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They Might Be Giants You Probably Get That A Lot Comments
  1. Roger Wilco

    some people call me dr. worm

  2. Teagan AnimalPlanet

    Most bands go past their prime or their voices aren't as good anymore~but I've gotta say they might have gotten better since their early days. This song is personally meaningful to me, because of the fancy-free summer that I first discovered this song. They're times when I started to accept myself and really talk about my issues with friends a bit more, and I'll never forget those days, when I wasn't afraid to cry to my sister or my friend.

  3. Stinky McCheese

    awesome as ever.

  4. mobius

    Everyones talking about linnell but honestly marty looks fucking fantastic in this vid

  5. Satan's Little Helper

    Stop breaking my heart🖤🖤🖤😔

  6. Very Normal Humans

    TMBG should wear suits more often, they look badass

  7. Brian Barnett

    This song holds up against any other of TMBGs amazing songs.

  8. Vincent Chups



  9. Katelyn Smith

    Linnell Stare™️ the Music Video

  10. FreedomDaveX

    Join Us has a lot of your best material. This song is truly amazing. You really need to play this more. You need to play stuff from Join Us more in your touring repertoire as well. That stuff is gold.

  11. pigsnake productions

    Think of what lemme did before he died
    These dudes don’t have their diets posted in the news which means it is unremarkable

  12. pigsnake productions

    They have kept healthy

  13. Jemiah Jefferson

    gorgeous, sexy, troubling... everything I need

  14. AAWW Productions

    I totally understand this song.

  15. tvsinesperanto

    LOL. Cephalophores and "swing your head while strolling fancy free".

    I see what you guys did there!

  16. pvolteminq

    the way flansy plays that dang guitar.. absolute madman

  17. Reuben Medik

    I was listening to this, humming a long whilst on the train to work, and I actually sang outloud "Whole sarcastically Lip-Sinking along" without actually meaning to. The rest of the song was hummed. All of it

  18. Molly J

    The thing that sets TMBG fans apart is the fact that they will actually bother to look up the word cephalophore.

  19. jedbeetle

    I've been singing this song at open mics it's such a good song

  20. Animatoste

    best complement ever :D

  21. jedbeetle

    One of my favorite songs in the universe. Legends 🙌

  22. James Marcus


  23. Eric Sims

    They are Giants

  24. athanatic

    I love the line that ends in the adverbial ending pointedly, as if they have also noticed that part-of-speech's disappearance from spoken English.

  25. Business Goose

    Love this so much

  26. carlos v. chivardi

    que chido, de mis bandas favoritas ya bien viejas!
    los amo TMBG!


    Sometimes i have this funny dream where i meet them and then smash their stupid faces with a hammer while i smile like it's christmas. Then i wake up and i am disappointed that it was only a dream.

  28. gridsleep

    They all look like Presidential lawyers.

  29. gridsleep

    Who wants to see a double bill of They Might Be Giants and Sparks?

  30. oliviaisgod

    I kind of feel like Linnell wrote a song about how I feel about him lol.

  31. omahatmbgfan

    This is a great Valentines Day song. Especially if your partner sometimes seems to have her head not quite screwed on right

  32. Laura Eagle

    Huh, I thought they'd made a decision to not be in their own videos. I can't believe I didn't know this existed.

  33. Jordan Mills

    i wish i could make music like TMBG

  34. Nx Doyle

    Linnell 2020.

  35. Auramyna

    The way John is head tilting and head banging with expert precision, exactly how it's done, while doing zero with his body and singing about heads separated from bodies and how captivating it is. //And that's only the first layer//
    is melting my strength away into a zen koan.

    Kass S

    He should've pursued an acting career. Still can.

  36. lailinshale

    Ah, yes, a love song about a headless martyr. This is the sort of stuff I look for from TMBG.

  37. Frankincensed

    Guitar John always looks likes he’s throwing notes into the musical ionosphere.

  38. Auramyna

    Lol, those musicians manage to look like they're chill, having fun and downright conscientious. When the drummer plays, I get that sunglasses feeling.

  39. Auramyna

    To all the fact checkers: John's cuteness level has only increased over the years.
    Look at their early stuff and see that's a solid fact!

  40. FarginBastiges

    I just noticed the Fender logo on John's guitar is backward.

  41. Fiona Lange

    TMBG fans make the best comments: witty, warm, relevant, pro-social. That’s such a nice change! (Sigh).

  42. ProbablyGod _

    Linnell is staring right into the Birdhouse in my Soul.

  43. Language Hero

    Saw these guys in a small New York club maybe 16 yrs ago, when they first started playing Thunderbird. Always loved their work, especially Anna Ng, Birdhouse, Experimental Film and Thunderbird. They've been making great music for 30 years, and making those of us who've always known we were a little off smile inside and feel we always had a (like a) friend sitting in that birdhouse in our soul, for a few minutes at least.

  44. Zoes Dada

    What the heck have these guys been up to since the early nineties? Last time I heard them mtv was still playing music videos.

  45. Rebecca Johnson

    If you think about it, we're all cephalophores, carrying our heads through our lives.

  46. Toast Y

    Stop getting old >:(

  47. Todd C


  48. Global00Vintage

    Why is John L. so sexy in this video?? Anyone? He makes me all nervous​ and wavey and weird like when I was in seventh grade.

  49. Krogan Popy

    How are their voices still the same after all those years?!

  50. TheRIP314

    reverse windmill

  51. Jarom Pollock

    I love the way Linnell stares at the camera almost the whole time. LOL

  52. Yitro Moshe

    I hate how only the remix is on the Australian iTunes Store. I’m not to sure if this is the case with other countries. Could someone put it on the AUS iTunes please?

  53. Nil Null

    Lookin' sharp johns

  54. narnbrez

    flans walking around with his guitar sticking straight up is my mood

  55. ProbablyGod _

    One of my favorites of all time, which is saying something. I was critical of their new stuff at first.

  56. Marken Productions

    Is it just me or does Linnel look like Paul McCartney in the thumbnail?

  57. jakethegooze

    Nothing like a TMBG song to remind me that no matter how much I enjoy it, I am too stupid to listen to music.

  58. Stale Cracker Jack Box

    I saw you were walking down the street.
    On the opposite side of the street, that I was walking down.
    So I walked to your side of the street, to get to your side of the street.
    To walk by you on your side of the street.

  59. Mister Apple

    I love how Linnell stops lip-synching at the line about lip-synching.

    Dean The Pyromancer

    GOD I didn't noticed that until you pointed it out

    Corey Messick

    Mister Apple I didn't notice that until I had seen this video several times.

    Fool Juh

    Yeah, he's ahead of his time.

    Fool Juh

    ...don't up-vote this. I'm sarcastically pointing out that it's not... oh, never mind.

    Teagan AnimalPlanet

    hey, greetings from a louie zong vid where I started being a tmbg nerd :)

  60. MonaLisaTime

    Yes, all the time.

  61. Joseph Selkow

    The most interesting band since the Beatles. Been hooked since whenever apollo18 came out. I've seen them three times live, not enough.

  62. Josh McDaniel

    This is such a great video.

  63. theunwelcome

    love the song, as always; video gives me a little bit of a Don't Let's Start vibe, what with the black&white and the way Linnell keeps tossing his hair across his head...

  64. Kyle Massey

    Is that marty on the drums

    Heather Baird

    No, it's really Whitney Houston. Shh.

  65. Global00Vintage

    I used to have trouble telling people who my favorite band was. I don't anymore.

  66. Rebecca Silvester

    you probably get that a lot...i love u guys... i cant wait for l.a., ca show... i just posted because this is making me crazy....

  67. mintaka mothkind

    Even in his 50s, Linnell has the voice of an angel.
    A nerdy angel.

    mintaka mothkind

    The way he's just standing there silently and staring into the camera while his own vocals are still going and everyone else is rocking out.

  68. Pencils & Pills

    something about finding john super attractive as a young man makes me find him super attractive as a middle aged man and I'm beginning to question my sexuality o.o

  69. Alien Jellyfish

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Alien Jellyfish

    Love the band! They make wonderful music, and they themselves are wonderful. I hope they come to my area soon.

  71. MrTayloreh

    How nice to see their faces for a change in a video again! !

  72. kwijung

    "A cephalophore (from the Greek for "head-carrier") is a saint who is generally depicted carrying his or her own head; in art, this was usually meant to signify that the subject in question had been martyred by beheading."

    Charlie Or SomniAndAsh Clark

    kwijung I am glad I read the comments, I was about to post the same definition.🤓

  73. kwijung

    "Oh hey there's new TMBG!"

    Date... 2011.

    Beatrice Flowers

    kwijung yep! I just had that moment.


    yeah, that's what i thought too.

  74. Rebecca Silvester

    i have shudder. that's all i can say. i have to recover from this.

  75. Rebecca Silvester

    so awesome. thank u... so soothing...

  76. gucci gang? nah fam im in the sacred hearts club


    gucci gang? nah fam im in the sacred hearts club

    Yes, very.

  77. Bri Burke

    Linnell's eye contact in this makes me all nervous and smiley, still. After how many years? lol

    Rebecca Silvester

    you too? i thought i was the only one.

  78. In the year 1230 A.D.

    They still got it.

  79. Miguel Campos

    Robert Downy Jr. plays the guitar so cool 1:42


    That's John...

    Miguel Campos

    @Jacobby The Nerd oh, really? :v

    Brutus Mars


    mintaka mothkind

    Danny Weinkauf looks a lot like RDJ as well, methinks.

  80. maddy!

    I'm stuck in a TMBG mood and it's great.

    Myst Lunarbane

    The 2 moods I usually get stuck in are a TMBG mood or a Crush 40/Sonic mood.

    mintaka mothkind

    I've been on TMBG overload for the past 6 months
    Send help


    I've been stuck in a TMBG mood for twelve years. I think I'm a lost soul and I'm just fine with that.


    Same here! I love them so much!

  81. Astropsychologist

    The weird way John plays guitar never gets old.


    he does, though

    Houston Hilburn

    And now he's even older

    Finlay O'Neill

    And now it's older still


    His moustache gives me Vietnam flashbacks.

    DotComGaming :D

    @Anzyll like Judy?

  82. jayden leveille

    A cephalophore (from the Greek for "head-carrier") is a saint who is generally depicted carrying his or her own head; in art, this was usually meant to signify that the subject in question had been martyred by beheading. Just saying.


    @JacX1 Ahhh that sounds right because a hydrocephalic is someone with a massive bonce, so it sounds ballpark.

    Rob Adams

    @09nob don't think so. My name is Robert.


    @Rob Adams ha ha fair enough.


    Gives a whole new meaning to this person swinging their head as they stroll fancy free



  83. Jason aka stinky

    damn it stop being old ;-; it breaks my heart

  84. Bakukirby

    I wanna make a video with this sometime /)o3o(\

  85. Zacharias Quicksilver

    The Seekers reference...

  86. Luke Done

    Still My Favorite Band.

  87. Matthew Sharpensteen

    Who's the guy playing keyboard

    Tim Obregon

    +Matthew Sharpensteen
    That's Dan Miller, the guitarist, playing keyboards for a change. He sometimes switches to keyboard in the live shows, too.

    Danny Buchanan

    +Tim Obregon I saw them last night and the guitarist only ever moved over when he was playing accordion or bass clarinet.

    Mister Apple

    +Danny Buchanan He plays keyboard live for this song as well.

    Kilgore Trout

    Part of the Band of Dans!

  88. YuvAlbug

    thank u so much, hank green

  89. Andrew S

    Play this and the elegant too remix together it sounds awesome.

  90. CarcarloPravettoni e



    and now they're older still

    CarcarloPravettoni e

    Shit, I guess I'm older too now, two years later :/


    wait a minute, i thought he was 59! i'm pretty sure he's 59; i'm definitely sure he's 59.

    Mister Apple

    +Ashley Evelyn strange He definitely is 59.

    ColdFire 41

    And now They're older

  91. Marshall Brooks

    0:35 Bass, tie technique.

    Daniel Tittyfish

    @Marshall Jewell no, his guitar strap unhooked from the nob.

    Marshall Brooks

    @Daniel Tittyfish Huh. You are correct, good sir.

  92. pacquo

    I'm trying to imagine John Linnell and Mark Hollis together in a video.

    Dalton Krajewski

    They Might be Talk Talk

  93. Jeff Sanborn

    rabbi john


    +Jeff Sanborn *rabbi vole

  94. ASecondOpinion

    Stop getting old!  That means I'm getting old!  You guys are wonderful!  Thanks for being born!

    Amanda Lovelady

    @ASecondOpinion You're older than you've ever been and now you're even older....


    @Amanda Lovelady such a shame

    Clockwork King

    @ASecondOpinion Dont you hope that you get old before you die?

    Distorted Penny

    123 likes makes me feel good inside

  95. Learner-Learns

    Cephalophores give head.


    though they rarely have heads

    3D Printing Professor

    @Learner-Learns Oh, this make the head swinging comment make sense. Still not sure about the army guys line in relationship. I mean I get that they're green, but headless horseman and swinging heads totally in context.

    The thought of someone lip syncing as I talk with their head in their hands... what sort of dreams do these guys have.

    Chad Collins

    @mrjoesays you're cool mr. joe.

  96. DS B

    only song that talks about cephalophores in perfect context. win!!!