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They Might Be Giants When Will You Die Comments
  1. Sam Baroglio

    Thanks for the song, but that thing's not really alive. It's more like a force of nature.

  2. CaityReads

    Id- Someone Keeps Moving My Chair
    Ego- Can't Keep Johnny Down
    Super Ego- When Will You Die?

  3. Jake Eiseman-Renyard

    Hey, Boris, here's a song for you!

  4. David Thomas

    The beautiful thing about this song is it totally doesn't matter where you lean politically or anything else, this song speaks to everyone.

  5. Richard Westmoreland

    I love these f*ck you songs. Sail on by the Commodores, Tramp the Dirt Down by Elvis Costello, and No Children by The Mountain Goats is so bitter it's hilarious. Also "love yourself" honorable mention, cuz my mom likes everyone except you.

  6. lucas castleberry

    me @ myself

  7. nodergak

    what a beautiful tribute to henry kissinger

  8. Jaj Raw

    All the toxic people

  9. Mimi

    When will you die?

  10. R.N Lawbreaker

    This song is secretly about the government

  11. Tony Campbell

    It's 2019. Guess who this makes me think of.


    Well, today the question was answered about David Koch, so that's good. :)


    Many people are saying it. We'll see what happens.

  12. MRF Mashups

    Hey Vsauce, Michael here

    *When Will You Die?*

    Mike Williams

    But when is... when? 🤨

    Isaac The Great

    And what will it taste like?

  13. Honor MacDonald

    How did they already know Trump would be President, way back in 2011?

  14. Ana Craciun

    Shit foster? When will you really die?

  15. Kelly Reed


  16. The Grow Monster

    should have ended it with a small caption that "No one was killed or injured during the filming of this video"

  17. Protagonist Jones

    brb dedicating this song to the martial arts instructor who scarred me mentally and continues to haunt my thoughts and dreams to this very day

  18. Michael Larson

    Is this written for our dear president?

  19. woob

    doesn't this remind you of certain people I could name?

  20. supsick

    vsauce, michael here.

  21. Drew K

    This song perfectly reflects how I feel about Donald Trump.

  22. Des Supurr

    Thinking of you Mom.

    Taser Morrisson

    "Mom leans down and says, "My sentiments exactly."

  23. Mop Fautneddy

    It's completely insane how much I love this song.

  24. Waymon Cowley

    Fabulous song in my life!

  25. Karim Sebastian Alan Pizarro

    I'm so tired
    Of your lies
    And the evil things
    You're doing behind my back
    Are there crimes
    That you have never committed?
    I doubt it, sometimes I wonder
    When will you die?
    You're insane
    You are bad
    You wreck everything you touch
    And you're a sociopath
    But there's one thing
    That everyone's wondering
    When will you die?
    Schoolchildren stay at home (yeah)
    And all the banks will close (yeah)
    Each year we'll mark the date (yeah)
    On which we celebrate (yeaah)
    I know how
    I know why
    I can picture every part
    Of your comeuppance, except
    For the one remaining
    Piece of the puzzle
    Which is when you'll die
    This is Dan
    And that's Dan
    And that's Marty on the drums
    To complete the band
    And I'm John
    And he is also John
    And all of us are wondering
    When you're gonna die
    Still you live
    You go on
    But you're running out the clock
    And if we knew how long
    I'd be counting down the days
    Until the lovely one
    On which you're gone
    On that promised morning
    We will wake and greet the dawn
    Knowing that your wicked life is over
    And that we will carry on
    We'll exhale
    We'll high five
    We will know at last
    How great it is to be alive
    We'll be lining up
    And buying tickets
    And then we'll be jumping
    Up and down on your grave
    You're insane
    You are bad
    You wreck everything you touch
    And you're a sociopath
    And the only way to mitigate
    Would be to know the date
    You're scheduled to vacate
    When are you going to die?
    Look me in the eye
    Tell me when you'll die

  26. Koray Orhun

    0:41 - Cutest pronunciation of the word "close" that I have ever heard

  27. Off-White Bandit

    lol 420k

  28. Josh Andrews

    Has anyone tweeted this song to Trump yet?

    Agent Derek Anderson

    Too late

  29. Edward Huyer

    Everyone is talking about this song in relation to Trump, but for me personally, it's more applicable to Mitch "Evil Turtle" McConnell.

  30. Necron 2112

    I dedicate this song to all Leftists

  31. Matt Ragan

    That bass track is frickin killing it! Try not to dance. Dare ya

  32. i use furry yiff as my profile picture

    Please for the love of god people.
    Stop trying to push trump on stuff here.

    i use furry yiff as my profile picture

    @SventheCrusader orange man bad

    i use furry yiff as my profile picture

    @SventheCrusader also what the fuck do you mean, this video has nothing to do whit trump at all. You people think you are different and breaking the mold, even tho all of you spew the same garbage, on videos were NOBODY AT ALL wanted you to say garbage about the president.

    Ric Fran

    @i use furry yiff as my profile picture I like TMBG a terrible lot, and I'm all on your side. But face it, that's a lost cause. TMBGers are regular leftists (who think sameoldgarbageness is 'breaking the mold'), and wouldn't miss this obvious chance. So, friendly I say, for the Love of God, enjoy the video...

    Firstanold Lastington

    Scrolled down about 6 pages into the comments after noticing this and no other trump mentions.
    hit ctrl+F
    typed "trump"
    ...7 results. 2 of them were you whining about it.

    Firstanold Lastington

    @i use furry yiff as my profile picture real world bad

  33. ArrantPrac

    And I'm John and he is also John and all of us are John and everyone is John.

  34. Doerakje

    Play this on my funeral

  35. Biwwy Lasor

    Trump pwned le epic style by youtube commenters XD

  36. Simon Goodhair

    keep the politics away no one cares whos the next 4 years puppet, ty.

  37. Caitlin Applebee

    low key want to build my own cardboard car

  38. Nx Doyle

    It could have been written for trump.

  39. Matthew Sharpensteen

    This sounds like it could’ve been on The Spine!

  40. neilnevins

    Think of this every time Trump tweets

  41. Scarf Guy

    This is a song about me

  42. Sad Meat

    The origiNal Nintendo Labo.

  43. eisemanrenyardjake

    My message to each of the tory councillors in the London Borough of Barnet!

  44. Glen Thomas Reynolds

    They dedicated this one to Trump nice :-) LOL

  45. MilkHound

    A good song to send to my enemies.

  46. Luke

    little bit unrelated but, shadow of mordor, this applies.

  47. Natalie Hill

    An open letter to myself

  48. Xan Tailwingstar

    I thought they would use the monster truck to kill someone (Trump)

  49. Xan Tailwingstar

    This is what I think when I think of my arch enemy

  50. GasMaster

    41 people killed themselves

  51. Pasteloween



    The saddest ending to a music video ever

  53. Jakob


  54. The Hybrid

    Lol I play this in public and smile. Hoping they hear it.

  55. The Hybrid

    Is it bad I can lip sync perfectly on every word on this song? I think it's good.

  56. jillua

    I sing this song to myself at night

  57. Yitro Moshe

    This is the song of pretty much ever president and prime minister.

  58. Rusty Ralston

    Dear Pat Robertson,

  59. Dana Carpender

    My MIL died this past August. My husband and I were at her retirement apartment, going through her things. I had the door to the hall open so I could put stuff out that was going to the rummage sale. MIL loved tchochkes, and had about a dozen-and-a-half decorative birdhouses. As I was packing them up, I put on Birdhouse In Your Soul. Then YouTube did what YouTube does, and on came this song. XD

    I closed the door to the hall. Didn't think that the residents -- average age 83 -- needed to hear me blasting When Will You Die?.

  60. Berkeley Pickell

    amazingly forward thinking to make a song for Trump so early on.

    i use furry yiff as my profile picture

    Orange man bad

    Walker Riley

    Ah yes...because witty insults towards the God Emperor require responses at a three year old level. At least you folks emulate him properly.

    Taser Morrisson

    @Walker Riley Triggered,lol!


    My thoughts exactly!!!!🤣🤣🤣

  61. trfesok

    In my TMNG playlist next to "Old Pine Box".

  62. suzbone

    Nice of them to make a song for Trump so far in advance.

    Todd C

    It was probably about Bush actually. Still timely.

    Comrade Klaymore

    Have you heard Kiss Me Son Of God?

  63. Mister King

    For Hamface 😈🔫🔪💉💀👻😂😂😂

  64. 09nob

    What a fucking tune.

  65. Joe Shabado

    This is the song i sing to myself anytime Trump is mentioned

    Kenny Holden

    Dudeguy21 triggered

  66. Sean Alexander

    The best "hate" song ever.


    I've always thought of "I Will Be Hating You For Christmas" by Everclear as the greatest hate song. But this one may top it now... it's a lot of fun to sing and listen to! After the line "You'll exhale... we'll high-five" I had to pause the video and laugh the hardest I've ever laughed in my life.

    Agent Derek Anderson

    No help from you

  67. Dark Arts Dabbler

    John, John, Dan, other Dan, and of course Marty

  68. alex carter

    This is so fucking random and cool.

    Why don't people have fun any more?

    Back in the day it was: "Hey, I'm bored, let's paint the car". We'd got to Monkey Ward's and buy some random paint and paint the *awesomeAudi" some new paint scheme. It enjoyed several.

  69. thegovernment0usa

    This song is dedicated to a certain golden-haired billionaire for the next four years.

    Scarf Guy

    Man, I hate him but the only person I wish death on is me

    William Harker

    the fuck-tard.

  70. TheSlenderman

    David rockafeller i can finnaly listen to this song and feel happy.

  71. ThatGuyChoro

    This summer, I'm totally making the Join Us car out of cardboard.

    Distorted Penny

    ThatGuyChoro have u made it yet?

  72. eisemanrenyardjake

    I wish I could dedicate this song to my crush's boyfriend


    I don't know why but when I listen to TMBG I find myself smiling in a psychotic way. Yet at the same time I feel... sane. Who knows,I could just be looking too far into it.

    Yitro Moshe

    CRINGE MASTERS. So like your YouTube profile pic?

  74. SuperSonicFan172

    Trump trumpets LOL

  75. Jonathan Rufus Alexander

    An open letter to Donald Trump.

    the beach boys

    Radish [B e e t] tfw

    Joshua Purdy

    The edginess is so sharp it cut me


    This was actually written for Bush Jr, though I always thought it was for his successor.

  76. Emily Menzel

    so relevant right now

  77. A Shirley

    Hey is it too late to join the winning side? I love John and John from the soles of my feet to the highest point of hair on my head. Top 10 of all time no contest. Live forever TMBG.

  78. Kevin Byrne

    anybody remember liking this band, like, just for the video "Experimental Film" from homestar runner?

    DubWufor Bass

    That and the puppet series they did.

  79. Ghost of the Brave Gaming

    I love it!

  80. SomeGuyWhoHasAnUnoriginalName

    The 2016 election candidates

    Everybody is The Doctor

    Thomas Neal you

    Mr. Snow

    Everybody is The Doctor You get a death and you get a death. Guess what audience? Check under your seats you all get a death!!!


    Valar Morghulis

  81. psyxypher

    This song has a special place in my heart. When I hear it, I always remember back to AdventureQuest Worlds, when they did the TMBG event for their third birthday.

  82. pwolter0

    Looks like they needed a crane.

    Robyn R.Lidén

    Dammit, beaten to the punch!

    Jonathan Rufus Alexander

    *me after streaming Lincoln on Spotify*
    Holy crow, I just got that.

  83. I_Like_It_Here

    "And I'm John and he is also John and all of us are wondering when you're gonna die"


    Josh Andrews

    Don't forget "This is Dan, and that's Dan." Have they ever opened a concert with this song to introduce the band members? Because that would be cool. I went to one of their concerts and I loved how much they joked about the fact they're both John. Of course, the entire concert was brilliant, so there's that.


    This is Dan, and that’s Dan, and that’s _not_ Marty, that’s really Whitney Houston on the drums.

    She is also wondering when you will die.


    @Josh Andrews They did when they came to Manchester, though it would've been cool if they played this to introduce themselves

  84. Metqa

    Great song to send to someone you don't like. it'll take them a moment to figure out

  85. Owen Garrett

    This is a very different song than the title led me to expect. (That's not a complaint, mind you. Just a statement.)

    Everybody is The Doctor

    Doctor Zock me too. i heard it on the album before i watched this because i thought it was a kids song. not that there is anything wrong with the kids songs, they are just low priority.


    Me, too, and I *love* it!


    had the same thing with Statue Got Me High- I didn't actually pay attention to the lyrics the first time I listened to it

  86. Dave Vickery

    Nice vid, but I really like watching the band playing this. Makes it feel more cruel!

  87. Viddaric

    All these people dedicating this song to people they hate... do you not realize that the singer is probably projecting?

  88. Jason aka stinky

    theme song to my life

  89. FoRgEtMeNot77

    I dedicate this song to my boss.

  90. The Progressive Frequency

    Love this song. It's so cheerfully rude and throws so many insults around without a care, even while the brass in the background happily toot away. XD I'm trying to decide whether to literally laugh out loud or feel super bad for whoever this song's about.


    don't waste your time feeling bad for people that are obviously jerks


    @TheRealEvanSG I've dedicated this song to Pat Robertson. No need to worry about hurting his feelings. He has none.

    A Self Called L

    +U_Alright_Games He's a fundamentalist christian guy that has a tv show. Generally an unpleasant person.

    Jordan Canning

    Henry Kissinger, obviously

  91. Caesar Alexsander

    This band is fucking awesome!


    Walkonpoopandeatitinmymouthandthrowupyourmomoutofyourmouth, yo! Try to read that.


    @OfficialTailsFanClub for the convenience of everyone i must do this.

    "walk on poop and eat it in my mouth and throw up your mom out of your mouth"

  92. Deborah Bryant

    They... did a great job!  Love TMBG like no other band. 

  93. DoomShepherd

    I'd like to dedicate this song to my boss's boss.

    Myles Thompson

    Thestarshines Nøah as if

    Myles Thompson

    Thestarshines Nøah your comment chain is ruined permanently


    I dedicate this song to my boss's boss's boss's boss's boss's boss.
    Or rather, I used to. Now I dedicate it to Chill Thompson.

    Mister Apple

    I dedicate this song to my boss's boss's boss's boss's boss's boss's boss, who coincidentally is Chill Thompson.

    Ghost of the Brave Gaming

    I'd like to dedicate this song to my boss's boss's boss's boss's boss's boss. Becuase he is the worst. And also, to you Chill Thompson. Becuase, you sir, are a bastard.

  94. Lyam Botting

    I want this song to be played when I'm on my deathbed

    Ghost of the Brave Gaming

    Same here bro.

  95. Louis B

    A wonderful song for father's day (even if I'm a bit late)

  96. Mark OBLAZNEY

    He already died.  You're reading the rantings of a Zombie from the Land of Oz.

  97. daft wod

    peaches geldoff hehe

  98. Max Tonight

    awesome, I was sick of seeing only that shitty my little pony video instead of this one