Thicke, Robin - Dreamworld Lyrics

I would be you, you would be me, we would be one, we would be just fine
The ice caps wouldn't be melting and neither would I, mmh
I would just drive my big old car, and everything would be alright
And energy would just fall down right from the sky, yeah

Words would fly right from out of my mind, out of my mind into your heart, into your life
And everything would sound just right, and no one would stop me from drinking my wine

That's my dreamworld, that's my dreamworld, it's more than a dream
My dreamworld, that's my dreamworld, and I wanna live in my dream, (dream)

For the real world just don't feel right
I wouldn't spend my days searching for, searching for lost time, yeah hey yee (ooh ooh, dream)
I wouldn't be so damn sensitive, I'd let things go by
No matter what the weather, I'd learn to change, I'd change with the time, yeah he

And everytime I need a woman, she'd appear right by me
She hold me tight, treat me right, and tell me that everything is gonna be, is gonna be alright, alright

That's my dreamworld, that's my dreamworld

I would tell Van Gogh that he was loved, there's no need to cry
I would say Marvin Gay your father didn't want you to die (dream)
There would be no black and white, the world would just treat my wife right
We could walk down Mississippi and no one would look at us twice, ehhe he yihi

That's my dreamworld, that's my dreamworld, it's more than a dream dreamworld, that's my dreamworld, and I wanna live in my dream, (dream)

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Thicke, Robin Dreamworld Comments
  1. Anthony Gregory

    I'm here 12/21/2019 who else....

  2. Nadia Briseno


  3. Jeff Davis

    True soul!

  4. Lara anamaria


  5. Home Organizing Tips

    What a beautiful message!👌🏽🙏🏽


    Your my DREAM WORLD 🎶🎗💖💋🤘

  7. Billy Simpson

    Who still jamming this 2019?

    Vee CR

    Billy Simpson All day everyday 🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. keturah Williams27

    “ I would Marvin Gaye his father.. didn’t want him to diiieee!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  9. keturah Williams27

    Yaaaassss Robin!!! Let’s dream baby!

  10. Kavi Jackson

    This man can die happy he was married to Paula Patton!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  11. Louie Paul

    Id tell my cousins that ur loved theres no need to cry, Barney Jr ur dad didn't want u to die, there will be no hating my mom and dad could walk together in Browning without looking twice.

  12. Indra Pathak

    This song damn about me ....

  13. Lubomur Kulchitsky

    The name of this song is just perfect for this melody

  14. jessica gama

    Loving Thiago music 😍😍😍😍 love Robin ticke só much

  15. Luis Esteban Riascos Cardenas

    RIP Marvin Gaye

  16. Bonnie Angelic Rose

    Dedicated to me
    Years ago and...I
    ❤❤❤ this.

  17. alex valadez

    Who’s here 2019?

  18. TheLatelycrew

    Still listening to this song ❤️❤️❤️

  19. Yussef Hope

    Hello 2019 , i'm still lisetening to this song .

  20. Sandy Morgado

    oh god almost 2019 and this music still makes me chill


    Te gustaría ser,
    sería yo
    seríamos uno,
    estaríamos muy bien
    las capas de hielo no se derriten
    y tampoco iba a
    yo sólo en coche mi gran coche viejo
    y todo estaría bien
    y energía se acaba de caer desde el cielo,

    Las palabras volarían de mi mente,
    de mi mente a tu corazón,
    a tu vida,
    y todo sonaría bien,
    y nadie me impediría beber mi vino.
    Ese es mi mundo de sueños
    que es mi mundo de sueños
    Es más que un sueño
    mundo de sueños
    que es mi mundo
    de sueños
    Y yo quiero vivir en mi sueño,
    Para el mundo real,
    simplemente no me siento bien,
    no pasaría mis días buscando,
    buscando el tiempo perdido,

    (oh oh, sueño)
    No sería tan condenadamente sensible,
    dejaría pasar las cosas
    Sin importar el clima,
    aprendería a cambiar,
    cambiaría con el tiempo,

    Y cada vez que necesito a una mujer,
    ella aparecía junto a mí.
    Me abrazaba fuerte,
    me trataba bien
    y me decía
    que todo va a ser,
    va a estar bien,
    está bien.
    Ese es mi mundo
    de sueños
    Ese es mi mundo de sueños
    Le diría a Van go
    que él era querido,
    no hay necesidad de llorar
    Mmm ,
    diría que Marvin Gay,
    tu padre,
    no quería que murieras
    No habría blanco y negro
    El mundo solo trataría a mi esposa,
    bebé ( sueño)
    podríamos bajar en Mississippi y nadie
    nos miraría tres veces
    Ese es mi mundo de sueños
    que es mi mundo de sueños
    Es más que un sueño
    mundo de sueños
    que es mi mundo de sueños
    Y yo quiero vivir en el sueño
    Soñemos (soñemos) soñemos
    Soñar en
    Soñar en
    Soñemos (soñemos)
    ( soñando )
    Soñemos soñando
    con nena
    Sigue soñando,
    sí (sueño)...

  22. kaddelicious

    Who else is watching this because of Lane Moore? :-D

  23. thestainNY

    "I played this song for my Late/Uncle, who was(Is), a Big Al Green Fan....He Spoke Highly of This Song...and It Touched him like it Touched us all" !!!

  24. cockney gyal

    big up twoface

  25. Roberta J. Fox

    I so much enjoy his original styles. Hopefully he will get back to this style when mainstream accepted. He is also amazing dancer!!! His father would be proud!

  26. Alicia

    Musica calma, suave

  27. Yolanda Houseal

    Love Love Love this song... one of my favs by Robin Thicke.... if not my fav. Life Anthem.... <3

  28. Rosanna Lantigua

    This song is mainly about interracial relationships, he’s not the same Robin Thicke used to listen too years ago. Wish famous people stuck to their roots . I guess the fame and money gets to all their heads. I just don’t feel it anymore in his music. They should do what they used to do and do music people can relate to in the real world 🌎

    jesper wb

    Its 2018 Rosanna, who cares if its about interracial, i think it isnt. All the things you say are Just plain ignorance, you say you want it to relate to the real world. Guess what, black,White, and everything in between are all in this world. Love is between 2 minds not 2 colors.

    cockney gyal

    Rosanna Lantigua but he still shares sentiments of mixed relationships...he was in b4 he got famous..he basically saying rich folk are more racist or have more stupid rules...and back in the day he could walk down the river with his blk gal and no one would gaze or pass ugly comments

  29. Rosanna Lantigua

    Bring the soul music back please

  30. Rosanna Lantigua

    Love his music and voice always listened to his music since 2007 . My therapy music well only the soothing music he makes not any of that hip hop stuff he does now. Can he go back to doing good music like this again. Some musicians forget to be who they used to be and the music they used to make. I don’t like any of this pop music he’s been doing

  31. Seyfi Deniz Yıldız


  32. Danni

    Wow. This is utterly stunning - why have only just found this?!

  33. Roni Caquias

    His voice, the song & the vibe just make me tingle!🔥🎵💕💯👍🏽

  34. Brother Drey

    Entourage <3

  35. Tanisha Allen

    still listening in 2018

  36. Beyoutiful_ Dimples #LandonsMoM

    I would say Marvin Gaye your father didn’t want you to die

  37. Aliannur Kutaikartanegara

    Laguku ni lop..

  38. Smokey Tha Bare

    Love you Sandy

  39. mayafurlan furlan

    El camino está a tus pies Robin ánimo sigue adelante arriba arriba muevete. 🎶🎶🔥👍🙏☝

  40. Artchred

    Deserves more ratings

  41. iamlove913

    💋Still Listening in 2018💋

    Alecta Kaewa

    And 2019 💕

  42. lilly90746

    This is one of the songs Paula Patton helped him write

  43. Frano Kovac

    Such an underrated song view wise

  44. Jeremiah Ray

    Energy does fall from the sky Robin. They've been lying to us. The ice caps freeze over every winter.

  45. Natalie Rodriguez

    Love it❤❤❤

  46. Elle Meek

    Hmmm.. never heard of this guy. Weird

  47. Elle Meek

    And your pants

  48. Elle Meek

    Or... Maybe your house is on fire AGAIN

  49. Evil Spud

    Classic blues... nothing fancy, just emotions.

  50. Elle Meek

    I'm still HERE

  51. Steve Muller

    ...and one will stop me from drinking my wine, that's my dreamworld

  52. Ivy Sapphire

    Im in love with your music not your personal life. More music please🎼🎤 2017

  53. Tosin

    Maybe I've never seen/heard anything so beautiful. Oh wow.

  54. fame130

    One of my favorite songs

  55. Migo tka

    2017 listen this beautiful song... 💝


    I think Lane Moore sums up this song and its motives perfectly at 4:30 Cheers.

  57. Elza Almo

    Fuck him!!He betrayed his wife using her black music He's disgusting!

  58. Elza Almo

    he used a black women.. for his music.... i dont like him

  59. Bianca

    Love this song. Never knew he made a video for it. Love it!

  60. Armus Stith

    i came across this song about a month ago and was hooked

  61. Noel F

    Entourage credits

  62. Soraya Sing

    oo.mfgg this song breaks me in uncountable pieces. the real world really dont seem fine,I love my dreamworld too

  63. ema gunnulfsen

    back when his music was good

  64. Ruben Herrera

    there you go

  65. Janice Carroll

    I am really liking this song.

  66. Darryl higgs

    Love your music. what if when God was talking to people about sacrificing calfs, he was saying to flex a calf muscle. Would randomnly flexing your calfs and biceps be the key to eternal life. Right calf

  67. Danny Grijalva

    I never seen this video

  68. JD MAC

    possibly the best lyrics ever.

  69. Carla Linton

    Carla Linton. I love Robin Thicke. He is one of my favorite Male R and B Arists. One of my favorite songs by Robin Thicke is Called Dream World.

  70. sym on84

    wow fantastic

  71. 45Boobie45

    Alan Thicke, A Canadian Legend

  72. Sara Bellum

    One of my favorite jams.

  73. Debra King

    Remember this A Stiff Dick has no conscience. Sometimes men think with the small head so who are any of us to judge him

  74. Debra King

    I think this is one of his best songs!

    Johnny Boykins

    I agree! This was my wedding song!!

    The Anime Gamer Boy

    Me too.

    It's All About-Coffee

    Most definitely!!!

  75. Alexandria Matthews

    this is STILL MY SONG !! 👏💕

  76. TheKalifzkalifatu

    Way better then blurred lines IMHO

    Daniels Daddy

    TheKalifzkalifatu why do we need to compare all of his songs with blurred lines

  77. Bridgette Cooper


  78. Tremaine Facison

    Great song

  79. Amber Palma

    makes me want to get fucked in the ass by pete garcia

  80. Carla Linton

    Carla Linton. I love Robin Thicke. He is one of my favorite Male Artists.One of my favorite songs by Robin Thicke is called Dream World.

  81. Adam

    And then Pharrell broke him :/

  82. izabela19679

    yes yes yes

  83. Ruben Baltodano

    Wow! I only knew this guy from the annoying Blurred lines (for which he got sued) but after watching Entourage I am sent here and find that he's actually amazing (judging from this song)! Does he have any other good tunes?

    Erin Tyler

    His whole album 'Evolution of Robin Thicke'

    richard bryant

    +Erin Tyler thats one of my fav albums you have great taste 👌

    Jennifer Bonilla

    Lost without you

    Explicit Sage

    Ruben Baltodano listen to sweetest love

    Isaiah Owens

    Ruben Baltodano Most of his album, "Something Else"

  84. The Harsh Reality Truth

    Glade he is an artist in my lifetime 👏🏽🏆🎖

  85. Машуля Куку

    Sexy music

  86. Radical_like_ KHALID

    love this joint

    John Jonny31

    He should sing this to Paula. This makes her cry

    Radical_like_ KHALID

    +Football Geek naw she done with ass lol

    John Jonny31

    +Steven Bradley Ahaha him and his dead ass. I feel like she would come back but it is what it is

    Radical_like_ KHALID

    +Football Geek yup

  87. Vicky Cottrell

    I'm in love with this song!

  88. Sibongile Kopo

    oh dreamworld.....this one is for u Muu

  89. Grizzybear colin

    exquisito!, come back to this song for years now.

  90. Анита Крицкая

    its my faaaaaavorite song 😍😍😍

    Zeta Reticuli

    привет из США 🖑

  91. Lord Keese

    This song is amazing

  92. Pinky Pae

    DreamWorld 😻😻😻