glue and will not let go, if he told me he was going to go away, I would refuse him permission go so it looks like we will be stuck together for the remainder of time and I would not have it any other way. it is my story and i am sticking to it

    Alan Lloyd

    tck roofing I feel the same way. Can't let him go, or move on.

    Donald Frazier

    And lucky me-I have two signed, notarized prints from Jim Fitzpatrick-My guitar player-knowing what a Lizzy freak I have always been-emailed him and got it for my birthday! One of the prints is the Vagabond cover!

  10. TheFunkyKingston

    Sweet Irish heart!!

  11. TheBrandon425


  12. barzini66


  13. Mark Hess

    eric bell was with van morrison them snowy white was in pink Floyd thin lizzy was good regardless they need a induction more respect the original singer thin lizzy and the band in the hall of fame rock n roll

  14. ofdoubtsandgod

    This was a single release (on vinyl) and was NOT on the original Vagabonds album...Great song!

    Ian Redding

    Paired with Broken Dreams on the B side.

  15. malcolmlilley

    Sounds to me as magnificent today as when it came out. Loved the orginal lineup. Eric Bell´s playing is as brilliant as ever. Thank you Phil, Eric and Brian. And thank you for up loading this amazing record.

  16. René O'Deay

    I like the one where Rudolph Valentino is featured.

    Michael Ivers

    waiting for an Alibi. :-)

    Harry Pfeffer

    Shades of a Blue orphanage

  17. WoodRatGirl

    For those wondering where to find this song, since it doesn't appear on the 1973 LP. I have this on a compilation CD called "The Hero And The Madman." Which of course is also the title of a Thin Lizzy song.


    WoodRatGirl Remembering Part 1 on vinyl

    Mat Greenwood

    To bad it didn't get thrown on Nightlife.

  18. Jamie Warrior Warlord McCallum

    love this great lizzy song beautiful. 

  19. Alan Groves

    Aurora, it's from 1973. See

    Drum Bragg

    CD not LP.

  20. Aurora Rodgers


    Ms. Lizzy

    September 21, 1973

    Drum Bragg

    But this track was not on the LP.

  21. emptypages1970

    I have to play this track at least 10 times every day

  22. koolbiga

    That voice he had, and that Bass is just dangerous. Thin Lizzy you are my favorit band of all time.

  23. MrSausagess

    No - esta lo mejor. The king!

  24. John Connor

    I need more Eric Bell and Philo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Bathtubgeorge!

    This song was the follow up to Whiskey in the Jar, and like Whiskey in the Jar did not feature as part of the Vagabonds lp released in 1973, these tracks, and a few more, were simply tagged on to the cd version of the album in the 90s.

  26. Michael Seymour

    No sykes pinch harmonics bollocks here !

  27. creamcheese65

    Dang, I wanted to post this song. Pure sweetness.

  28. ugar

    love this song, of course.... and the acoustic solo is just...amazing!

  29. Gareth Gobble

    Yea same man. This is definantly an oddball song from them. I love it though. the guitar solo is amazing.

  30. SoldierofFortune07

    I never thought i'd hear something that sounded like this off of thin lizzy

    Count Vlad

    and it's one of the best tracks on the whole album

    Alan Lloyd

    @Count Vlad agree totally. I like Randolph's Tango better than the other songs besides the title track.