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Thin Lizzy Didn't I Comments
  1. christophe moynaton

    Dusty you’re so right!
    That’s the most wonderful and amazing song ever...
    One day people will understand...

  2. Sam And Jenny Sambrook

    They say we all have a double somewhere? We'll they broke the mould when Philo was born. A genius taken home way too soon. 🎸 🌹 ♥ XXXXXXXX miss you my Irish friend. X

  3. darrell b

    I love the way Phil makes that growling bass weep

  4. Scotts man

    A hidden gem from "Chinatown". One of Lynott's BEST! RIP my friend.

  5. Fred Zarkout

    No matter who your favorite band is chances are they were influenced by Thin Lizzy, the greatest of them all.

  6. Voice Of The Firmament

    Wailing guitars, immortal. Rock.

  7. John Doyle

    I'm a Mod and I respect Thin Lizzy, they had class.

  8. Arnaldo Oliveira


  9. Frank Montegan

    One of Lizzy's best - full of emotion and terrific musicianship from the entire band. Many have tried to imitate them but there will only ever be one Thin Lizzy!

  10. Frank Montegan

    A wonderful Lizzy track - one of their best. Great emotion in Phil's voice as always

  11. Sam And Jenny Sambrook

    I split up with my girl in 1981,sobbed like a baby to the lyrics and phils imotional voice, got back eventually and got married. .its now 2018 2 kids and 5 grandchildren later and still hopelessly in love with the same girl. LIZZY RULE.R.I.P.PHILO xx

    Dick Head

    How long till you guys got back together?

    Sam And Jenny Sambrook

    @Dick Head split for a month or so, thing is, I was in. Love, iv only ever loved one woman for real, and jenny is still the girl I love. Been together 38 yrs, married for nearly 36 yrs now. 💐 🏡 👍

    Sam And Jenny Sambrook

    The meaning of life is 😍 Love. I found it my wife jenny, and then kids and grandkids. Our oldest grandson is 21 tomorow, "wow", where do the years go? Keep Rockin buddy. 🎸 🎸 🎸 🌹

  12. Steve Pila

    Steffan Pila

    I agree, ESTEEM Crazy. This song "Didn't I" sounds like Shandi by Kiss from the "Unmasked" album. Thanks!!!

    Javier Salinas Martinez

    Steve Pila no men ,no way...

    Miguel Angel Marín Juan

    Nothing in common

    darrell b

    I dont hear it

  13. JustAintThatWay

    The Rocker was a balladeer.

    Miguel Angel Marín Juan

    JustAintThatWay the rocker was a genius

  14. Leah Ellingson

    this sounds like shandi by kiss

    darrell b

    I've tried.. just don't hear it

  15. dusty gibbons

    If more people knew this song, more people would love it. Hats off to the unsung troubadour Phil Lynott.

  16. Typical Bert

    So fucking underrated

    Paul Mc C

    No it isn't pls stop using the word underrated it's so overrated. Lizzy in the music world and the normal world are known as one of the best bands of all time.

  17. Steve Pila

    Steffan Pila

    A Beautiful Thin Lizzy Song. It is a rescindment of "Dear Heart" from the "Nightlife" album with the strings and a beautiful orchestration accompanied by electric piano and smooth guitar licks.

    BIack Rose

    Steve, you are right. But I have always wished there was a tasteful, solo in this song. Snowy White would have been in his element to contribute the painful emotions evoked by Phil's introspective lyrics and plaintiff voice.

  18. Bass Cover/\Guitar Cover And My Songs


  19. Ed Hill

    Beautiful beautiful song. Thanks for posting.