Thin Lizzy - A Song For While I'm Away Lyrics

A Song For While I'm Away No Lyrics. A Song For While I'm Away If you know the lyrics you can send us.

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Thin Lizzy A Song For While I'm Away Comments
  1. Örn Jónasson

    So soft and so sweet melody by this very fine hard rock band.
    Very fine arrangements with the oboe and the string quartet.

  2. Scott Gorham


  3. christophe moynaton

    What a genius !!! Love you Phil

  4. tck roofing

    I have no problem the hero the might Phil Lynott and all his boys in the very great Thin Lizzy band plus their brilliant artist Jim Fitzpatrick. Phil, his boys and their music comes to my mind several times each day and from the very beginning. Phil invaded my mind from the very first and has refused to go away. He has stuck to me like glue and will not let go, if he told me he was going to go away, I would refuse him permission go so it looks like we will be stuck together for the remainder of time and I would not have it any other way. it is my story and i am sticking to it

  5. Simon-Patrick Johnson

    it's good to see that such a good song has zero thumbs downs

  6. shanemacgyver

    First comment of a lonely Lizzy fan