Thin Lizzy - Black Boys On The Corner Lyrics

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Thin Lizzy Black Boys On The Corner Comments
  1. Joan Ruiz Jacob

    this band was 10 years ahead of its time, and better

  2. Lino Frank

    I love the old records from him!

  3. Pat Tamlyn

    on the juke box .. @ the Canadian Youth Centre Baden Soelingen ... played the shit outta it .. then went to see them back up BTO... a memory etched in my mind forever

  4. the mighty joe

    all kinds of cool

  5. chris barlow

    Sorry I meant to say Black Boys on The Corner.

  6. chris barlow

    Man WHAT a track. Eric Bell may not be Lizzy's most memorable guitarist because he appeared so early on in their history but boy he helped write some incredible songs including Bad Boys On The Corner and The Rocker - one of the finest rock songs in the history of rock music. Robbo really rated him too. The intro where he slides down the neck to great effect is awesome and the solo is too. Great stuff.

    StrimbuLand (Sri N. Strimbu)

    Eric Bell is Lizzy's most memorable guitarist to me!!!

  7. kaptain kopter

    It was the B-side of a "Whiskey in the jar" single I had once.

    reverend riff

    Phil intended it to be the A side but the record company decided to make it the B side.

  8. Walter Radtke

    whatchoo doin' man?

    Timeless Metal Classics

    I think I'll go on down the corner

  9. Alan Lopez

    As collections go, this is one of my alltime favorites. First got it in '78, and remember every tune quite well. RIP Phil Lynott and Gary Moore

  10. John Mc Cann

    Wow love it,from the very begining!!!!

  11. Joxer O'Hoolihan

    This is viagra for the ears

  12. Sky Wings

    Brilliant !!