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Thin Lizzy Little Girl In Bloom Comments
  1. thad g

    Hauntingly beautiful hidden gem.

  2. KirkPatti Calma

    ONe of my Thin Lizzy faves.

  3. Steve Thomas

    Watch the men play cricket from the window in your room, watch the ball go from bat to wicket, pass away the afternoon...magical lyrics. .I feel I'm in that room. ..Thin Lizzy. ..Vagerbonds of the western world.

  4. Dexter Lee

    Phil is one of the best musicians ever lived.

  5. james bradshaw

    What a totally brilliant song this is, what a brilliant writer and singer Phil was, what a brilliant band Thin Lizzy were

  6. Sam And Jenny Sambrook

    You just can not pigeon hole a band like lizzy, there is even a harmony on the bass in places. Fuckin genius our Philo. Miss this man each and every day. 🌹 💕 XXXXXXXX

  7. Mark Harris

    Great song and one of the best guitar s olos ever!

  8. Daniel Vazquez

    What a wonderfull song!!! The ending lyrics are amazing!!


    I love the drop around 3.40 - so so sweet

  9. Shane Ryan

    One of my favorite Lizzy tunes, Lynott, Bell and Downey... Magic to my ears...

  10. Randy Maloney

    The Vagabonds of the Western World. Big shout out to Paula Terry...

  11. Pete Melissis

    A brilliant song and album The band was so tight and the guitar of Eric Bell was spot on RIP Phil

  12. Manfredi Erasmi

    Phil was all heart. Unfortunately, songs like this one get overlooked by radio. Thin Lizzy is my favorite band.

    Sam And Jenny Sambrook

    Mine too dear friend. Love em forever. ♥️

  13. Rick G

    I wish this song never ends.. That bassline and guitar solo. Early TL has that something, ineffable lyricism.. RIP, Phil.


    so true.

    Ron Sullivan

    And Eric, now, too, Rick...that solo at the fade, I'm with you - oh, to have been that engineer!


    Best Lizzy album ever, Vagabonds

    Tyler Burton

    Black rose

    Randy Maloney

    @Tyler Burton Vagabonds it is

    Alan Lloyd

    The title track is my favorite song , period... I would bet good money I've listened more than anyone on the planet. No joke folks

    Jim Wade

    @Alan Lloyd Well I love you for saying your dedication is as brutal as mine.
    Cheers my bro

    Dennis. hell yea Grubbs

    ROGER WINE cool

  15. juliana nakashima

    amo essa banda maravilhosa.


    Wow. A Japanese Brazilian.

  16. Doran Jensen

    great song, my first attraction to Thin Lizzy.

  17. Brian Donaghy

    Listen to another gem ....." Spirit slips away "by THIN-Lizzy never to b replicated(though many HAVE TRIED ...there'll only EVER ☝🏽️ one PHILIP Paris LYNOTT😍

    Greg Dzialo

    Indeed, the '75 "Fighting" album was my introduction to TL whereby I was instantly blown away & still remain impressed with today. The CD is in rotation in my car as I write, & just listened to yesterday. The only track I don't care for, but is OK, is the cover of Bob Segar's "Rosalie".
    IMO, the band was @ their best, & perhaps peak, with the twin lead guitar harmonies of Robertson & Gorham.
    Rock On!

  18. Joe DiCicco

    I love how Phil wasn't afraid to use simple yet elegant basslines such as this and song like Parisienne Walkways and Spanish Guitar.

  19. William Michel

    Such a sweet beautiful piece of music!

  20. larry riddell

    soon as i heard this. i had to learn it. first song i learned on my ibanez rickenbacker copy

  21. Garry Norris

    What a guitarist Eric Bell is in his solos he pulls something out of nothing when another Guitarist would stop Eric pulls something else out of the hat

  22. Antonio Dias

    uauh!!!Very good!!!

  23. Foursticks801

    Who ever thumbed This down is a weenie

  24. Ave Figgy


    Anthony Cooper

    There genius just shines through... timeless masterpiece.... this early stuff never got recognition it deserved...

  25. SuperRowdyone

    Could Phil pen a lyric or great!!

    Mike Monchuk

    You said it! Fantastic poet and fantastic bassist along with the magnetism to egnyte a whole room. Top tier showman. Terribly missed. A legend everyone should now. God Bless

  26. Alan Lopez

    This whole collection just kills There will never be "better" rock & roll. This band endures for a reason, 40 some-odd years later. I bought this in the States , titled Rocker '71-'74. I have the newer CD, "Remembering" and it's one of those that will always be in my life. RIP Phil Lynott and Gary Moore. Legends, that time will, and has always, proved out.

  27. Tony Albanesi

    If I had 3 wishes 1 would be to bring back phil.

  28. fruitcake4t

    love the overlap of vocals

    Alobytes Whitestone

    RHCP inspider by this PEARL! ^^ (on "by the way" album if i 'm not mistaken)

  29. Roy Key


  30. Jorge Luis Paillao

    From the window in your room... Phill was a Genius!

  31. Raymond Vunk

    Can't believe this gem has so few views & no comments. This is a really enchanting tune from rock & roll royalty

    Paul Ryan

    +Raymond Vunk - Agree, This was a Lizzy well ahead of space and time


    it's beyond a gem, it's beyond anything

    Mick C

    Don't worry . The people who need to be listening to it are listening to it !

    Ron Sullivan

    I have played this track on my '5th Thursday' radio show on KZCT, 89.5 FM, (community radio in Vallejo, CA, on the Web...) from time-to-time - def. my fave TL song! Miss Phil and the whole gang...long gone, now, very much missed on the radio these days!