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Thin Lizzy Angel Of Death Comments
  1. Unknown Unknown

    ...Oh my god.......there's millions of them....

  2. Brantley Martel

    Dumb ....Deep underground military bases Gamma ray has a good cover of this song

  3. Keenan Neighbors

    58 people only listen to pop music and they suck!

  4. tim c

    Never forget hall cork
    Mamas boys supporting
    What a night.

  5. Zé Tuga French Bulldog

    This remind me Steve Harris bass

  6. Emma Whittaker

    IRLAND!!!!!!!!! 🥃🍀🔫💶⚒️

  7. Sladjana Popovic


  8. Jody Hall


  9. 000mthompson

    One day... when I die battling to Protek The Jaguar, I will waste this land!

  10. Red Alert

    2:04 Still gives me chills..

  11. Evgeniy NeutralMusician

    This composition is really prominent in Renegade album. Great one.

  12. ganondorfchampin

    Heaviest Thin Lizzy song I've heard.

  13. Jürgen Sauer

    It's a magnetar, and to me it's welcome.

  14. fox

    Really nothing special

  15. vargas mordor

    Auschwitz, the meaning of pain
    The why that I want you to die
    Slow death, immense decay
    Showers that cleanse you of your life
    Forced in
    Like cattle you run
    Stripped of
    Your life's worth
    Human mice, for the Angel of Death
    Four hundred thousand more to die
    Angel of Death
    Monarch to the kingdom of the dead
    Sadistic, surgeon of demise
    Sadist of the noblest blood
    Destroying, without mercy
    To benefit the Aryan race
    Surgery, with no anesthesia
    Fell the knife pierce you intensely
    Inferior, no use to mankind
    Strapped down screaming out to die
    Angel of Death
    Monarch to the kingdom of the dead
    Infamous butcher
    Angel of Death
    Pumped with fluid, inside your brain
    Pressure in your skull begins pushing through your eyes
    Burning flesh, drips away
    Test of heat burns your skin, your mind starts to boil
    Frigid cold, cracks your limbs
    How long can you last
    In this frozen water burial?
    Sewn together, joining heads
    Just a matter of time
    'Til you rip yourselves apart
    Millions laid out in their
    Crowded tombs
    Sickening ways to achieve
    The holocaust
    Seas of blood, bury life
    Smell your death as it burns
    Deep inside of you
    Abacinate, eyes that bleed
    Praying for the end of
    Your wide awake nightmare
    Wings of pain, reach out for you
    His face of death staring down,
    Your blood running cold
    Injecting cells, dying eyes
    Feeding on the screams of
    The mutants he's creating
    Pathetic harmless victims
    Left to die
    Rancid Angel of Death
    Flying free
    Angel of Death
    Monarch to the kingdom of the dead
    Infamous butcher
    Angel of Death
    Angel of Death

  16. American_Warrior

    1:05 i hear Dokkens kiss of death
    Lynch ripped it off

  17. big al

    great track

  18. Christopher Norris

    'Auschwitz - the meaning of pain...'

  19. Jamie Sehdev

    Angel of death ? Mmm?🤔mengele? Nazi ?Is that what he's talking about ?

  20. Jamie Sehdev

    Grew up to this scared the crap outta my little ass lol

  21. die2no

    With the exception of Marianne Williamson and Tulsi Gabbard the Angel of Death needs to reign on The Democrat Party.

  22. Mark Dolan

    Rock on.

  23. SPlNAFlX

    War of the worlds!!

  24. Ray Hauer

    I have read your comments . My Grandfather was born in 1895, served in the German army in world war 1 and 2. I still remember the stories him telling me, he witnessed everything this song mentions. Historical documents are amazing, reality is another. i was 7 when he passed away...I believe it was around 1975 when he passed. i was honoured to hear and know the truth in the history what happened.

  25. Оззи Озборн

    Хороший альбом слушаю их с 1979 года !

  26. Sylvestre Rawminey

    Awesome killer guitar solo !!!

  27. Ralph Emerson

    The Destroying Angel name is Azrael

  28. Charlotte Victoria. Hubbard

    My favourite Metal band. Awesome tune.

  29. Christian Hackett

    one of my favorites.

  30. John Wilkes Booth

    yeaah bitch fuuuuckinnng slaaaaaayeeeeer!!!!

    ...wait a minute

  31. Marco Mcbreed

    What a tune! What a band!

  32. Fernanda Gonzalez


  33. Attilla The Brit


  34. Rafael Francisco Neves

    Top das galáxias!

  35. THEGG


  36. Tidemann Xperience

    One of the best bands ever!!!

  37. Tidemann Xperience

    Great song!!🎸🔥🔥

  38. Phil O

    That bass line at 0.42 epic isn't even the word . Goosebumps

  39. mikeysclips

    If you want a chuckle check out "Slayer Goes to church."

  40. David Queen

    All time favorite Thin Lizzy song R.I.P. Phil!!!!

  41. Lee Berry

    Released 37 years ago today. My first time seeing Thin Lizzy was on the Renegade tour.

  42. Locateson

    This is one of the best songs Youtube has on offer. Don't mind the genre. It's fucking great.

  43. marco Reyes

    La intro me recuerda a Rainbow. Un temazo!!

  44. giorgos vasiliou

    earthgasm by thin lizzy blows away any metal phonies

  45. ellery2

    Only one word: Masterpiece!

  46. Marius Dressler

    Maybe the perfect song?

  47. lavendel isangrim

    nu Shit!!!

  48. Luigi Calicante

    Great Great Song wowwwwwwwwwwww

  49. CBH440

    Even though Snowy wasn't right for the band, and the keyboards were unwelcome in some people's eyes, this song smokes!

  50. Tiberiu Minyo

    Auschwitz, the meaning of pain
    The way that I want you to die
    Slow death, immense decay
    Showers that cleanse you of your life

  51. SwedishHouseFifa

    That intro is so creepy and heavy.. this song is simply amazing!

  52. MegaZelenizub

    There is only one angel of death. Tom araya style

  53. William Miller

    This is a jam..

  54. Trent Lyman

    I heard Vader's cover of this before I knew this

  55. Leonidas Mavromitros

    What a voice!!!

  56. Jose Marcelo nuñez cortez

    Chris Tsangarides RIP


  57. Shakib Akram

    Now that's what you call a masterpiece

  58. Mark Robinson

    phil lynott is overlooked as a good bassist!

  59. ListenToMetalDude

    Damn, this kicks brutal ass!!! Slayers ,,Angel of death " is a small little bitch against this! ;)

  60. J&C Rhodes

    PS: I was just reminiscing so please don't troll me and say how much I suck and shit. thin lizzy was my first live band and it was a total rush. that's all

  61. J&C Rhodes

    saw the live set at hammersmith odeon back in 82. the opening  was unbelievable so I went to watch it again.I was a disappointed genesis fan cos I was19 and could never get tickets to see them and then I saw thin lizzy

    Antony Russell

    Me too ...It Was fuckin Awesome

  62. Charlie HOOPER

    seen them live! awesome ...

  63. Warren Nelsom

    Why is there a commie flag on this album cover?

    dość wolny

    Why is it commie? and not revolutionary?

    dość wolny

    Its a good album. You would probably really like it.

  64. Sylvie De Lyon

    Grande Version " d' Angel of Death !! "

  65. Donna Johnson

    Me, 1984 walking inthe desert, Wadley SLP Mexico, getting some peyote with orange segments listening to this tune and entire black rose album, now I'm too old for this but still love this music, best of the best period. Oh and fuck whatever that other name band is skuyer, slyer whatever.

  66. Paddy O'Day

    Great fuckin' song by a very underrated band!! Phil Lynot R.I.P.

  67. Treason Terminator

    My old Girlfriend said I was into "Devil Music" when she heard the section from 4:11 to 5:03 !!!

    Andy T

    Treason Terminator She was right :)


    "old" girlfriend. You are better without her. ;-)

  68. Treason Terminator

    Soros & Obama "Theme Song" !!!

  69. BK Lewis


  70. wang dangle

    heardthis as a kid in 81 before i ever heard there classics i carved this song name into my desk ...most people dont even know thissong fk boys r back this is the best

  71. dragon joe

    Fan 4 life!!

  72. FeronGER

    Best song ever .... Born 1965!

  73. Ben Dover

    Hugely underrated band.

    Kyle Hunter

    that's a joke right? thin lizzy underrated?


    Yes... it is UNDERRATED.

    Psycho Machinery

    @Kyle Hunter They deserve way more... not even in that crappy RnR Hof (just like Uriah Heep)


    Certainly not under-rated....badly managed, mis-guided and too much self-indulgence which ended with them becoming a 'risk' to their label. And unfortunately a sad ending.

    Fuoco Brucia

    Artists are not rated. Artists are always faithful to the art form. Phil Lynott is the consummate professional artist.


    one of my favorite bands and I love this freaking song!


    God will listen if you call on him in seek the truth he proclaims Most hate the truth and love the lie ..

  75. Benoit Vanhees

    Storm troopers marching through the Maginot Line ? Oh come on, the S.A. was eliminated during the Night of the Long Knives, if you want to give history lessons like Iron Maiden's epic "Alexander the Great", beware the details....

    Jay Forr69

    Give us a break mate , bloody el 😱

  76. jhs5150

    Love Lizzy but it's clear at this point that their demons were getting the better of them, especially Gorham; who kept recycling the same guitar solo on several songs on this album and on Chinatown.

  77. Marcus Weisenberger


  78. John Langvin

    amen andrew

  79. G.H.ChristoFascist

    Listen in 0.5 slowed down. Sounds like a Black Sabbath song.


    No black sabbath sound like lizzy, these guys paved the way for everyone. Long live Philo


    Agreed, but my point wasn't to debate that.


    Listen at 1.25 and it sounds like Iron Maiden

  80. Jani Virtanen

    one of the best song ever

    William Miller

    Jani Virtanen truth..

    The Brand23

    Fact Yeps

  81. Philippe archer

    the best of THIN LIZZY

  82. Andrew Williams

    when I see some of the crap with millions of views (Kanye, Bieber) to name a couple, then classics like this with hardly any, no wonder this world is screwed.

    kevin braid

    Apples and Oranges...Highly skilled musicianship in Thin Lizzy versus music for the Sunny Delight kids


    We will put them higher :-)

    Alastair West

    Just short of 2K ain't too bad!!

    vargas mordor

    Nah Kanye kicks ass (Bieber’s just okay though 2015 onward pre 2015 he sucked)

  83. Jose Corona

    classic shit

  84. Steve Pila

    Steffan Pila

    Great Version of "Angel Of Death." It is a rescindment of the song "Jailbreak." A Heavy metal version of that song. It also contains the deep and distorted voices in the middle of the song making this a Death Metal Rocker. A Great song from the "Renegade" album.

  85. Chucky Monty

    Frickin classic

  86. Steve Sands

    awesome song that never gets played.

  87. Psycho Machinery

    Pure magic. Period.

  88. Arcade Gangster

    classic bad ass video game music especially for fallout halo and destiny

  89. Rory Gallagher

    Quality Tune

  90. Wes Whitmer

    What will you do when he knocks on your door,then it will be too late to be SAVED.

    Kay Gee

    +Wes Whitmer If Phil does, I´ll prolly shit me pants.

  91. Jason Upshur

    anyone ever hear the Gamma Ray cover of this? it's great

    Milan Kolarski

    +Jason Upshur I have. Kai is Jedi master like Yoda himself. :D

    Tilemachos Mantis

    OMFG dude ! You just made my day, I just listen this version and Im fcking banging my head all over the place

  92. stephen cartmel

    Thin Lizzy.....The Best live band ever......along side AC/DC.......Pure Black Irish Rock.....

  93. James hetfield

    Hyvä kappale

  94. dave moore

    ace track

  95. Adventum Diaboli TV Official

    For one second I thought it was related with Slayer's angel of death

    Mirek Bieniak

    @Adventum Diaboli TV Official As some people relate Vader`"Triumph of Death" to Slayer.

    Adventum Diaboli TV Official

    +Mirek Bieniak they may relate it to Hellhammer's Triumph of Death


    +Adventum Diaboli TV Official (Adventum Diaboli) Not to be confused with, of course, Vader's cover of this song.

    Psycho Machinery

    +Adventum Diaboli TV Official (Adventum Diaboli) If i'm right, this is the original "Angel of Death" song

  96. Petri Syrenius

    the very best of phil lynot.... may he rest in peace...

  97. bcparkerjr

    Haha! I always thought Iron Maiden started that galloping bass line, guess I was wrong!

    GaëlB Galbar

    When you listen to "Emerald", you understand Maiden 's musical feelings.

    Alan Lloyd

    Fredrik Bendz thain is not in the 27 club. Sorry


    Maiden loves Lizzy, they even covered 'The Massacre'

    Psycho Machinery

    @brephus41 Lizzy was around way before the Wilson sisters, tho...